1. Thanks Hypixel Team! :)
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  2. Hype! Btw guys use the texture pack that comes with 1.14, it’s awesome.
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  3. Aidenplayz55

    Aidenplayz55 New Member

    Cool o will play on that version for some games i guess.
  4. Honestly getting rid of 1.8-1.13 support would be good because they would be able to finally use all those features, which considering pvp is the only negative, it would be a worthwhile tradeoff.
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  6. oof! Nice going!
  7. You do realize that most minigames on the server are PvP, right?
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  8. TheCJBrine

    TheCJBrine Well-Known Member

    Not even PvP would be a negative, literally the only differences that would take place on Hypixel are:

    -No blockhitting
    -Regeneration (potion effect) requiring you to move
    -Some things regarding how Strength, Weakness, and Sharpness are calculated

    I mean there's also regen from saturation, but since the enemy will still be able to get hit and take full damage quickly, the healing will probably be miniscule and not be annoying at all. The only thing I can think of that may be a problem is Werewolf + some other classes like Skeleton in Mega Walls - and this is all only if the Hypixel devs can't stop food regen (I don't know if they could or not, plus those classes could get a good balancing update as well as anything else that may be a problem in other games). Since everyone is on the same version, though, no one would have an advantage over the other. The potion effect Regeneration requiring you to move is literally the only reason I still use 1.8, as it feels like it may give 1.8 users a bit of an advantage if they force you into a single space and you can't move (though I haven't tested this so maybe that won't be a problem...? You can still move a little if someone forces you into a corner...and don't ask me why potion effects are sort-of client-side, I don't know).

    -and regarding food again, it'd be a dumb idea to eat while taking hits, as the regen from food is no where near enough to make up for the damage you took while eating.
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  9. This may be a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway: what exactly is preventing you guys from recreating 1.8 pvp within the new versions? You can adjust attack cooldowns back to 1.8 speed, avoid using shields, and make other similar changes, right? Can't mods and texture packs be updated? What am I missing here? I honestly don't think blockhitting alone is worth stubborn adherence to 1.8, for example.

    It just seems to me that switching to 1.14 only, while making the most of Minecraft's customizability to keep a mostly 1.8 pvp feel, would be best for everyone. We'd get tons of new blocks, items, and mechanics for our mini games, the devs wouldn't have to break their back trying to support half a dozen different versions of the game simultaneously, and the server would become much more friendly to new players.

    EDIT: Now that I think of it, this bug does need to be fixed before 1.14 is viable for pvp - UHC especially: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-92916. It causes opponents to randomly go completely invisible.
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  10. Please don’t drop 1.8.
  11. What percentage of the player base uses 1.9 to 1.13 anyway?
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  12. I'm pretty sure I remember Simon saying somewhere around 50%.
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  13. I think he might be referring to the "middle-ground" players. (The ones that just stick to those middle versions.)

    But yeah, that is correct with 1.8 being half of the playerbase, with 1.9+ being the other half.

    I think it might be like 10% (or lower) that uses those "middle" versions.
  14. That was when 1.13 was the latest version though
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  15. Now this is epic.
  16. Not really. It will kill off the 1.8 community, not the other half. However I'm hoping 1.15 will fix all those issues and bring in a new combat system that everyone can tolerate.
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  17. You know, this is bittersweet. On the one hand it’s good, on the other, if they couldn’t do it it’d force them to act.

    Kinda like with EA and the new Star wars game, I would love to get a new awesome star wars game, but if the game fails, EA loses the SW rights, so I’d also love that..
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  18. I want to play 1.9 Combat
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  19. ItsMeSQ

    ItsMeSQ New Member


    Finnally Bless You Hypixel Staffs And Also All The Devs ADMINS And The OWNER and also mods helpers :D

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