1. I am Professional Rank in Build Battle.
    Theme : Snake

    My build : Serperior (Pokemon)

    The Winner : Caterpillar (Built by rookie)

    I don't know why this vote system is so broken , But this is fair game to determine whether player's building skill.

    HYPIXEL, When You add vote punishment in build battle lobby!!!
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  2. I think its silly how Super Poop deducts points from you, for a new player that doesn't know about this information this is quite unfair. In addition to this, I think I could easily see a system being implemented where the total of your votes added should be above a certain threshold, otherwise, 10 or 20 points be deducted from your overall score (higher amounts based on how unfairly you voted). A flaw with this system may be if a round is entirely filled with garbage, for instance, I was recently in a solo game with 8 of the builds being *PEEPS*. Although they could base the approximate score on what everyone else has judged which I think would lead to the best option.
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  3. Though in the screenshots you showed it seems legit that that one won, because it's still an overall good build, I agree with what you are saying and I think there should be some kind of reputation, like if you vote too many times super poop it takes some points by your score, but this has to be clear to players, so there must be some kind of alert when voting time starts which says to vote fairly or it will decrease your reputation.
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  4. GoodestDoggo

    GoodestDoggo Well-Known Member

    honestly, i feel like half of the people in your game thought that was a bird
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  5. N
    Never because that is such a small reason.
    + some builds are ACTUALLY super poop or legendary.
  6. I don't see how they punishment system would work for giving super poop or legendary because how is the game suppose to know if the build is actually trash or worth winning?
  7. Tbh, you built a pokémon.

    1. That's not snake.
    2. It was too square, it wasn't best organic ever.
    3. You could easily copy it from the internet.

    I'd need to see the other builds to rate them but I'd say the winning one was better than yours.
    They stuck to the theme, it was decently built for a build of that size and it isn't too easy to use google.
    It just sounds to me like you're salty for losing.

    Oh yeah also, adding the (Built by rookie) changes it how exactly? It seems like you're judging them by their level rather than their skill and that all rookies are bad.
  8. that pokemon is legit a snake.
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  9. Well, if snakes have horns and wings then yes... it's a snake.
  10. It probably won’t get fixed because it’s one of the fundemetel issues of a peer voting system

    Super poop doesn’t deduct points...
  11. I also do think that it's unfair that if you don't build the theme U still win anyways. It's kinda stupid that people who have actually tried to build the theme lose, while people who didn't win.
  12. Larger text doesn’t make your point more valid
  13. Super poop doesn't take points away... thats just a rumor that went to far
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  14. The opponents build looks better :/
  15. https://i.imgur.com/3p1AIA2.png
    hes mimicking those things coming off the snake.
  16. Taii

    Taii Well-Known Member

    Hey have you considered that maybe you aren't the best builder ever and people can interpret your build differently
    cause not everyone's played pokemon
    and also maybe everyone else thought that build was better, but I guess you're a completely unbiased opinion on which build was better
    I have no idea what you're asking in this thread, you need to take some classes on English.

    It doesn't lmao
    It gives more points that not voting
    Super poop gives 1 point and legendary gives 18
    At least have evidence and facts to back your statements up before stupidly perpetuating fallacy.
  17. I 100% agree. About the super poop thing, it's commonly believed that it does, I feel like someone should make a thread about it because I see it pop up ecerywhere!
  18. Taii

    Taii Well-Known Member

    Don't remember who made it but someone made a thread about build battle and had all of the voting weight amounts listed
  19. Your build was good but was not really on theme. Yes, that Pokemon is a snake but not everyone would know that.

    I mean if people voted well on yours and you super pooped a lot, that could be why you lost. Unfortunately I have had the same thing happen to me.
  20. I'm pretty sure it's pinned.

    Look above Super Poop doesn't affect your score, only others.

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