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    This is command has been processed.
    Send me $3000 to my paypal account and I'm pay out accordingly
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    A quick reminder that this game is a closed setup, meaning that I'm not liable for any assumptions about the game beyond the usual questions. Not confirming or denying any claims, but simply reminding you to play accordingly :p

    >>Astatine: 'mightochondria, gikkle', '
    >dom': 'trench_dragon',
    >gikkle': 'skrimiche', '
    >>nethernitro': 'dom, dom'
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    The bot will run every hour for a substantial amount of time, including tomorrow. Check the spreadsheet.
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  4. What about Dom’s mayor thing? Was that processed? Or is this all a gamble.

    Edit: reading up now, I don’t like I see. I may Waite and reply tomorrow, but I’ll try tonight
  5. IM going to do a Mega post of the start of d3 to now, FYI. Starting in page 27
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    sorry lads been busy

    i guess my mighto read was wrong lmao

    i'll try throw together some reads on unconfirmed players tomorrow

    but i am the one shot town pgo for the folks at home keeping score
  7. Day 3

    Page 27:

    I Do my huge mega post.

    Mighto claims Jinx is town and Dom is scum. Mighto claims Town Cop and that Dom was invested guilty.

    Page 28:

    I claim.

    Mighto reminds us Dom replaced Ryast.

    Mighto claims Az is town from a message he gets. (Maybe from Az?) like TMI in the Mito Game?

    Mighto makes a statement which makes me believe he’s town. “Nobody is confirmed until the mod says so.” Idk why but this is a firm statement he made and it stuck out to me. Continues to say he gives strong leans to Skyrim, Jinx, Az and Myself. Also claims Asta was distancing himself from Dom. Most likely connected but in a bad way?

    Skyrim replies to my mega post but I won’t reply because I am too damn tired. Again these posts don’t take ten minutes folks.

    I’d like to say I did say Dom and Skyrim would be TvT, if not TVS. Still highly possible.

    Skyrim feels “uneasy” about Gikkle at this point. She has valid reason to be uneasy, I feel the same way. It’s basically a coin flip if it’s T or S now. We’re just lacking a few pieces of the puzzle now.

    @skrim did you ISO Gikkle yet? Whatever that means? If you did I’ll see it when I finish this but if not tell me when. I’d love your insight. You’re probably who I trust most compared with Mighto.

    I do my readlists.

    Page 29:

    Skyrim makes a point I haven’t thought about, with additional town points to her. Instead of just hammering a conf scum, we can get more information or find more out and use the full 48 hours. Imo I would just shut er down and get along with it. But she’s right. It’s good to wait and now we have a lot more information. Kudos to you Skyrim. Good MACRO play right there!

    Mighto believes the three scum team are : Dom > Asta > Gikkle and restates Jinx is town by his action n1. (Noted below.)

    Nether reveals himself to be the Vanilla Townie. (What is that, four now.) Cmon mark.

    Gikkle is starting to slide back his TR on Asta, in simple terms.

    Gikkle acknowledges that this ^^ post makes him look scummier but wants to inform us of his thought process. I personally don’t know how I feel about this. But okay.

    Dom reveals himself to be the Town Mayor. / Double Voter? He double votes Nether to show and prove. (Idk if it’s proven I haven’t seen the spreadsheet since this morning.) also goes on wanting to know if he was transported. Claims if no one claims transporter, then whatever happened is mafia aligned.

    Dom claims flavor. (Notes below.)

    Page 30:

    Gikkle does a long post of what roles could be in the game. Very cool I’m not gonna lie.

    Dom claims that Mighto is high town lean and Skyrim is town lean by association.

    Mighto gives a read list on page 30. Said that I have NP syndrome. goddammit why you so rude.

    Skyrim going back and forth with Gikkle blah blah blah (it gets boring sorry)

    Gikkle claims Skyrim has been giving him bad vibes all gamelong. Idk I have a weird thought that this is possible SvS to make one look better then the other, but the posts are too genuine and contradicting so I’m assuming TvS for now.

    Skyrim claims Gikkle isn’t reading the thread.

    Skyrim makes a good point on if Jinx is scum then Mighto could be scum as well. Protecting possible gf. It could be honest mistake if he’s really town and he visited GF first night.

    And what the heck does a mafia tailor do?

    Page 31:

    Skyrim votes Gikkle for an ill argument. Which I would agree on, “bad vibes” isn’t a concrete argument. + she states that Gikkle is just as scummy as Asta.

    Gikkle assumes Nz is scum. If one is scum, the other is likely town.

    Mighto PayPal’s me 14k since I won the gamble.

    Skyrim gives brief readlist of three players (nether Gikkle and nz )

    Gikkle makes an extremely well done essay about the game and Skyrim. Good points. I’m not saying he’s town but he does bring in the room of possibility. Innocent until proven guilty tho, right?

    Gikkles scumteam layout looks like: Nz > Asta > Nether > Skyrim.

    Gikkle and Skyrim are writing essays back and forth. I tried reading them throughly, but after the second I’m like cmon guys this is getting repetitive. Possible TvT at this point.

    Page 32 (THANK GOD)

    And this is where this comes in. Hello.

    For personal memory.

    Cem = Jinx

    Thaum = Mighto (?)

    Current Player List, since I have to mod this again apparently.


    @NetherNitro : Vanilla Townie.



    @Mightochondria : town cop. Argument by repetition. (n1: Jinx, town. n2: Dom, scum.)


    @Dom : town mayor : double voter. Bandwagon Fallacy.


    @Nz_Slime : One shot town pgo


    @Trench_Dragon :town miller


    Melodic (Lynched D1) Vanilla Townie

    Echks (Died N2) Vanilla Townie

    Shine (Lynched D2) Town Bodyguard

    Angry (Died N3) Vanilla Townie

    Edit: Nz new information.

    Ik I give mark a hard time, but bullying the mods is a must apparently.
  8. o okay then I just skip this post apparently
  9. #629
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  12. Me azmine and skrim are scum team
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    It's a feature
  14. bet
    its not night two sweetheart
  15. When did day start, I've been waiting forever, also who first brought up that I was mod confirmed.
  16. I believe Mighto

    and it's been day for over 24 hours, mark didnt edit title *cough* again *cough*

    EDIT: he did annouce on discord tho
  17. [VOTE]@NetherNitro [/VOTE]
    I am now double voter. I'm only voting nether to show that I can.[/QUOTE]
    Okay, I know that you can, but why are you showing me that you can?

    Are you trying to intimidate me with your double votes?
    Gikkle: Seems like town to me.
    Skrim: Maybe town, not sure though.
    Nz: I haven't seen enough of his posts to have an opinion yet.
    Jinx: Not sure about her either.
    What's MYLO/LYLO?
  18. Don't believe so
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    MYLO: mislynch & lose. Town loses if they mislynch (can still no lynch without forfeiting the game)
    LYLO: lynch or lose. Town has to lynch scum or they'll lose.
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