1. I’m fine with everything as long as 1.8 stays supported
  2. Ok but when are we dropping the older 5 versions at least?
    I'm being serious, 1.8 limits way too many things, resource packs, command blocks, map variation... there is no point on keeping 1.8 specially if you guys already adapted the rest of the versions to 1.8's PvP
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  3. HYPE, thanks !
  4. I know but I think they will drop it at one point because it will be hard to keep 1.8 when there are more versions to support Hypixel.
  5. Next step: remove support for 1.9 - 1.13

    Nobody uses those versions
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  6. Servers themselves are on 1.8 and they add support for other versions, not vice-versa. They can't physically drop support of 1.8 when they want to, it will take thousands of man-hours.
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  7. TheCJBrine

    TheCJBrine Well-Known Member

    I really wish the disagree rating didn't exist, it does no good for discussion as people will leave the rating and then not even explain their stance. Sure, "I disagree with what you're saying" but why? Because you dislike 1.9+? How about the part where PvP can still feel like 1.8 minus some minor things that every player will experience so it's not an issue? Attack speed and damage can easily be made like 1.8 as it doesn't even require coding other than the devs maybe needing to make it affect every player at once (so I guess some coding, but not enough to not be worth it or take too long, since I'm sure they can manipulate it just like any other thing that's given to everyone at once in a game).

    Not thousands, no, but yes; it would've been much less work if they didn't give in to people yelling "muh blockhitting" and ignoring how you can still have cookie-clicker pvp in 1.9+ back when 1.9 was first released.

    Funny how people complained about 1.8 as well when they were dropping 1.7, claiming it was "bad" and "things feel weird."
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  8. Yes, thousands, if not more.

    - they use BungeeCord, whose API has changed significantly since 1.8. Plus, Bungee isn't the most performant proxy out there, and they probably use their modified version of it, in which case it means full rewrite OR migrating to alternatives, like Waterfall/Velocity
    - they 100% depend on "craftbukkit", or, in other words, specific Minecraft implementations (which change dramatically between versions), rather than unified API (like bukkit, spigot, sponge etc), and depend a lot, because many things are hard to do without it (say watchdog "aura detection", or use of armorstand's nametag to show text in the air, or custom crafts in UHC - way too many things). Rewriting this whole thing, and not just rewriting, but rewriting PROPERLY (to actually use new APIs instead of their own "bicycles") will take a lot of time
    - once again, Spigot 1.8 isn't the most performant thing out there, so they probably modified it heavily. None of these improvements would work with the most recent Spigot and will require full rewrite, if not rethinking them completely (as some of their improvements might not be as good anymore). Migrating to Paper is a choice, but there's no guarantee it all works as expected. Migraing to Sponge is basically rewriting the whole codebase of the whole network completely from scratch, so not an option
    - finally - server plugins themselves. Spigot (or bukkit if you wish) API has also changed dramatically since, so every single plugin and, probably, even every single source code file will be affected by this

    Then, when you do all of that, you'll still have to make sure it all works good before even thinking about pushing it to production.

    All of this can not possibly be done in a short period of time. That's months of work for their whole team.
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  9. TheCJBrine

    TheCJBrine Well-Known Member


    I just find it odd if it would literally be thousands, but alright.

    It still would have been much less work if they didn't continue adding version upon version just because of people being stubborn over blockhitting, literally they claimed they wouldn't switch because of 50% of players using 1.8 and mentioned nothing about costs it would take to remove it, at least not at the time; if they can remove all the middle versions, however, I guess that would take a load off from trying to get different versions working at least. There was really no reason to keep 1.9 or any update after it when a newer one released.
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  10. Yeah but adapting other versions is also hard according to them, I'm sure in the long run it is better to update as soon as possible
  11. I actually never played Hypixel above 1.8.9 but I know for some friends of mine this will be useful, good job!
  12. Teima

    Teima Active Member

    Allied ALLIED
    If you guys drop 1.8 then everyone will quit lmao
  13. They said everyone would quit if they drop 1.7 to and update to 1.8, but people just changed client, and it was when Hypixel had 40k ppl online on week end.
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  14. Excuse you I know plenty of people that use 1.12.

    But yeah, kill off 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.13.
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  15. Well, just keeping the support for middle versions isn't as hard. They already did most of the work (like 99% of it) and can just keep adding little fixes on demand.
  16. Yes, absolutely true. Even if they didn't have to support new versions, it's still always a good practise to keep things up to date. Still, adapting new versions is not as hard as moving to only 1.15.
  17. I would love to have new features from the new versions.

    Oops i accidentally committed a cardinal sin my mentioning the fact that 1.8 is ancient and it's time for an update and for people to get over it.

    As i say literally every update, hypixel does and could have 1.8 pvp in above versions probably no sweat, like i say literally every update there are plugins you can get on spigot to do it so if people on spigot can do it hypixel can prefect it.

    But here we are like every update, 6+ versions behind 1.8, stuck with a version 5 years old, with people still whining about it and then even saying hypixel should be 1.8 only.
    every. hypixel. update. thread.
    full of replies with people complaining about 1.9+.

    Supporting 1.8 and all the above versions is getting ridiculous, and its causing all sorts of weird problems.
    Imagine the motd saying:
    "Now supports 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19 and 1.20!"
    People will be playing 1.2000 with flying cars and stuff and we will be stuck in 1.8 XD

    1.9 is 3 years old, please for the sake of new features and other cool stuff, please get over it XD

    *prepares for dislike and disagree storm*

    i'm a couple versions behind right now, if you must keep 1.8 support, please keep the middle versions as well so everyone can easily play x-x
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  18. Yes, you do realize how much the new features could improve hypixel? Especially when they no longer have to stretch their support between 6+ versions?
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  19. I'm one of the people that use the middle versions. 1.12 is amazing because it has a ton more features than 1.8, but doesn't run like crap like 1.13/1.14
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  20. He said

    Which was what I was replying to.

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