1. it's so problematic yet so amazing at the same time

    "we have to render the world 3 times" OMEGALUL

    "we also support 5 versions" HOW GOOD ARE YOU
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  3. Honestly, I don’t understand the people living in the past. I’d love to see what Hypixel could do with all of the new features but by supporting older versions in most games they can’t make use of the newer features.
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  4. ItsPylkeGames

    ItsPylkeGames New Member


    Yeah, i know im not have rank...
  5. Do not necro post.
  6. oh nice it amazing
  7. wknightz

    wknightz New Member

    wow i si hypixel 1.13
  8. Hurlee

    Hurlee New Member

    hi my mc/premium acc name/Dragon3244 unban PLZ PLZ HELP ME

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  9. Joao_Viegas

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    Tipo. Para os players que querem jogar com novos recursos, eu entendo. Por isso vou dar essa ideia, em vez de retirar a 1.8, poderia dividir o minigame, exemplo: Build Battle 1.8 e Build Battle 1.13 (com os novos blocos), Sky Wars 1.8 (só jogadores que estão na versão 1.8. Pois estão falando que existe um atraso no plugin) e sky wars 1.13 (com o novo combate e um sem o novo combate, com o plugin). Essa foi a minha sugestão de como fazer uma atualização geral no server que agrade de forma geral :)
    Fiz essa sugestão de acordo com os comentários desse tópico.
  10. This makes me so happy, 1.13.X crashes my piece-of-crap computer.
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  11. Sorry if this isn't the right place for it. First time I go on the website so idk anything about anything on here but I would just like to say that there seems to be an abundance of hackers in farm hunt using killaura and flying and all that. First game I played and there were like four hackers.
  12. haigaming1212

    haigaming1212 New Member

  13. Please dont remove support for 1.12.2! it is the only version that i can at least get 10fps on!

    (But idc if u remove 1.8-1.11)
  14. Hey clap, been a while. xD I agree
  15. I wouldn't agree with this but imagine how great crossbows and trident would be to have
  16. I think that they should keep 1.2 and above, since the Village And Pillage update is coming out they could have 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 only.
  17. It's coming don't you worry xD
  18. You mean 1.12/1.14?
  19. What do you mean 1.14 is coming out like early 2019 or somthing,,,, didnt you watch minecon?
  20. What if my FaVoRiTe vErSiOn is 1.6? I can't stay on 1.6 and login to Hypixel lmao

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