1. We should make a new game. What you ask? well survival of the fittest against the raging storms. Like grans sever game we could make a Natural disaster simulator and the last one alive wins. You can fight or you can work together find a shelter. Maybe something funny like even add chicken tornado or a skeleton sandstorm. Its a survive the Disaster in Minecraft. A flood that drown all the players or A fire that burns the House slowly. Whatever it is a storm is coming and you better hide or else.... There is going to be a Disaster in hypixel and there can only be one winner.

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  2. That sound like it's fun but copying!
  3. Copying wat
  4. I am using his idea his Thing closed down and there is a chicken volcano and weird stuff like that
  5. You said gran has already made it.
  6. R0bLOx sUrvIv3 tH3 D1s4sT3Rs
  7. -Caden

    -Caden Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    So is bedwars and skywars
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  8. That is very bad!
  9. Pretty sure it’s a game on grians server
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  10. They just updated zombies and looks like lots of players are playing it now
  11. Grians server shut down.
  12. nothernothernotherjam_

    nothernothernotherjam_ Well-Known Member

    grian's server has shut down
  13. Chevio

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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    HSD ideas go in ideas and feedback section :)
  14. Loved that game, you should try making a much more detailed idea in ideas and feedback, also explain to people that the server shut down, it confused someone and I didn't even know it was shut down myself.

    Edit: If you do tag me, I'd love it see it
  15. Not sure we really need this.
  16. ok thanks I will thanks for the feedback.
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