1. Yes, and you completely failed to address the part that wasn't about the negative, and instead just focused entirely on the negative aspect, so I figured I'd point it out to you again, yet you did the same thing again.
  2. ... Because all I did in the first place was point out that that he said the only negative aspect was PvP when that's the sole reason why people didn't want to update. I never put my own opinion into that, and I don't plan to.

    Do I think features from future versions should be on the server? Maybe, but I know that motives at this point for not updating are more due to needing to practically rewrite the entire server should they update rather than avoiding features.
  3. I said this when 1.13 came out, and i think im gonna say it again.

    1.13/1.14 has different loading menus, which are slower and ruin the experience.
    I beg you not to drop support for 1.9-1.12 because then i will either have to play in a crappy loading version with ruined water mechanics, or play on a old version that means i have to switch versions if i want to play another server or singleplayer.

    And also 1.14 ruined textures
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  4. I mainly use 1.12 because it has more features than 1.8 because multiple servers I play on are on 1.12, plus it's less laggy than both 1.13/1.14. If they removed support for those they would lose me, and many other people like me because no one wants to restart their game every time they want to play a short game. That removes the fun. Either keep all the versions 1.8+, or switch to 1.14. It's pointless to remove support for the in-between versions.
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  5. Thank you! Some people are like "oMg ReMoVe 1.9-1.13 sUpPoRt Bc No OnE uSeS tHoSe" despite the fact that a fair number of people do, including me. 1.12 is the best version because of the lack of the lag that comes with 1.13/1.14 and how it has more features, plus some of the other servers I play on main version is 1.12 so I don't have to restart my game every time, which is nice.
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  6. this is just insane. 6 version support. ive got to say, hypixel has the best developers.
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  7. Loading menus are just as slow as on 1.8. It is fixable with mods, just as on 1.8. Not the best solution, obviously, but not much of a problem.

    Water mechanics ruined? What? No, not at all. They're better now and are gonna get better at some point in the future from what I've heard.

    1.14 textures are also great in my opinion, but who cares if literally everyone uses a custom RP? And even if you wanted old vanilla textures back - there's a RP for that. Not a problem.
  8. I agree with newer versions being far less optimized, Mojang really needs to work on that
    Now you have messed up, if anything they are much better now, to the point that, with Depth Strider, could lead to some cool water-based maps for minigames, or directly a whole minigame revolving around water mechanics, maybe a submarine dream mode for BedWars
    If anything, all the textures are an improvement, they are all smoother and feel like they have what in real life is called a texture, tools and weapons show some sort of shine, to reflect they are made of metal/shiny stuff, borders are much more detailed and make the texture have more depth
    The only thing I'll give you is the ingots, they feel more like something out of Terraria than Minecraft
    However, if textures bother you a lot, let me introduce you to...
    Hey look.png
  9. Mainly when i meant "Messed up water mechanics" i mean it is harder if there is water jumps or stuff in parkour maps, as they are not intended for the new mechanics. I personally love the singleplayer water mechanics on 1.13, making it easier to swim, and updated the oceans.
  10. Noice! Can't say I understand why people still insist on playing 1.8 if Hypixel doesn't even use 1.9+ combat, but its impressive that you managed to support all those versions!
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  11. Shopz

    Shopz Member

    They won't. Most server mechanics are 1.8 including pvp. 1.8 has become the base for most servers and of minecraft itself. Unless 1.15 is a clone of 1.8, I don't see it ever getting dropped.
  12. Ok, that's good. :)
  13. Agreed. Hypixel should be updated to the current version for more game ideas and better building designs.
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  14. private18b

    private18b Active Member

    Thats the point. You see 1.14 as a "problem" we see it as the main issue. Do you really belive in mojang to "fix" pvp in 1.15? After they have already made it worse than 1.9 in 1.11 with the 100% blocking damage? Sorry but i dont belive in mojang to fix pvp. They will just make it worse
  15. private18b

    private18b Active Member

    But these small things are very important in pvp. Theres pepols that cannot pvp without blockhitting.
  16. Yes, I do. And I'm not naive. The fact they already fucked up with 1.9 and have a pretty good system in 1.8 means that they know what they should do and what they shouldn't.

    You, on the other hand, not knowing even remotely what 1.15 looks like, ALREADY made a decision against it. It looks to me that you just don't want to accept changes.
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  17. private18b

    private18b Active Member

    Im not againts 1.15. But i dont belive this will fix the combat. I will play 1.15 in survival, but again, mojang dosent understand the pvp community.
  18. Yet they were ones to create a loved 1.8. Your posts don't make any sense. "I don't believe" isn't really an argument.

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