1. The Hypixel Magazine Team Presents ....

    (The Long Time Coming Edition)
    Oh gosh, anyone even remember this? Well, don't fear! After a short little hiatus, the Hypixel Magazine Team is back and roaring! On behalf of the team, hope you enjoy!
    Staff Acknowledgment
    By @WhyMinecraft

    Everyone reading this is using the Hypixel Forums. However, why are we using these forums? Is it to have fun with our friends? To submit ban appeals? To report hackers? To discuss the server? Or to give suggestions to better the server. Today I shall be talking about the latter.

    The forums are full of suggestions, both good and bad. However, what's the point? Do staff comment? Maybe at times. Let me re-phrase. How often do they put feedback to ideas that don't have a concrete answer? For example, EU servers. You'll see staff comment that it's impossible, but you won't see a staff comment on a game idea or a general suggestion.

    They might provide a staff rating, but will they provide more than a one or two sentence answer? The answer is that they seldom will. One exception can be Skydeli back in the days, but that era has passed. If staff are just going to say "nice idea!" and leave it at that, what's the point in giving suggestions? Besides the social update, when was the last time they accepted a community suggestion? And no, maps don't count. The latest thread by Tactful regarding the Skywars update is a start. Let's just wait and see how many community suggestions they take; because boy are there a lot.

    Why should the community continue providing suggestions to better the server if they're just given a material consolation prize? I think the community understands that a response doesn't constitute a guarantee that a suggestion will be added. However, should they not at least pass on good suggestions to the developers? Or at least give nice feedback? WE HAVE A FORUM TEAM! I understand that they deal with behind-the-scene events. However, can there not be more forum moderators that help encourage community suggestions? Without some sort of incentive, the forums are going to be a place for sh** posts, discussion over repetitive topics (looking at you WatchDog threads), and ban appeals.

    Ok rant over.
    Smash Heroes: A Representation of Games in Need of an Update
    By @Echks
    So many of the games on this network need updates. Simple updates. Balancing, mostly. Today, I want to reach out to those who spend their lives in the flourishing environments of the PTL and Skywars and show them why we truly do need much more effort off of games that already sustain themselves just fine. I will use Smash Heroes as an example, but many games have the same problems (arena brawl, for instance).

    We don't need new content. We have enough heroes, enough maps. (especially with those new community maps coming up) We even have a large chunk of our community constantly cranking out add-ons that retexture the heroes, and @1Kick234 recently made a minor breakthrough on the matter. All we ask is balancing and bug fixes. Make the game something playable at a respectable level. At the moment, Skullfire undeniably dominates the meta due to its exclusive hitscan primary with no recoil, high-kb grenade, and insane recovery potential. Many other heroes are too strong as well, like Pug, Spooderman, Void Crawler, Shoop, and the like. And some heroes are nearly unplayably bad. Take, for instance, Botmon. No doubt a bottom 3 hero, Botmon has little damage, an extremely predictable recovery, small projectiles that only fire three at a time with a significant gap in between these bursts, and a Smash that just barely makes him usable. Balance is all we need. Bug/exploit fixes would be nice as well, but we can live with them if the admins truly cannot be bothered to spend time with them.

    As some examples:
    Lobbies break if someone leaves Dash attack distances are inconsistent
    Double jumps will sometimes fail to get reset upon landing if the player manages to slide across the ground What even is Botclaw
    Some heroes get stuck in walls with their mobility
    Trump Jumping/infinite wall climbing exists
    Heroes can spawn completely invisible
    Teleboom’s damage is inconsistent
    E T C.
    As a member of the Smash community, I beg for balancing updates for us. For Arena Brawl. For Warlords. For all the games dying of neglect to balance.

    Map Updates, How Often do They Occur?
    By @lopen

    Everyone knows about Map updates, an update that adds maps to the game.
    But how often do they occure? and how many maps get added over time?
    Well, I went on a little adventure, and figured it all out.

    All maps that got added from the release of Hypixel untill the start op 2017(2017 is not included into this graph!).
    As you can see, Skywars has the highest percentage of maps added, with a grand total of 48 maps. And arcade games + CVC both got only 2 map added over the course of their excistance.
    What suprised me is that before Skywars got released, Quakecraft and Blitz got the most map updates.

    Player -> Map update balance is decent. Skywars being the biggest game on the server, gets the most updates, but what is less understandable, is that Arcade games got only 2 new maps over the course of it's excistance.
    While being the second largest community.

    I seperated 2017 from this graph, because of the huge community map update thingie. And the results suprised me a little.

    So far in 2017(January 1st - June 3rd), 48 new maps got added onto the network.
    TNT games got the most maps added in 2017, with 14 new maps.
    And CVC again the least, with only 2 maps in total.
    The Player count -> Map update balance of 2017 is a bit off.
    Given that TNT games has an average of 500 players, but still got 14 new maps is nice to see, but still not really in balance to the player count.

    2017 so far has been the best year for new maps, with a total of 48 maps, it's going to be a Map addition record year!
    I'm curious to what maps they are going to add in the next 7 months of 2017.
    Will they finally add new Arcade maps? (blocking dead, galaxy wars, ender spleef etc.) or will they Skyclash, CVC and Crazy walls a little love?
    A note for the admins, if they read this:
    Will you be able to give us a little sneak peak/hype for the next new maps??

    A question I'm going to ask you;
    What game do you want new maps for?
    YouTuber's Lounge
    Hosted by @TheBlazeBoss
    Hello, and welcome to the Youtuber Lounge, a section to where every issue I'll be interviewing Hypixel Youtubers so that you may learn a bit more about your favorite content-provider, acquire some tips and tricks to creating your own channel and professionally growing it, and ultimately help boost the awareness of these Youtubers so that they may increase the Hypixel player count in the future with their amazing performances.

    I want to make it clear that every Youtuber out there, no matter how large or small is always working, so whenever I am able to get at least one interview, I ask that you thank the person for finding the time in his busy schedule to help you obtain something, anything from this. I also want to put out that in order to even be qualified for this, you must be a well-known player of Hypixel as well as having over 1,000 subscribers, just to avoid content that may not live up to the full potential of our expectations. So please enjoy, and be ready and waiting for the next issue!

    This Issue's Youtuber/s:

    SwiftGaia is mainly a Mega Walls youtuber but has other special pvp-related content, and is famous for his skilled and violent plays on the server. He alone has proven to be a formidable opponent, and he has realized his gift and has taken to Youtube to show off his skills, and now today he has so graciously let me interview him. Let the questions commence:


    Question #1: You have amassed 4k, almost 5k subscribers. Did you plan your channel to reach this since you started almost 2 years ago, or was all a product of surprise to you?
    When I started youtube I never really had a plan of how many subscribers I would get. I always dreamed and hoped of getting big on youtube and becoming "youtube famous". I'm not sure whether I would say it was a surprise but just more of an achievement, and I wish to continue growing bigger.

    Question #2: Do you consider yourself lucky for all the positive gaining of your channel (likes, views, subscribers) considering other mega walls YouTubers sometimes struggle to reach your numbers?
    I know this may sound bad, but I wouldn't necessarily consider it luck that gets me substantial likes and views in the mega walls community. I would say that I have worked quite hard and long, and have fought for my place in the youtube community, as I have been uploading consistently since August of 2015 and have put in days of time and effort into recording games and editing them (mainly into highlights). I feel like some other youtubers struggle to reach these numbers as their "foundation" or "fanbase" per say isn't as strongly built up over time. I also feel that my numbers are most likely higher as mostly every other mega walls youtuber isn't very good, whereas many would consider me very good at the game.

    Question #3: There are Hypixel Youtubers who have reached well over 10k subscribers; what do you think their secret is and do you aim for these numbers?
    From my nearly two years on youtube, I can assure you there is no secret that anyone with over 10k subscribers has. Youtube is all a matter of chance, you have to strike the right audience in the right way, and have the youtube algorithm in your favor, so your video(s) are recommended to more people. Many of the larger youtubers have realized the fastest way to grow a Hypixel based channel is within skywars and bedwars, but obviously not all are successful. In my opinion it's very complicated and hard to put into words, but essentially you just need a video theme that people will enjoy and become dedicated fans. I do aim for these numbers and higher, as I obviously would like to obtain the youtube rank, but I know it will take time and lots of effort.

    Question #4: To what do you owe your success? Did stats and server popularity influence any of it? Did you create a new way for players to view your content that no other player had done before with Youtube?
    I feel like I mainly owe my success to my skill in the game. The majority of my content from the very beginning and even to this day was highlights of mega walls comebacks/clutches with music. Back when I first started highlights, they weren't very common or popular in the mega walls community, as it was mostly full deathmatch games with commentary. However, these because increasingly popular over time as people realized I was very good at the game, and many other youtubers have picked up mega walls highlights as well. Another thing in which I owe my success was probably people in game, as my channel began to grow, people would always shout stuff at me in game, and even to this day there are still people who then ask "Who is SwiftGaia?" to which they are usually told that I'm a youtuber, which is essentially free advertisement. I also have been involved in quite a bit of drama, so that has also spread my channel around.

    Question #5: If you were to give advise to a small channel that was starting out with at least 100 subscribers, what would it be? Any content creator choices you'd recommend? What should they invest in?
    I would probably advise a small channel with 100 subscribers to focus on making your videos unique and special from other videos in that genre/gamemode. I think that's where many small youtubers fall short and don't end up going very far is because they are doing the exact same thing as another youtuber (most likely that one that is more popular) is already doing, so the smaller youtuber isn't bringing anything new to the table for viewers to enjoy. People need a reason to come and watch your videos everyday (or however often you upload), instead of watching another person in the same genre. You need to find what that special something is you have and make your videos your own.

    Another area where small creators probably need to improve, but isn't nearly as important as what I stated above, is the overall viewing experience of the videos they upload. People aren't going to want to watch a 15-30 minute video where almost nothing is happening, or you aren't hardly talking about anything interesting. Another problem is the game settings themself, like having 2 render distance, or having 20 GUI's that cover half the screen. Upgrading your computer to make the video bearable to watch is essential in making videos.

    Question #6: What do you pride most of all with your videos? What tells you that the video that you have recorded, edited, and now are about to upload is going to be a good piece of your work?
    In my videos I take the most pride in knowing that someone will enjoy it and it might make their day just a little bit better. I pride in knowing that I'm producing videos that thousands of people watch on a regular basis, and that the comeback/clutch is phenomenal. Many of my videos I would not consider good pieces of my work, but the ones that are most likely are insane games or something interesting/unique that people will find enjoyable to watch, whether that be a Hypixel Cheater Exposed or hanging out with Quazar while making everyone laugh.

    Question #7: What is something that you plan to do for yourself with your channel that might increase the amount of positive gains? (New series, co-ops, ect.)
    I have quite a few things planned, but for main series I hope to start (or continue) making Skywars, UHC, HCF, and BSG videos.

    Question #8: If there was one thing you'd warn all rising Hypixel Youtubers, what would it be?
    If I were to warn all rising Hypixel Youtubers, I would probably tell them to be careful of your behavior and actions on the server, as they reflect your public image just as much, if not more than, your youtube channel impacts your image. I myself have not created the best image for myself, and I am known for being very toxic, shouting L, being cocky, and overall not being the nicest player around. This has caused me to receive a lot of dislikes on videos and receive substantial target/harassment in game. Although haters are inevitable, i would say I have more than a typical youtuber, due to me being more of a player than a role model / youtuber. Avoiding this is probably a good idea, so try not to make everyone hate you!

    Well, I want to thank you again @swiftgaia for not only letting me interview you, but also by giving so much detail to what was asked, and I hope your channel grows even more within the future!

    Thank you for reading, if you happen to have a channel and fit the requirements, simply contact me and we'll work it out!

    Well-Known Player
    Min. 500 Subscribers
    Must not be the same content as previous Youtuber interviewed
    Must answer questions with great detail
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    This thread epitomizes the frustration of the classic game community
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    Hosted By @lopen

    Another hypixel magazine competition,
    Making words rhyme, or not, is your mission.
    Getting the perfect rhyme,
    For me it just gives me a great time.
    Make a rhyme about anything, from pools to minecraft blocks,
    It’s all allowed as long as it rocks!
    There is a price for the best, see it is as a gift,
    The price is getting your rhyme sang by moderator LIFT!
    That’s great isn’t it? The perfect price,
    So better get rhyming, that’s my advice.

    Somethings you need to know, here are the rules:
    1st rule is to not steal the rhyme from others, stealing is for fools.
    2nd rule is to make it rhyme and sound good,
    3rd rule is to make it understandable, last thing you want is it to be misunderstood.
    Those are the rules of the game,
    Now go rhyme for that place in the Hypixel Magazine hall of fame!

    All applications are to be PM'ed to @lopen
    Shoutouts to ....
    :cri: so many people join each edition, but never end up writing anything. If you want to join the team, shoot me a PM!
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  4. I hope you forgive us for our long hiatus. School has kept us busy! We should pick up the pace during summer ^_^
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    That sucks :/
    Arcade section has such few quality threads
    I'll remove it
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    Smash heroes does not need an update, period :)
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    the game is so undeniably broken what are you on
    oh boy here we go
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    One tip for next time, in the threads you should check out section. Put the link after the description of that thread
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    skywars is completely fine
    blitz, last i checked, was fine
    warlords at least gets monthly patches
    mega walls (again, last i checked) is fine
    UHC would be fine if it weren't for hackers
    i don't play CvC i can't say anything there
    crazy walls is fine
    skyclash is fine
    the PTL games are fine
    the walls is fine
    quake is a little buggy; nothing major that i'm aware of
    vampirez is another game i can't say anything about
    arena is broken. please fix arena.
    paintball is fine
    TKR is... TKR. come on now TKR doesn't count /s
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