1. Mark said that the setup was loosely based on CK9++, so we can do some speculation and guess what roles might be in the game. Even if it's only loosely based on CK9++, Friendly Neighbor(Azmine) and Cop(Thaum) and Bodyguard(Shine) and Miller(Trench) are all in the game, which are all CK9++ roles. We can probably assume there are some mafia roles from there as well, so we might know what to expect.

    (Not that since I have no other knowledge )
    We have the cop, which is an I
    We have the bodyguard, which is a P
    We have a friendly neighbor, which is an M
    We have a miller claim, which is an A, we can also guess there is a 1-shot bus driver if the claim is a legit

    Meaning this is at least a TTTIAPM (with a possibility of TT or T or no T)with a few different roles because it's only loosely based on it.

    Mafia Goon, {Mafia JOAT OR Mafia Roleblocker}, {Godfather, Mafia Tailor}, Serial Killer

    So, we can assume we have a Mafia Tailor considering the Mayor claim. With that, we have no Godfather. If there are no Role block claims, we can assume a JOAT is here.

    Mafia Goon, Mafia JOAT/Mafia RB, Mafia Tailor and SK would be a likely scum list. Though, we have only seen one kill per night...

    But. There has been different flavors.

    Echks was killed by a bus.
    Angry was strangled.

    This is pure speculation, but, a hit and run is typically a mafia thing to do, while strangling someone, and killing their cat as well, is typically a Serial Killer thing to do.

    All of TTT, TT, T and 0 Ts have a mafia tailor. It is VERY likely Dom was framed. TTT and T have a serial killer. Flavor suggests a serial killer in my opinion.
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  2. This was supposed to say "Note that since I have no other knowledge of people's roles I cannot have an accurate guess on the setup"
  3. Oh. I must've missed your post.
  4. .-.
  5. Also I'm fairly certain that mighto is town and then skrim is a town lean for me now by association
  6. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    How the tables turn, peasant
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  8. Guys respond to this ;(
  9. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    NetherNitro -> Vanilla Townie
    Cemeteries-> Came up as innocent
    Skrimiche-> N/A (Targeted by Azmine)
    Mightochondria -> Town Cop
    azmine_king -> Town Friendly Neighbor
    Dom -> Town Mayor
    Gikkle -> N/A
    Nz_Slimeables -> ???
    Astatine -> ???
    Trench_Dragon -> Town Miller

    - Angry was a Vanilla Townie
    - Shining was a Town Bodyguard
    - Melodic was a Vanilla Townie
    - Echks was a Vanilla Townie

    Now that Gikkle explained the CK9++ setup (to be fair, I only skimmed the Mafiascum page), I can make a more confident Town reads list:
    Strong Town Reads
    azmine_king (mod-confirmed role)
    Dom (mod-confirmed role)

    Moderate Town Reads
    Trench_Dragon (new player syndrome - i don't even know if he's new or not - + says role that corroborates with CK setup)
    Cemeteries (came up as innocent, but could definitely be GF)

    Lean Town Reads
    Skrimiche (contributes a lot, but all of the reads above were due to concrete info)
    NetherNitro (new player syndrome, but this post makes me really unsettled)

    looks like he's trying to fit in, but it could be a part of new player syndrome

    Null (lean scum at best)
    Nz_Slimeables (doesn't post much)

    Scum Reads
    Gikkle (interactions between Astatine were very fishy + he was fine in the first part of the game, but he's acting strange now. I need to look at his ISO more)
    Astatine (my strongest scum read. I have stated my reasons for suspecting her in earlier posts.)
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  10. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    You're backtracking now that your strong TR is being SR by the majority of players. Scummy.

    That's strange. Mine just said "Azmine is town."

    Things concerning setup like this confuse me so I'll just assume what you've posted is accurate until someone says otherwise.

    Why did you feel the need to include this?

    [UNVOTE]@Dom[/UNVOTE] for his claim. Going to check the VC & see where Asta is. If she's high enough then I'd like to start pressuring Gikkle for trying to distance himself from Asta when she started coming under suspicion. Still don't have time to do that ISO on him (supposed to work rn), but I'll get to it.
  11. so basically 4/5 of these are scum, at least in my eyes. Either that or 3/5 if there isn't actually an SK and it's double TT or 0 Ts. In the case of double TT, Jinx is town, because tailor + godfather is impossible, edit: and > because we know there is a framer

    So by process of elimination + Nether claimed without being really prompted, which I find is a risk thing for new scum to do since they'd worry more about the possibility of being caught in the lie + Jinx is only possibly scum in 2/4 of the setups, Skrim, NZ and Asta are my biggest targets.
  12. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    The spreadsheet isn't updating for me. Anyone got the VC?
  13. Strong TR? I feel like you've ignored the 10 times I've said that it wasn't a very strong town read. I've said this before, I can understand why this looks scummy, but this was my thought process, and I wanted to share it. I didn't take my TR back because a bunch of people were SRing her, rather, it was she wasn't doing anything, and other people's arguments convinced me.
    Because people might get confused why there was just a random unfinished sentence, and I wanted to answer the question before it was asked.
  14. Which honestly makes sense to me because Skrim has been giving me bad vibes all game.
  15. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to fully guess the scum team's roles since it was loosely based, so here's my only thing:
    * Definitely a Mafia Tailor/Framer, why else would Dom show up as guilty for me
    - The existence of a Tailor knocks down the read on Cemeteries a couple notches down

    Does every scum faction have a consistent kill flavor?
  16. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    Mighto has already said Ceme is town based off of his cop result. Are you not paying attention to the thread?

    Claiming VT isn't be a hard or risky thing to do, especially if you had experienced players as scummates telling you to do so. Nobody is going to be focusing Nether because he's just there so it's likely that he'd never be lynched.

    If Jinx is scum then so is Mighto for getting an inno result on her. Or, there is no Maf Tailor & Jinx is Godfather, which would mean either Mighto or Dom would be lying because of Mighto's guilty result on Dom.

    Tempted to call OMGUS but I hate that argument so I won't. Agree on Asta for reasons I've been over in previous days. Not sure about Nz; he hasn't been posting much of recently. @Nz_Slimeables
  17. Skrimiche

    Skrimiche Well-Known Member

    I thought Tailor was just Mafia's version of Framer & didn't know it could make scum look inno. Oops, disregard this.
  18. Mito-chan

    Mito-chan Well-Known Member

    This was Asta's read list. I have split it into sections to the degree of usefulness it serves.

    These players are both dead
    Angry - Decent activity. Valid points and has definitely made attempts at pressing others, although something really does feel off instinct-wise, which I'll look into later. Light Town for now.
    Shine - Also a null read. While they've posted more than Azmine, actual informationally based stuff is eh. Also, Lunar/Echks is dead, I'm not sure why they're still on yer reads list, Shine.

    These players are basically confirmed to me
    Azmine - Null for not participating very much at all.
    Dat/Trench - Decent activity. Who is Trench, anyway? Anyways, also makes valid points and brings a couple new ones. Light Town.

    Gikkle - Their Day 1 shenanigans are confusing, although I think I might have gleaned a little bit of info from it, which I'll need to review later. Other than that, they also are making valid points and seem to be pressing others adequately. Town for now. Will review more closely later.
    Slime - Valid points on Mighto, will look into their interactions a bit more when I have time. Until then, I'll keep them as Light Town for participating and interactions in general, eh.
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  19. Jinx is scum 2/4 of the times because of the fact that godfather is only in with Tailor in 2/4 of the setups. Meaning only 2 setups exist where jinx could be scum.
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  20. Of course, because this is only loosely based, other things could be going on that I don't know.

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