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    They're not dropping 1.8. It literally says 1.8 is the preferred way to play and it's the base version of Hypixel.
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  2. Hype! 1.8.9 is still the best version though.
  3. see murder mystery plugins better because when players die, they stay up instead of lying on the floor

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  4. Nice!
  5. All those people screaming to not drop 1.8 support, or even drop everything except 1.8? .. dudes, you are blind and stupid. The server has been slowly dying since 2015 and one of major reasons for that is it still on 1.8. You can join from version above, but obviously you are not getting any features from those versions, therefore making the support of it hardly beneficial. And dropping everything except 1.8 is a whole another level of stupidity - it's pretty obvious that losing 1/2 of playerbase won't do any good for the server.

    And I'm a guy who plays on 1.8.9, btw, but as I said in their previous thread regarding 1.14 support - they MUST and WILL drop support for all but latest versions in the future, as this is beneficial to EVERYONE:
    - new features, gamemodes, paths to explore the game for current playerbase;
    - same for devs; I bet it's not easy to support a 1.8 server (mc's codebase was a lot worse at the time) and they pretty much already explored every single way of making cool things;
    - new playerbase for the server, allowing the project to grow.

    Yes, there's still a problem with PVP, but Mojang are gonna remake it in the next update so I see no problem with that.
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  6. Stannya

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    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Really glad to see this! :)
  7. Pqnos

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    *10 years later*

    Mojang: Releasing 3.515.

    Hypixel: Hold my beer. Hypixel will now support 1.8 - 3.515.
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  8. powns

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    Infamy INFAMY
    Looks like i wont have to compare playercounts on each 1.9+ version for porting my mods :)
  9. andreeii

    andreeii Active Member

    nice xd
  10. M4rkus

    M4rkus Active Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    I really hope 1.15 fixes the combat once and for all, so we don't have to use 1.8.9 anymore
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  11. wow!
  12. Awesome! :D
  13. Glad you guys have sorted this out quickly as stated above supporting 1,8 will keep more of the community active
  14. I see no problem with dropping 1.9-1.13. As long as both 1.8 and the most recent version are kept, at least 95% of the server will not be affected.
    Depends on how specifically Mojang remakes combat. If it's as fast-paced as 1.7-1.8 but also contains some skill elements desired in 1.9+ and is relatively easy to adapt to, it'll surely be a plus for everyone. However, we can only hope Mojang doesn't mess it up (arguably, again).
  15. I like the idea of dropping a few versions in between, but as many have said before, supporting the newer versions of Minecraft is a shame if you end up not doing anything with the things they provide. Some features could be used for new games and nicer maps.

    I understand that 1.8 is important for PVP, but perhaps other games like Build Battle could be run on later versions to allow for different maps and use of newer blocks, it would provide some fresh content for the players, but also for the Build Team who have been forced to build with 1.8 blocks.

    Hopefully that combat update will provide some kind of way to let 1.8 behind us, but I suppose we shall see about that in the future.

    (Also, very nice job on getting support for 1.14 up so soon)
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  16. minepose98

    minepose98 Active Member

    Except that will require two different versions to be played for different games, which is a bad choice
  17. They’re already planning to do that with Housing. I don’t see why they shouldn’t do it with Build Battle. Its only two games that will require you to play on 1.14. When you join other games you’re back to the 1.8 servers with 1.14 support.
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  18. MagmaMustache

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  19. Not really 95%. 50% of server players WILL be affected and this is no joke (they posted version statistics a while ago, that's how I know that).

    Otherwise - sure, that's what I meant. If 1.15 sucks as much as 1.9 did - there's no way I'm supporting the drop of 1.8.
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  20. Damn that was actually pretty fast. Nice

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