1. You guy might rate this post disagree plz read

    you think it good when ur least favorite map like playground is gone no it not
    map feedback is absolute garbage and it make we lose our boi invasion I think hypixel should remove random map and put it back in rotation maybe when it comeback i might got removed again becuase of these crying 1 star nons
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  2. I guess voting is way more powerful than we thought.

    But yeah, Invasion is a strange map for Bedwars. The mid islands barely got any use.

    I don't really know what was wrong with Playground though. It was my favorite for resource power farming. Although I will say this. The entrances to mid were tricky for me at first to maneuver. If I ever sprinted in a straight line, I would fall down without jumping. (Since there's a slab before the edge.)
  3. i didnt understand half this thread but what i can say is WHY INVASION WHY ITS SUCH A GOOD MAP i want invasion back
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  4. Then how would you want them to choose which maps to replace?
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  5. The sides to the bases and irregular elevation changes had no purpose. Mod was a mess. It was actually a bad map, but it’s just being improved. Hopefully mid is more structured and the islands are more ‘normal’
  6. oh damn does the community really think this? i really loved that map, it was literally like my favorite but you have fair points to think otherwise
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  7. Overall I did like the map, as did a lot of the community, however I think a few simple changes could make the map so much better, without drastically changing gameplay.
  8. random
  9. But that wouldn’t work... they could then revamp perfect maps.
  10. only map that need revamp is zarzul
  11. you really proved your point there :)
    also idk who you are either so gj
  12. A new pole but only people Abovr 69 stars can vote
  13. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    honestly, playground was really big, like, amazon big. also the islands between diamonds and mid were annoying to deal with; mostly just extra wool.

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