1. 1.14 Compatibility: all of the bugs and none of the content
  2. And now they have skyblock as a justification that they don't need to update to stop the server from dying. Yaaaaay...
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  3. can you at least keep 1.12.2? also 1.14.3 has new combat mechanics, similar to what is in 1.8. You could update to 1.14.3+, but I think 1.12+ would work
  4. the new combat isn't in 1.14.3, that was just a test. The actual new combat will be implemented in 1.15
  5. but it is still similar to 1.8
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  6. haodeptrai_YTB

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    how to play sever hypixel??
  7. haodeptrai_YTB

    haodeptrai_YTB New Member

    What is the version playing the hypixel server
  8. Start you game, go to multiplayer and add mc.hypixel.net server, you can use Minecraf 1.8.9 or 1.14.4.
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  9. As above. Follow this tutorial:

    You'll need to have java edition, hypixel doesn't work on bedrock edition.
  10. Nice Hypixel!
  11. No.
    They don't.

    Mojang 2009-2014 (Notch, original creator of the game and all versions to 1.8)
    Mojang 2014-present (Microsoft, created 1.9 and all versions to present date)

    Same company name, but absolutely nowhere close to being the same thing.
    They are two entirely different mindsets.

    Notch coded the game all by himself and it was purely his own creation and only his way of coding.
    Microsoft have full intention of doing it entirely differently from Notch and can do absolutely whatever they want.

    The same team of people who even worked at Mojang when it was first founded do not even work there anymore ever since it was taken over.

    Notch the founder, created everything prior to 1.8 is NOT the one coding Minecraft anymore.
    Mojang is NOT the same mindset as to how it was to 1.8 and prior.
    Minecraft was sold in 1.8 which Microsoft took over promptly updated to 1.9 with the combat update.

    Reading other peoples code and having to refine it can be extremely annoying, the fact Microsoft is probably working on Minecraft in such an industrialized manner with way too many developers working on the same thing for absolutely no reason, and the fact that it's a game can make boomers who are developers not take it seriously by not bothering to "clean up" or "refine" anything purely because it's "just a game". The whole thing probably looks like an absolute disgraceful nightmare to go through. With developers only struggling to deal with each others different ways of coding and probably even giving up in the process just to go on and do their own thing.

    It's like trying to take up someone else's written story and continue it except it's not just you having to worry about your own writing. You have to worry about the writing, mistakes, and mindsets of 30 or more other people's all trying to accomplish what a bunch of different people want. All of which can make grammar mistakes and concepts that are entirely irrelevant that can go over looked. A single person can change a 0.5 to a 0.3 and it makes a massive difference in the game but it doesn't matter because only that single developer knows that they did and can easily forget about it. From what I can tell Microsoft's "Minecraft" team continues to still struggle with even deciphering Notch's code or even remotely just cleaning up and refining their own code.

    I don't see how anything 1.9+ is going to go anywhere and the game has been dead ever since Notch sold it's soul. If you you seriously want Minecraft's community to be alive again, go complain to Notch or tell Hypixel to hurry up with making Hytale.

    (Or somehow magically create your own version of the game and spend millions of dollars on advertisements, and team up with Blizzard and Riot games to give you the publicity you need for it and make it in less than 5 years time and more exciting than modded Minecraft because Minecraft is getting old fast and we need a real update and are sick of having to constantly install modded Minecraft.)
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  13. I dont Like you disabled pistons and droppers!
  14. Pizza_man1

    Pizza_man1 Member

    its way to laggy for me....
  15. I want 1.7 support, in 1.7 pvp very nice!
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  16. Ah.. I can feel you being a 14yo who doesn't know what they're talking about.

    First of all, you mentioned "coding" and "developing" way too many times. The problem is that most of the time, project managers decide what the product should look like, not developers.

    "probably" doesn't count. They are CERTAINLY nowhere near working in "industrialized manner" as that just wouldn't work for a game. Any game.

    What? Are you a team lead to decide that? How do you even kow how many developers work on a specific part of the game?

    What??? How do you think products at Google are developed? Thousands of developers could be working on the same thing throughtout it's lifespan, yet they seem just fine maintaining a single "way of coding". And do you know how to achieve that? Obviously you don't. Developers and team leads do.

    There are thousands of standarts and best practises in developing. There is strict codestyle. There are guidelines. There are AUTOMATED TOOLS that check and even fix it for developers.

    Yea. That's exactly why project managers are a thing.

    Guess what? Again no. All development is being done in branches. Every single line of code written, removed or changed WILL be reviewed by the whole team before the changes are merged into main branch. Every single change in code is tracked:
    who changed it, what did they change, what was it before, why they did it, what was the task/issue etc. There's no way you can just "change something and forget". If you forget, 30 other developers will see it. If they miraculously don't, testers will. If testers don't, project managers will. If all of them didn't notice your change, but players did, then anyone can look up everything regarding the change in LITERALLY two clicks.

    So no, it doesn't work like that.

    Yea, obviously they'll have troubles reading the code that is 10 years old in some places, but it's not like they struggle. Since 1.8 they've been rewriting parts of the game, while still maintaining a stable release cycle and not breaking any of the old code. That's a major achievement for them, and they're still doing it.

    I don't see that. If you see that, go see a doctor, because it's definitely not normal to predict the future.

    Hytale is an RPG without a slightest chance of Minecraft's success. Why? Because it's on C#. The only mods we could dream of are ones written using their scripting API, which is nothing compared to the power of Forge in MC Java. And if you didn't know, modded community is just as big, if not bigger, as pvp one is. It's just as important.

    Your whole post looks like hysterics to me: everyone's bad, Microsoft sucks, developers are bad, Notch left, there will be no better version than 1.8, the game died, it's the end of the world.
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  17. Using age in anyway to try and discredit someone is shallow. The smartest man in the world was doing equations for NASA at age 8. Not only that but just a slew of other things like saying I should "go see a doctor" are just plain unnecessary / rude.

    I bolded the only things you even needed to get my point across, yet you've seemed to somehow miss it entirely, here's the part I bolded:

    Mojang 2009-2014 (Notch, original creator of the game and all versions to 1.8)
    Mojang 2014-present (Microsoft, created 1.9 and all versions to present date)

    Same company name, but absolutely nowhere close to being the same thing.
    They are two entirely different mindsets.

    We just want you to stop spamming servers to upgrade to 1.12+ if they are 1.7 & 1.8, we have a good reason not to and we've seen you spam 3 different Minecraft servers with the same BS. Part of why Hypixel is even the most popular is because it continues to support 1.8 and any servers that discontinued 1.8 support and upgraded lost thousands of users. All of which gravitated to the most known 1.7 or 1.8 server support. Like Hypixel.

    [Text below covers all the other ramblings]
    If you're complaining about Hytale being in C# then you seriously have no faith in people who are programmers. Programmers know at least several languages and coding in general is being taught to younger generations everyday. It's only a matter of time when highschools are going to have multiple coding languages available, just like how robotics and solar cars are today.

    I also see no point of complaining about the terms "developer" or "coding" in my response to you, that's like if someone says "the pianist is playing on the piano" relative to the topic of a piece of piano music, that you'd complain that they're saying "pianist" and "playing" too many times which makes absolutely no sense especially if they are trying to describe the root problem or idea to a piece of music, not using those words would practically be unavoidable if you just wanted to get your point across.

    "Project Managers" in the corporate world don't mean anything.
    Know quite a few and several don't even have their degrees in the field.
    Doesn't matter if you're not fit for the job as long as you have the family or connections into a business.
    90% of businesses work socially and do not want to hire strangers, if given the choice they would rather hire someone they know than a stranger who's talented.

    Likewise, you also shouldn't be comparing Google & Microsoft together, because again: They are two entirely different mindsets.

    (Google is also just a lot cooler for a multitude of reasons.)

    There are a ton of other points that are completely off, such as assuming everyone at their day job is perfect and will input every single thing they worked on at the end of the day and that no human being would make the mistake to forget. It's also not anyone else's job to keep track of what you do. Only you keep track of you or else you're fired and get replaced right away (which is probably what they do all the time). None of your ideals even consider human error. Not only that but there is no point in creating a program that reviews every single tiny thing because it will just get buried in all the things it records. A program is not going to pick out what is good and what isn't. If anything you're probably just fantasizing of some kind of amazing AI debugger that can do everything for you. I'm going to say right now, if there was one for Minecraft, they would be spending more time making that kind of "debugger" than the actual game itself which is absolutely pointless considering how much they purchased Minecraft for and considering how sloppily everything is being slapped together now. I guarantee you, there is no special AI force behind Microsoft Minecrafts doings because there is 0 reason to. The game mechanics are simply no where close to being complicated and you can easily make a rip off game of Minecraft in any game engine out there, the only problem is getting the publicity or advertisements.

    The pure reason why Microsoft bought Minecraft was for it's brandname.
    Nothing else. Period.

  18. I'm not trying to prove my point based on someone's age - I have actual arguments for that. So no, using age is absolutely appropriate in this case.

    Because those aren't arguments. Those are your thoughts at best, which aren't proven by literally anything. So yes, I ignored it completely. I will continue to.

    What? I am a 1.8 player. I've never agitated anyone to update to 1.12+. I've agitated to start updating to 1.15 specifically, as it's next combat update. As of right now, the whole codebase is for 1.8. It will take them months to migrate their servers to 1.15, so yeah, better start soon.

    Again, what? Besides modded minecraft, hypixel is the only server I play on. Either you are blind and can't differentiate my nickname from someoone else's, or just straight up dumb for trying to prove your non-existent point with things you made up an hour ago.

    Yes. And this will change with the release of 1.15.

    What the f are you even talking about? I am a programmer myself. I know at least a couple of languages and have worked briefly with C#. I know what I am talking about. But you don't even seem to know what YOU are talking about, because this whole paragraph is dedicated to "faith", "younger generation", "multiple coding languages" and "robotics and solar cars", which literally has NOTHING to do with what I've said about Hytale being implemented in C#.

    I've never complained about the terms. I've complained about their misuse. And you missed the main point, quote: "The problem is that most of the time, project managers decide what the product should look like, not developers.". I thought it was quite obvious that this phrase also means that coding has few to do with actual game changes, but turns out it wasn't.

    Whaaaaaaaaaat? Oh please, cmon, tell me you're kidding.. tell me this is some kind of a joke. Please. You aren't saying that seriously, are you?

    Or maybe you're right. Project managers don't exist where I work. It all was just my imagination.

    Yeah, sure. So can you prove that? No? Okay, then I don't care what you just said.

    Oh. My. God. Are you for real? "ASSUMPTIONS MADE"? This is not an assumption. This is facts. And nobody freaking inputs anything at the end of the day, no one in the world would do that shit. World of programming has many beatiful things, such as version control systems, which were made with all that in mind... every change you made HAS to have a reference to an issue, or either you can forget about getting your work merged into the game. Everything else is AUTOMATED.

    Automated systems keep track of it. Humans (team leads and the whole development team) only review the changes before they are merged into the game.

    Oh, really? Do you want me to throw hundreds of links at you? Maybe would you check whatever you're talking about BEFORE you post it in here?

    Naah. The girl doesn't care. It's easier for sure to just say whatever BS comes accross your head and expect everyone to believe it. Right.

    We are talking about codestyle. Yes, a program WILL pick that. Want a proof? https://github.com/FriendsOfPHP/PHP-CS-Fixer - look at hundreds of rules. That's just one language. One "program".

    Yea. Just as any sane person would. Oh wait, did you expect them to waste $2.5 because they like the game? Lol.

    Please, stop replying without arguments and actual proofs of EVERYTHING you say, because so far I haven't seen a single one. Only your assumptions, many "probably", project manager conspiracy theories and just straight up lies.
  19. Dude, you can make an argument without being so goddamn rude. There's honestly no need for it - and no one is going to want to have a discussion with you if you act that way.

    I seriously recommend that in the future when you want to have a discussion with someone, to think about how you're saying something before you say it. Because if you don't, even if you are right on something (which I disagree with a lot you had to say), no one is going to want to deal with how you're treating them.

    Also, here's something that may jog your memory.


    And no, Technoblade is not hacking, sorry to burst your bubble.

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  20. xXVicente530Xx_YT

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    how do i play?

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