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    Hypixel (Simon) has said so before on Twitter. I don't see how it's an unbelievable fact when the majority of Minecraft players use the latest version. That fact is also from Twitter, from the game's developers. ;)

    I wouldn't say "superior" lol. Maybe for PVP but that's about it. :p
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  2. But there already has been compromises from some 1.9+ supporters. We'd be more than willing to keep the same old 1.8 PvP system while also having access to new content, and yet some 1.8 supporters still wouldn't agree to such a generous compromise. Is there anything that all 1.8 supports can agree on to update to the most current version that doesn't involve undoing everything past 1.8.9?

    Some 1.9+ supporters have already said yes to 1.8 PvP, so why can't all of the 1.8 supporters shake hands in agreement then?

    This is why I compare some of the 1.8 supporters to SSB Melee purists. Neither are willing to change anything.

    How is the transition from 1.8 to 1.9+ any different compared to previous version updates that also significantly altered PvP to the point of riots breaking out?
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  3. "People want 1.8 and 1.13" "NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT KEEPING 1.9-1.2"
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  4. Next is guild update opfully
  5. XD

    ? I am a 1.8 supporter solely because of the pvp. I'm pretty sure that there are 1.8 supporters who would agree to the 1.9 with 1.8 pvp compromise. I was even one of the people who staryed asking for that in the first place.
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  6. smash 5 hypeeeee
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  7. Good joke lol
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    Dropping 1.9-1.12.2 support when 1.13 will have most mods and plugins out of date is a great idea! We can't afford to have so much minecraft versions with 5-6% players on them for each!

    Here are minecraft java versions on servers :

    If Hypixel drops 1.9-1.12.2, we will just have players on 1.8 and players on 1.13, it will be easier when the next combat update will come.
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  9. Great job guys! I still wont play 1.13 but still xd
  10. I knew I should've put "some 1.X supporters" instead of indirectly implying everyone in said group act the same. My apologies.
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  12. My point was that was NOT how it started. 1.9 support started out by ridiculing people that prefered the older 1.8 combat simply because "it's outdated". This attitude about "Oh we can still keep 1.8 combat just update the game to use new stuff" only seemed to come around after it became obvious the admins were not going to drop 1.8 combat. Looked more like a desperate move to get something rather than a serious attempt at compromise from the start. But hey, what do I know?
    Sure, having both 1.8 and 1.9 style combat, as they existed in thier main versions, in the same version, with the ability to toggle the game between a 1.8 and a 1.9 mode. If mojang would get thier act together and just do that one, simple thing, we could move on.
    The current lack of compromise, at least from my observations, is more because mojang to this day refuse to even acknowledge 1.8 supporters.
    Blame them for the lack of compromise, they've shown less than either side has.
  13. Since 1.9 it's always been around 50% to 50% with some up and down trends across the years but recent months its more 1.8 with 55% - 45% for 1.12 and this is from our official statistics systems as most new players use the latest version as it takes some research to learn why and how to downgrade.
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    It's almost as if it's not "just a simple thing" and they've already made a compromise.
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  16. Are you saying that 1.8 supporters are so traumatized by a not-so-good first impression of some 1.9+ supporters? Regardless, at least some 1.9+ supporters became more willing to make a compromise. Desperate is one way to word it, but I'd prefer using the word docile instead.

    It's like refusing a nice home-cooked breakfast in bed that was made by your sibling who acted a little mean the day before. You end up refusing to forgive them.

    Fine with me at least, but is there no in-between until Mojang makes the desired changes?

    That's just life sometimes. You don't always get exactly what you want. And because of this mindset, nobody can win.

    All you and everyone else can do is just pray that Mojang will eventually have Minecraft PvP exactly as you desired for it to be.

    Until then, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief that Hypixel is 1.13 compatible while still preserving the oh-so-precious 1.8 PvP.
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  17. See here’s the thing, it’s mosty new members, so if you take out 1.8.9, you’re still loosing most of the community because of the fact that a lot of those “new” members hardly ever join the server. Theoretically we’re both correct in different ways, still, my diamond please ;) jk lol
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  18. The numbers are concurrent players so at any time of day it's 50% - 50% on the network or close to it. Just your friends likely are longer-term players but always new people to meet.
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  19. Yeah, I guess. Okay, thanks for clearing things up for me. I guess now when I’m talking to my friends I can tell them that 1.8.9 isn’t used as often as 1.9+. When they don’t belive me I can tell them I talked to PixelBaker himself. Thanks ;)
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