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    Yep, we are, but mito said that I can host a mini-game in the meanwhile.

    At its core, mafia is a puzzle that each player is attempting to solve. Through a series of lies, gambits, plots, countplots, counter-counterplots, and mind games, each player attempts to gain the upper hand over the others to bring about a victory for their faction. If you enjoy social or mental games, mafia is the thread for you!

    A game of mafia details the power struggle between two factions: the Town and the Mafia. The Town represents an uninformed majority; the bulk of players will be put into this faction, but they won't know who the other members of the Town are at the start of the game. It is the Town's goal to figure out who is a part of the Mafia, and eliminate those players. The Mafia represents an informed minority; though they are a much smaller group, the Mafia has access to a private chat through which they can scheme, and can easily gain the upper hand through strategic planning. It is the Mafia's goal to outnumber the Town.

    Third party roles may also be thrown into the game. This "faction" often works alone, and comes equipped with their own unique win conditions. Some neutrals are harmless and must simply survive until the end of the game, but others are playing with the intention of killing every other player.

    At the start of the game, each player will be PM'd their role and faction. Every role has a unique ability that will be outlined in the role PM. From there, Mafia is divided into two repeating cycles; Day and Night. During the Day, every player will have an open discussion in this thread. It is at this point that players try and figure out who they can trust, as well as discern other people's roles. This discussion will eventually lead to a lynch at the end of the day; it is the Town's objective to figure out who is a part of the Mafia and lynch them, while the Mafia aims to mislead the Town and get them to lynch one of their own. At any point during the Day, anyone can vote for someone to be lynched by using the tags [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. The Day will end after a period of 48 hours, at which point the player with the most votes is lynched. It is also possible to end day eariler if a specific player receives half of the votes of the surviving players plus one (this will be outlined in day-starting mod posts throughout the game). When a player is lynched, their role is revealed to everyone and they are considered "dead" and no longer in the game.

    During the Night, each player will perform their night actions. As previously stated, each person has a role with special abilities. It is during the night that these abilities can be used. Every player PMs me what they want to do with their ability (whether it be killing, protecting, investigating, role blocking, etc. another player). It is also during this period that the Mafia has access to their private chat that they can use to plan and scheme, but this thread is closed for discussion. This period will end once each player sends me their night action.

    These cycles will repeat until a winner has been determined (typically until only one faction of players remains alive). I will then hand out some awards to recognize the best players and moments of the game, and then this mafia round will come to an end!

    Mafia is a great way to make some new friends on the forum, join an incredibly active community, and have a great time playing what is (in my opinion) one of the best social games out there.

    1. A game of lies, deceit, plotting, counterplotting, and mental games between three factions: the town (an uninformed majority), the mafia (the informed and organized minority), and the third parties (individual players with unique win conditions).

    2. Cycles through two repeating time periods, day and night. Day will take place over 48 hours, and it is during this time that all players discuss the game and who to lynch in this chat. At the end of the day, the player with the most votes is killed, and the 24 hour night cycle begins. During the night, all players will use their night actions specified in their PMs.

    3. The above cycles repeat until a winner is determined. The town will win when all anti-town players are dead, the mafia will win when their faction outnumbers all other players, and third parties will win when they achieve their own special conditions (with the most common being to kill all other players or survive until the end of the game).

    The rules, though a bit boring and dry, are an incredibly important part of making sure the game runs smoothly and everyone (both new and returning players) has a good time. Please thoroughly read them, as I will be enforcing them. Also keep in mind that I may adjust the rules if a situation not covered by them arises, and I have the final say in any rule-based arguments.

    1. Remain respectful of each other. Yes, mafia is a heated game and you will get into arguments, but that does not give any player permission to make personal attacks. We don't tolerate any form of bullying in these games, and players who do not respect this rule will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games. IF YOU ARE SCUM AND FRUSTRATED DON’T ADMIT YOU ARE SCUM. IT IS ALLOWED BUT IS ALSO GAMETHROWING. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE PM AND I’LL GET A REPLACEMENT

    2. Remember that we are still on the Hypixel forums, so all of their rules (especially the ones about posting child-appropiate content) apply. That means avoid cursing, sexual innuendos, etc. I don't care, but the forum mods do, and we need to respect their rulings.

    3. Do not discuss the game outside of either this thread or a PM created by me. Period. End of story. Discussing the game outside of the designated areas is considered cheating and, if I find out about it, you will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games.

    4. Do not use any secret codes created prior to the game. This falls in line with the above rule; codes created during the game in a PM made by me or within the game thread are completely allowed, but any other codes are against the rules and will result in a modkill.

    5. Do not gamethrow. Gamethrowing is considered any actions that go against your or your faction's win condition, whether that be attacking a player on your team due to a personal grudge or attempting to kill other players on your team for no discernable reason. Yes, I completely understand that bussing or attacking members of your faction is a completely valid strategy, and yes, the line may get blurry at times, but I think everyone should understand the difference between a strategic attack and a senseless action purposely meant to go against your faction.

    6. Try and avoid posting in this thread during the night. While banter posts are okay in moderation, any form of game-related information cannot be shared in this thread during the night.

    7. If/when you die, you are out of the game and cannot post in this thread until the game ends. Unlike the aforementioned banter rule, I will be enforcing this; too often, a dead player gives game-changing information (accidentally or not), which ruins the experience for other players.

    8. Do not directly quote or screenshot anything from any game-related PMs you are in. Let me repeat myself. Do NOT directly quote or screenshot anything from any game-related PMs you are in. This includes your role PM, factional PMs, etc. Doing this goes against the entire spirit of the game, and will get you instantly modkilled.

    9. In general, don't abuse any loopholes you come across. The rule list is comprehensive, but it does not cover every possible situation; if you think you've discovered a way to break the game, please run it by me before putting it into action. Remember that, if a situation not covered by the rules arises, I will use my own discretion to solve it.

    10. Do not edit or delete any posts you make during the game, as this is considered cheating and can be used to cover up any information you may have let slip.

    11. Though this is a hard rule to enforce, quality is always better than quantity. To make both my life and the lives of your fellow players easier, try not to post fluff (aka meaningless content that does nothing to further your personal agenda or the game). Like I said, I won't be enforcing any banter rules, but please be considerate of everyone's time.

    12. Do your best to be active. I'm putting it here because some people don't read rule #13.

    13. Inactivity. Too often in the past, players have signed up and then don't play the game. This is incredibly inconsiderate and can ruin the game for everyone. All players are required to post multiple times per day phase, unless you inform me of your inavailability ahead of time. Failure to do this will get you replaced. I understand that real life comes first, but please just let me know if you won't be able to be active so I can replace you. Also this game will rely heavily on activity because of day events. Being an active participant in the thread greatly increases your chances of winning.

    14. Try and avoid using crazy mafia acronyms. New players don't know what TFPTSLBOOIA is, so try and stay away from acronyms that may cause confusion (or explain what the acronym means; just try to keep everyone on the same page).

    15. All anti-town players will be given a town win condition. Flavor is repeatable so mafia doesn’t get a fake flavor.

    As I mentioned in Rule 9, this is not a comprehensive rulelist, but it should give everyone a good idea of what is and is not allowed.

    To sign up, simply leave a comment saying "/in." Please remember that the 10-13 spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis, but players who miss the initial signup window can still be added to the backup list.

    Use either “[VOTE] Playername [/VOTE]” or “[VOTE] Playername”. Only votes in those format will be counted.

    Our voting friend is @VoteCount. He compiles votecounts, and he's very, very specific about voting tags. Caps aren't an issue, but the word "vate" is not in his vocabulary.

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  2. /in

    And I shall never show up again, because perish.
  3. /in as backup. Cant play until Nov 2
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    i can play starting next week
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    Sure, /in
  6. /in, will be more active during oct 26th - nov 4th because of Halloween break. Nevertheless, I’ll still try to be as active as possible.
  7. /in
    someone tell my county this exists

    just leave me alone during EST school hours, (and Halloween night) andwe're good
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    Smite SMITE
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    All of you accepted as players! Start tagging others.
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    /I, thee yoshi, have requested he joining thou game then thee may play!~
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    c'mon you need to start at some point mate
  14. #15
  15. Nitro said they're considering joining, hold a spot for 'em for now.
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  17. /in :3
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