1. Rudeness? Is that what openness, arguments and proving your words is called now? Or am I missing something? Have I insulted you? What exactly did you find rude in my posts?

    No one's gonna have a discussion with you either if you think making things up and just saying whatever you'd want to be true is normal.

    Me? Think about what I say? Really? Once again, am I hearing that from someone who made up 11 facts in the post above because of their incompetence and attempts to be right without knowing the slightest of what they're talking about?

    So, you're basically saying that I need to be politically correct, treating other people's sayings as their "own, unique and humble opinions" and responding with "Well, this might be the case" instead of "No, this is not the case". "Well, I agree with that one percent of what you've said, but" instead of "No, that's not right", "You have your opinion, I have mine" instead of "You're wrong" for things that aren't opinionated?

    Do you expect that from me (or anybody)? No. You are responsible for what you say. I am responsible for what I say. If it isn't simple enough to look it up yourself, I can prove my words whichever way you like. Can you do the same? No, you can't. You decided you can say whatever. So did I, except that I'm actually basing anything I say on facts, not things made out of thin air.

    Alright, sure. Not a server (as it's completely dead), and not a spam (rather an argument with the owner), but okay. Still don't know where the third one is though.

    Yea, but still looks fishy to this day.

    Notice how you didn't answer to anything that actually mattered in my response? You literally picked up three TOTALLY IRRELEVANT things from my post, just to be able to at least write something in the response, namely "rudeness", "three different servers" and, ofc, a video from my yt. Nothing that has anything to do with the topic.

    Back to "no one is going to want to have a discussion with you": not only do you not know what you're talking about, you also were entitled enough to openly say things you just made up... well, that's not the kind of person I wanna have a dialogue with either.
  2. Holy cow.

    It’s advice.
    You could’ve just taken it or left it.

    Your posts have a bunch of things that I really, really, don’t agree with but you’ve clearly got the mindset of “if I scream louder it means I’m right” so I’m going to leave it at that and hope that you’ll stop harassing all of those small Japanese servers someday.

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  3. Lol. So ironic.

    You clearly haven't got any intentions of actually answering my posts. Not even a question about rudeness. So I'm not gonna bother asking you where exactly was I "screaming", because you aren't gonna answer anyway. Once again, proving your point with arguments is apparently now called being rude and "screaming loud means I'm right". If that's what you believe in, I don't want to have any discussion with you.

    Good luck.
  4. cool i guess
  5. What if my favorite version is 1.7
  6. JuiceW_

    JuiceW_ New Member

    Bonjour j'ai un problème j'ai été banni de votre serveur il y a de cela 1 an par votre programme watch dogs et j'aimerais savoir si c'est possible de pouvoir revenir sur votre serveur. J'ai tout fait pour revenir mais je n'arrive pas a lier mon compte minecraft a ce compte forum.
  7. Quel comique
    What a funny boi
  8. xD thanks

  9. PaulM1508

    PaulM1508 New Member

    hey, i have a permant ban on the minecraft server hypixel got, because of a security error and then I have my minecraft password, then the ban was cut to 30 days. And I wanted to ask if you could unbiebann me because I did not do anything?
  10. Nice job!
  11. i support you i love your server
  12. Hypixel
    I went to a lobby and i got banned for no reason
    Please unban me cause i did nothing wrong
  13. sbdnjs

    sbdnjs New Member

    hypixel for 1.15!!! me and my friend is w-a-t-i-ng gor it!!!!
  14. man its not even 1.15 yet plus just play 1.8.9 its so much better
  15. Tigerplayz368

    Tigerplayz368 New Member

    what does it mean by link your account?
  16. ew 1.1.4 the best is 1.8.9 forge
  17. FalandroYT

    FalandroYT New Member

    i got ban for security alert and what i need to do to get enbanned?
  18. the only time people use this is for challenges XD
  19. sbdnjs

    sbdnjs New Member

    well there is snapshot out

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