1. How much do you guys think Hypixel makes a year/month/day? @Hypixel
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  2. I don’t think they would personally disclose that information.

    But I would assume a lot of money
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  3. over 1mil/year i think
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  4. CarnivaL

    CarnivaL New Member

    I doubt this number would be posted, but speculation is possible. If you imagine that an average of 200 people spend $15 each per day (just an example), then the number would be roughly one million a year. However, with the frequent sales, promotions, and other things, I believe this number to be much higher, as simply maintaining the server, paying developers, and living would cost near that amount, I imagine.
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  5. Avinza

    Avinza Well-Known Member

    Prob not that much for hypixel himself cuz he gotta pay all the admins and builders and mcprohosting so
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  6. A lot
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  7. Veltpvp, a pay2win server with around 1k players makes around 50-100k, hypixel at least makes double that each month
  8. Nice_Guy

    Nice_Guy Member

    Does it matter?
  9. $40,576
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  10. At least $1, probably.
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  11. My best estimate would be between $3-6 million in revenue per year. It's hard to say how much of that then goes out in expenses though.

    I can go dig out my old posts where I actually did the math if you guys are really curious how I got to that number.
  12. Just wanted to know xD
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  14. Those threads are way low balling the estimates.

    Hypixel (and other admins) actually have talked about this at times. For example, we know that at a minimum, the server gets about $3.6 million in revenue annually.

    That gives us ~$1.2 million per year towards the standalone game. And we know that at the time, 2x the game's budget was going into the server.
    So that's around $3.6 million per year.

    Of course, we can now make better estimates, with some more up-to-date information.
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  15. If you read all the replies it literally states that they earn around that much cash, you had no reason to disagree with my post lmao
  16. Hiiva

    Hiiva Well-Known Member

    Amico AMICO
    There is no reason for hypixel to pay mcprohosting as they dont use it.
  17. PreTty sure mcprohosting does host the server .. or maybe sponsor it C:
  18. Mcph is partnered with Hypixel. Hypixel is hosted by singlehop if that’s what it’s called.
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  19. Millions. What I heard is that an update cost them a million. So they have millions
  20. I assume like 5000$ per day

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