1. sorry about the delayed response but client makers are making clients espacally to bypass Big servers Like hypixel
  2. Enough to keep their hundreds of servers running. Talk about ultimate bungeecord.
  3. If it helps, some of their developers get paid upper 6 digit salaries (750,000$+ A Year).
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  4. That is truly a hard question because it all depends on there sales,pay roll to there staff, sponsors, bills, taxes, etc.. but one thing I know is that Hypixel makes more then enough money due them being the biggest server in Minecraft. But that is just my own opinion, what do you think? Because if you check online on how much Hypixel is worth it would give you the Worth of their domain which is $25.3 Million Dollars according to worthofweb.
  5. A. They invested a couple MIL into their standalone game
    B. They dont use McProhosting anymore
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  6. Agreed, Hypixel has invested a lot of money in there upcoming standalone game, and they host there own servers, and with there new standalone game they will me worth a lot more money.
  7. Don't give them any ideas...
  8. Supablu

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    I don't think they get paid near that much lol, that would be like 62k a month. But now if you're talking about the server Devs as a whole, the number seems reasonable, but not individually. I'm not sure how much their making now given the new MVP++ subscription, because of the EULA, but I'm sure their making a decent amount of money to keep the network running. So don't worry.
  9. I'm telling you for a fact that some of top level devs that have been around since server conception used to make about 750k+ a year, unless that money has been diverted to Standalone, they're still making that much.
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  10. Supablu

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    No think about it, if the network makes approximately 1 million a year, you really think they'd put 75% of their revenue into paying developers alone?
  11. 750K+ is for one dev
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    Hao HAI
    idk its probably confidential though...
  13. If anyone is wondering the types of numbers Hypixel is making. Let's take current rate. Let's assume 10% of the server bought a donor rank. How about, only vips? Well, years ago Hypixel passed the 10% of the Minecraft community threshold. So, that's about 14 million people. So, 10% of 14 Million is 1.4 Million. Let's assume they bought VIP, the lowest rank on sale for 3.84 USD. (Current price) Well, 3.84 times 1.4 Million is 5.3 Million, let's assume the server (somehow) cost them 3 Million dollars a year to run. (This isn't exactly common) They've still made a profit of over 2 Million dollars. Now, take your time and survey the rate of donors vs non donors on the server, and although there will be a disparity in accuracy (because donors are more likely to play longer) you'll see Hypixel makes a lot of money, bare in mind these are intentionally low balled numbers.
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  14. im guessing alot lol
  15. Once again, this was an approximation based on intentionally low numbers, the hypixel network makes way more in a year. They've opened their own game studio for the standalone, you don't do that when all you have is pocketchange. That's potentially a multi million dollar venture. Not to mention the money they get for their coordination with China's (Netease I believe?) for them to be the only Minecraft server in China. If I was to guess how much money the network makes in a year. I'd probably guess 5-7 Million dollars in Profit.
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  16. Ivax

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    Hypixel Inc.'s website is currently worth around $26M

    Source: https://www.worthofweb.com/website-value/hypixel.net/

    Therefore their daily revenue estimates to 3k per day just from the website - way over that if we also consider the store.

    Final Answer: At least way over 3k a day.
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  17. geev

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    Breadloaf BREAD
    less than Jake Paul
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  18. I assume after paying all his workers and paying for the servers, around 50-100k a year
  19. Avinza

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  20. Technically, builders shouldn't be included
    They are paid to create new maps, so the maps in Hypixel's assets have the exact value of how much the builders were paid...

    Also, Hypixel don't use McProHosting since at least half the network's lifetime : MCP are their sponsor, not their host.
    (The host after MCP was SingleHop, but I don't know if it's still the case...)
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