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    It's very similar, however Town of Salem is based on Mafia, not the other way ya big dummie








    Finding themselves in deep space, our intrepid group of heroic explorers may have finally stumbled across a situation that is too hot to handle. With information vital to the war effort in their possession and the Slug-Men right on their tail, our heroes must travel even further into danger. Read on true believer and find out if, accompanied by new friends and old, our heroes can save the galaxy in this, the grand continuation of Hypixel Mafia!



    Welcome to the 35th incarnation of Hypixel Mafia!
    Like a bad 80s movie franchise, this time we take the forum game thrill ride to space.
    Here are a bunch of stuff about the game, read em if you want!

    Mafia is a game of lies, trickery, and deception. Your goals may not all but the same, but you all must use things like logic and strategy if you wish to succeed.

    In its simplest form, Mafia consists of three groups: the informed minority (Mafia), the uninformed majority (Town), and the independent (Neutral). The Mafia's goal is to kill the innocents, while the Town's goal is to kill the Mafia. The Neutrals work either by themselves or with a few others to fulfill their own win condition, which is separate from that of the Mafia and Town. At the beginning of the game, I will secretly send everyone their role. The Mafia will know each other, while the members of the Town will only know their own role.

    The game has two phases, the first of which is Day. During Day, the Town must choose someone to Lynch; they are trying to eliminate the Mafia, but the Mafia can lead them astray by casting suspicion elsewhere. Generally, players will vote for someone they think is Mafia (the Mafia will vote so that they seem to be doing this as well, and might even vote for each other to confuse the Town); when a player gets a majority of the votes, they are lynched. I reveal their role, and it becomes Night.

    During the Night, no one can talk in the thread. The Mafia, however, can speak to each other privately to plot strategy and decide who to murder before the next Day begins. In this way, they can silence members of the Town who are threats to them. At the end of the Night, the murder is carried out and another Day begins. In effect, the Town gets to kill someone, and then the Mafia gets to kill someone.

    The game alternates between Day and Night until either the Mafia are eliminated, the Mafia have killed everyone else, or a Neutral killer is the last player alive.
    The rules, though a bit boring and dry, are an incredibly important part of making sure the game runs smoothly and everyone (both new and returning players) has a good time. Please thoroughly read them, as I will be enforcing them. Also keep in mind that I may adjust the rules if a situation not covered by them arises, and I have the final say in any rule-based arguments.

    1. Remain respectful of each other. Yes, mafia is a heated game and you will get into arguments, but that does not give any player permission to make personal attacks. We don't tolerate any form of bullying in these games, and players who do not respect this rule will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games.

    2. Remember that we are still on the Hypixel forums, so all of their rules (especially the ones about posting child-appropiate content) apply. That means avoid cursing, sexual innuendos, etc. I don't care, but the forum mods do, and we need to respect their rulings.

    3. Do not discuss the game outside of either this thread or a PM created by me. Period. End of story. Discussing the game outside of the designated areas is considered cheating and, if I find out about it, you will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games.

    4. Do not use any secret codes created prior to the game. This falls in line with the above rule; codes created during the game in a PM made by me or within the game thread are completely allowed, but any other codes are against the rules and will result in a modkill.

    5. Do not gamethrow. Gamethrowing is considered any actions that go against your or your faction's win condition, whether that be attacking a player on your team due to a personal grudge or attempting to kill other players on your team for no discernable reason. Yes, I completely understand that bussing or attacking members of your faction is a completely valid strategy, and yes, the line may get blurry at times, but I think everyone should understand the difference between a strategic attack and a senseless action purposely meant to go against your faction.

    6. Try and avoid posting in this thread during the night. While banter posts are okay in moderation, any form of game-related information cannot be shared in this thread during the night.

    7. If/when you die, you are out of the game and cannot post in this thread until the game ends. Unlike the aforementioned banter rule, I will be enforcing this; too often, a dead player gives game-changing information (accidentally or not), which ruins the experience for other players.

    8. Do not directly quote or screenshot anything from any game-related PMs you are in. Let me repeat myself. Do NOT directly quote or screenshot anything from any game-related PMs you are in. This includes your role PM, factional PMs, etc. Doing this goes against the entire spirit of the game, and will get you instantly modkilled.

    9. In general, don't abuse any loopholes you come across. The rule list is comprehensive, but it does not cover every possible situation; if you think you've discovered a way to break the game, please run it by me before putting it into action. Remember that, if a situation not covered by the rules arises, I will use my own discretion to solve it.

    10. Do not edit or delete any posts you make during the game, as this is considered cheating and can be used to cover up any information you may have let slip.

    11. Though this is a hard rule to enforce, quality is always better than quantity. To make both my life and the lives of your fellow players easier, try not to post fluff (aka meaningless content that does nothing to further your personal agenda or the game). Like I said, I won't be enforcing any banter rules, but please be considerate of everyone's time.

    12. Inactivity. Too often in the past, players have signed up and then don't play the game. This is incredibly inconsiderate and can ruin the game for everyone. All players are required to post multiple times per day phase, unless you inform me of your inavailability ahead of time. Failure to do this will get you replaced. I understand that real life comes first, but please just let me know if you won't be able to be active so I can replace you.

    13. Try and avoid using crazy mafia acronyms. New players don't know what TFPTSLBOOIA is, so try and stay away from acronyms that may cause confusion (or explain what the acronym means; just try to keep everyone on the same page).

    14. All anti-town players will be given a fake flavor claim and the town win condition.

    15. Flavors do tie in with the roles, and flavor is NOT ALIGNMENT INDICATIVE. Custom roles have a chance to appear.

    As I mentioned in Rule 9, this is not a comprehensive rulelist, but it should give everyone a good idea of what is and is not allowed.
    To sign up, please DROP A COMMENT BELOW that says '/in'. This game is designed for 18-26 players, and sign-ups will end after the game reaches 26 players, or 36 hours after we reach 18. If the game is full, you can still sign up to be a backup.
    Please specify if you want to play role madness or modified vanilla when you sign up. If you want to do this in private, you can PM me as well. If the game's already started then you were too late for this bit

    --Game Related--
    jmwjmw27, the Slug Man Who Brought His Space Personal Computer, or the Mafia Alternating Flavour/Role Cop was killed during Night 1.
    Nz_Slimeables, the
    забытый, or the Neutral Cosmonaut was lynched on Day 2.
    Facade, the
    Astronaut with Bits of Metal Strapped to Him, or the Town Odd-Night Armorsmith was daykilled during Day 2.
    Skrimiche, the Astronaut Who Thinks They're Da Vinci, or the Town Lover Inventor was killed during Night 2.
    Mimi_Tachikawa, the Astronaut Who Is Really Quite Frightened, or the Town Lover Hider committed suicide during Night 2.
    JavaBrine, the Slug Man Who Was The Only To Actually Remember His Blaster Rifle, or the Mafia 2-shot Day Vigilante was lynched on Day 3.
    XCVigilance, the Astronaut Who's Flying Under the Radar, or the Town Undercover Cop was daykilled during Day 3.
    InkedRose, the Astronaut Who Was Actually A Convicted Stalker, or the Town Alternating Watcher/Tracker was killed during Night 3.
    azmine_king, the Astronaut who Loves Detective Novels, or the Town Even-Night Role Cop was lynched on Day 4.
    MostLukelyToSucceed, the Astronaut with a Mutated Big Hand, or the Town Asceticiser was killed during Night 4.
    spookycat27, the Astronaut Who's Best Skill is Mirrors, or the Town Doublevoter was killed during Night 5.
    angrybirdstar, the Astronaut with Legal Training, or the Town 2-shot Judge was killed during Night 5.
    MelodicMedley, the Slug Man With the Real Bouncy Skin was lynched in Day 6.
    DragonKing87, the Astronaut With A Very Particular Set of Skills, or the Town Jack-Of-All-Trades was killed during Night 6.
    Tmi489, the Slug Man Who Can Lock Doors, or the Mafia Roleblocker was lynched on day 7.
    XCVIII, the Astronaut Who's Got Control of the Doors, or the Town Jailkeeper was killed during Night 7.
    LunarZeta, the Slug Man Who Everybody Avoids Cause He's Quite Creepy, or the Mafia Silencer was lynched on Day 8.
    Astatine, the Astronaut Who's Access Key Keeps Breaking, or the Town Alternating Commuter/Deflector as killed during Night 8.

    —Getting Started--
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    Role Madness
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  3. /in

    Role madness :)
  4. Please don't kill me for not knowing, but, what is Mafia?
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    modified vanilla

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  6. :(
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    There's an explanation in the post
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  8. /in, role madness
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    /in role madness yes!
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  10. /in I have no idea what to do but I will do wheee
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  11. /in

    Personally I'd like a vanilla play-style since I haven't played in a while. But a lot of people are saying role madness...

    Eh I'm no follower. Vanilla please.
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    /in modified vanilla noobs
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  13. /in
    Modified Vanilla.

    4 -4, Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
    (laughs in purple)
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  14. I'm going to /in because this is good

    EDIT: Role Madness.
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  15. Mobocracy

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    I want to participate, but I'm not sure I'd be able to get through all the stuff I have to read beforehand.

    And that''s coming from a guy who would happily read a guide on improving his pvp skills in a game he no longer plays.
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  16. SupremeCourt

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    I hope you guys remember the side which loses
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  17. Cemeteries

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    /in role madness
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    Role madness
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  19. It’s good preparation, since you’ll need to read pages of paragraphs per day if you participate. If you can’t even read the rules then you probably won’t enjoy this game much.

    It’s not like you need an extensive guide for playing either, just pick up on how to play as you go since day 1 is usually pretty calm.

    And if that doesn’t work, just accuse everybody of being scum and it will all work out in the end. :D
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  20. !!!!!!!!
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