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    This thread is to help you change your Minecraft version. The Hypixel server is currently best played with the version 1.8.9 due to the changes newer versions have had with systems such as PVP and world loading. Minecraft version 1.8.9 is the most optimized client for our network.

    Developer Note: [ Due to changes with the Minecraft chunk rendering between 1.8 and 1.9 to support version cross play, we have to render the game world two times. Although you would never notice the impact it does require extra processing power for our servers. 1.13 brings further changes, which means we are required to render the world a third time.

    At the moment, we feel confident we can support all versions after 1.8 with no impact to you - the players. We are considering dropping support for 1.9 to 1.12 at a later date to make sure we offer the best possible experience for 1.8, 1.13 and future versions of Minecraft. ]

    Other versions of Minecraft, such as 1.9 and higher, will work on the Hypixel server right now, but for the best player experience we recommend 1.8.9. To change your Minecraft version, please see below.

    ▶ Changing your Minecraft Version

    Open the Minecraft launcher and login to your Minecraft account. In the launcher, click the three horizontal bars in the top right corner to see "Launcher Options".


    Clicking "Add New" will bring up a new configuration which lets you change to a different version of Minecraft.


    You can name it, change it's icon, and change the version in this menu. If it says "release", then it is an official version of Minecraft. If it says "snapshot", then it is a testing version of Minecraft. To change it to 1.8.9, click on the "down arrow" in the version section and locate "1.8.9" or "release 1.8.9".

    Hit save and go back to the News tab. You can change the version you want to play on by clicking the "up arrow" next to the "Play" button. You now have a different version of Minecraft that you can play on!


    The Hypixel Team appreciates you for playing on the Hypixel Server!
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