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    pls dont drop support on 1.9 - 1.12 pls :(
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  2. I’ve seen the exact opposite. People always hating on 1.8 supporters because they prefer something that is “outdated”. If compromise was the initial response from 1.9 supporters I expect the results would have been very different.
    And of course, let’s not forget that mojang could have EASILY fixed this problem for both sides if they actually cared...
    Keeping 1.8 until they properly address the situation should (keyword, “should”), act as a wake up call that they done goofed, badly.
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  3. We have always been open about the fact that we are keeping with 1.8.9 because 1.9+ doesn't allow us to keep a using a core feature that so many of our games use fast-paced PvP. We aren't interested in swapping and getting into arguments with other community members won't change that. If PvP feature was addressed then this may be a different discussion.

    This not an issue as it has been live for over 6 weeks with zero impact for players but long term it may make the most sense for us as people move from 1.12 to other preferred versions.
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    Nice work! #hype :cool:
  5. Though I don't keep up-to-date with the newest Minecraft updates, I'm glad to see Hypixel supporting newer versions and the updates to come.

    Also, @PixelBaker, I assume you guys are predicting that people using 1.9 to 1.12 will begin using 1.8/1.13? Or is this a current trend of these in-between versions losing popularity on the network? Just curious as to what gave you guys the idea to potentially drop support of 1.9 to 1.12 (I only use 1.8 which is why I am curious).
  6. There are simple solutions to make fast paced PVP...

    Probably easier to lower the cooldowns on weapons then recode 1.8 PVP into all other versions.
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  7. It isn't.

    There are versions other that the latest and 1.8.

    I'm not saying I know the statistics, but there are people who use versions in the middle, for whatever reason.
  8. I think they just count all versions above 1.8 as one
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  9. No, I'm pretty sure the staff mean the latest version when they say that.
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  10. Nice update.I hope the rendering thing doesn't make gameplay slower.
  11. Finally! :)
  12. @PixelBaker Allo? I was wondering where you got the statistic that half of the community uses 1.9+.
    Not trying to be rude, just is a very unbelievable fact ;)
    Also you have to give me a diamond if your wrong :p
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  13. The only problem with that is that many people use features only in 1.8, such as blocking with a sword and the much larger group of PvP-based mod options. To remove support for 1.8 would most likely cause many diehard Hypixel players to leave forever.
    Also, 1.13 is a bulkier version than any other version released to date, causing larger load times and unnecessary lag (if the only thing you're going to do is PvP on a 1.8.9-optimized server) upon starting the game, because of the new features, almost all of which are unused at this time on Hypixel. Many people without high-end computers don't want to deal with this. If Hypixel did drop 1.9-1.12, many people would be happy to just go back to 1.8; however, if they dropped 1.8-1.12, many people would be happy to just leave and find a different minigames server.

    As well, there is the stat that was mentioned that says that half of the community uses 1.9+. What that means is that the other half uses 1.8. Why would Hypixel drop the version that half of their community uses?
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  14. Hype!
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    It's great Hypixel was able to get 1.13 in the server with still supporting other versions!
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    ITT: Statistic whiners.
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  17. Wait.. actually.. please drop 1.9. There are abuseable bugs that only work in 1.9 in Smash Heroes.
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  18. Well i would see that Hypixel would drop support for 1.9 and 1.10 so it doesn't have to use more server power and with that extra server power people can actually win games for once
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    Bows SHADOW

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