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  1. Applications will now stay open for every game mode with a more permanent time frame. Council members will be chosen on a periodic basis based on when new members are needed. You may re-apply every 4 months if your application has not received a response.

    This thread contains all the information you need to apply for the Hypixel Player Council. Please read through the entire post carefully before applying.


    What is the Hypixel Player Council?

    The Player Council is a group of experienced Hypixel players who assist our development team in game testing, balancing, and filing bug reports. Members receive no in-game benefits but are essential to help improve the experience of playing on Hypixel. Due to the important and confidential nature of this role, new members must be carefully chosen and you must pass all the requirements below in order to apply.

    Which gamemodes can I currently apply for?

    You may currently apply for any gamemode by selecting your active games in the application form.

    Application Requirements
    1. Minimum Hypixel Level of 75
    2. You must have been playing on the network for at least 1 year
    3. No infractions in the past 12 months (not including overturned infractions, forum infractions also count)
    4. Must be age 16 or older
    5. Must speak fluent English
    What are we looking for?

    Although the baseline application requirements might seem low, our expectations are not. We are looking for players who are mature, positive, and dedicated to improving Hypixel. Applicants are expected to be experienced with Hypixel minigames and have the in-game stats to prove this. If you have a history of being rude or immature in chat or on social media, your application will not be considered.

    If you feel you have a lot of in-game knowledge and creativity and want to use that experience to improve existing games and suggest innovative ideas, you may be right for this role.

    Activities will include: engaging in constructive discussion on balancing, posting suggestion threads on the forums, working with other experienced players on proposals for the development team, testing new games and updates, filing bug reports and more.

    FAQ Thread

    Frequently asked questions found here.

    How do I apply?

    To apply, please click the link below and fill out the application form. The council will review the current set of applications as more applicants are needed. This could occur within one month of your application being submitted or after many months depending on when new council members are needed. The HPC will evaluate applicants to ensure they possess the qualities outlined above. This may include analyzing ingame chat history (public chat), social media accounts, and forum posts prior to consideration.

    You will not receive a response if your application is rejected. We receive a lot of applications and we, unfortunately, cannot respond to them all.

    If your application is accepted, you will receive a private message from an Admin containing details on how to begin working with the council.

    If you haven't received a response within 4 months of your submission, at this time you may submit a new application.

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