1. Damn son how did you do that

    undead and iron sword have different texture
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  2. Hi! The texture pack was updated and now I am collaborating with ImperiaL to make the pack! :)
    I made the hardened diamond armor texture, a part of the golem armor texture, I edited the boss bar so it looks like the XP bar, I edited the crosshair too so its cooler now. Ask me anything and feel free to request things for the texture pack! (we'll keep updating it for a long time)
  3. Flame_Frost_

    Flame_Frost_ Well-Known Member

    Well done with the textures! I will definitely consider downloading it sometime. :)
  4. NicoGunt

    NicoGunt Member

    Is the link updated? Thanks a lot for your hard work. I would recommend to add a texture to the rogue sword, since almost everyone use it and it's kinda lame that it's a golden sword.
  5. Thank you! :D
  6. The link is updated, also, the rogue sword has a texture now. Update the pack!
  7. NicoGunt

    NicoGunt Member

    Nice! I'm on it thx
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  8. We'll update the pack soon! We'll cover all custom armors and weapons, and the pack will be officially completed. We'll keep updating it when Hypixel will add more custom stuff!
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  9. Nice im using it
  10. quick question how'd you get custom items to have a different texture than normal ones? example an iron sword and the golem sword, or a diamond sword and the aspect of the end?
  11. Looks great, will definitely give it a try in the morning!

    Also should change ember rod to look more unique compared to blaze rods.
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  12. He said how in the original text, its all based off their name on them.
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  13. cool just found it thanks
  14. Give me ideas. What should I do to make it look unique?

    Edit: I made it look cool. You'll see when I update it.
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  15. You should also make a separate one for 1.8 because the crafting/inventory space is all weird with 1.9 packs and above.
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  16. hey, I think I could help work on this to make it a better pack, I have some really cool designs for the custom items e.g. ember rod, aspet of end etc.
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  17. I agree. This will reduce file size and make it more compatible.
    I will do that soon.
  18. Nice! You can talk here or on my discord:
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  19. Ok guys. resourcepack Updated. Please update! And note that textures can always change based on my preference!
  20. what do i supposd to be unzipping exactly cuz for me the swords aren't custom except for the basic sword you made for the default sword not like the undead one

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