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    No, Mafia is not a copy of Town of Salem. The game of Mafia originated as a party game in the 1980's, and quickly gained fame across the Internet. ToS, though it is one of the more well-known versions, is simply the latest iteration of this game.

    Welcome to Mafia X! This will either be the funnest or most bastard game of mafia ever!

    Great, Spark. Ringing endorsement. Anyway, if you have played this before, sign right up! (Or don't...;-;...) if you have no idea what the hell this is, either leave this page and live the rest of your dreary existence...Or read on.

    Mafia is a game of lies, tricks, subterfuge, and deception. It is a game where
    you'll lie to friends, and perhaps team up with your enemies. Anything can happen in a game of mafia.

    Dramatic openings aside, mafia is a game detailing the struggle for power between two major factions; the Town and the Mafia. The Town represents the uninformed majority; the bulk of players will be put in this faction, but they won't know who the other members of the Town are. It is the Town's goal to figure out who is a part of the Mafia, and eliminate those players. The Mafia represents an informed minority; though they are a much smaller group, the Mafia has access to a private chat through which they can scheme, and often has the upper hand through strategic planning. It is the Mafia's goal to outnumber the Town.

    There are also several 3rd party roles. 3rd parties, or neutrals, are given separate win conditions that they much achieve. Some neutrals are harmless and have benign win conditions, while others are playing with the intent of killing every other player.

    Will Blue figure out who is a part of the Red Team and eliminate them? The Red Team kill them all through subterfuge? Or Green and Yellow get their revenge? That is the question this game will answer.

    At the start of the game, each player will be PM'd their role and team. Every role has a unique ability that will be outlined in the role PM. From there, Mafia is divided into two repeating cycles; Day and Night. During the Day, every player will have an open discussion in this thread. It is at this point that players try and figure out who they can trust, as well as discern other people's roles. This discussion will eventually lead to a lynch at the end of the day; it is the Town's objective to figure out who is a part of the Mafia and lynch them, while the Mafia aims to mislead the Town and get them to lynch one of their own. At any point during the Day, anyone can vote for someone to be lynched (using the tags [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]). The Day will end when a player has reached the specified number of votes (often a little less than half the players still alive), and the player with the most votes is lynched. When a player is lynched, their role is revealed to everyone and they are considered "dead" and no longer in the game.

    During the Night, each player will perform their night actions. As previously stated, each person has a role with special abilities. It is during the night that these abilities can be used. Every player PMs me what they want to do with their ability (whether it be killing, protecting, investigating, or role blocking another player). It is also during this period that the Mafia has access to their private chat that they can use to plan and scheme, but this thread is closed for discussion. This period will end once each player sends me their night action.

    These cycles will repeat until a winner has been determined. I will then hand out some fun awards, and the game will come to an end.

    To make sure that the game goes smoothly and everyone has fun, there are some rules in place. It's important that everyone understands and reads through these, because they will be enforced.

    -Everyone will remain respectful of each other. Mafia can get heated at times, and you'll likely get into debates or get called a liar, but the moment that someone starts making personal attacks on a person, I will step in. Mafia is just a game, so don't say things that will start a fight.

    -No one is to discuss this game outside of this thread, or any PMs that I send you. Talking about the game with any IRL friends you might have playing, or on Skype, or on Hypixel, or through a PM that you make is considered cheating, and will get you modkilled very quickly. Don't cheat; it annoys everyone else and can ruin the game.

    -Don't use any secret codes that you might have come up with outside of this thread. This goes hand in hand with the "cheating" rule mentioned above; secret codes that weren't made in this thread (or in a PM that I created) are against the rules.

    -Do not purposely hurt your own faction. This includes killing someone not to help you win the game, but because you want to help a friend. If I find out you purposely hurt your team, you will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games.

    -You may not post at all in this thread during the night phase. You will know that it's night by the title of the thread. I will give a 15 minute warning before night starts (try not to post after this warning), but posting after night officially begins will give you first a warning, and then a modkill if it continues.

    -Once you are dead, you may not post at all until the game ends. If you post after you are dead, you'll receive first a warning and then a ban from the next game. I'll keep an accurate list of living and dead players, as well as sending you a PM when you die, so there's no excuses.

    -You may not quote, take a screenshot, or type out any PMs that I send you. It doesn't matter if it's real or fake, doing this will get you an instant modkill.

    -You may not edit your posts, but this also doesn't give you the liberty to post 4+ times in a row. Try and get all of your thoughts into one post to keep the post count of these threads down. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

    -A bit of banter is always fun, but please try and keep your posts on topic and related to the game. This isn't an opportunity for you to post farm ;)

    -Role repeats are possible.

    -When voting to lynch a player, use the tag [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. Any votes not in this format will not be counted. To unvote a player, use [UNVOTE] *Player Name* [/UNVOTE].

    -Some roles will be given specific commands to input into the day chat. Please do not put fake commands into the chat; only input them if your roles uses them.

    -Try your best not to go inactive. I understand that IRL stuff happens; just PM me to let me know if you'll be gone for a long period of time. You don't have to read the entire thread, but I'll be keeping a "Mafia TLDR" in this post that will contain any useful information regarding the game. If you come back and find you've missed 15 pages, just read that to catch up. Failure to post during a day cycle will give you first a warning, then a modkill.

    -If you role claim (announcing your role in this thread) early in the game, whether it's real or fake, there will be consequences! A role claim before Day 4 will give you a nasty modifier to your role!

    -All forum rules apply here. Not following forum rules will get you modkilled, and I'll get staff involved.

    -If you ever have any questions, shoot me a PM. I’ll reply back to you as soon as I can, typically within 12 hours.


    DragonKing87 (Arcanist V, The Blue Team Pro, lynched Day 1.)
    10000 Jelly Donut (Enderman VII, the
    Blue Team Informant, killed Night 1.)
    Aidan1600904 (Spider I, the
    Green Team Traitor, killed Night 1.)
    Thaumstick (Enderman V, the
    Blue Team Listener, killed Night 1.)
    Zecromancer (Herobrine III, the
    Blue Team Patrolman, killed Night 1.) (REVIVED)
    ravenmocker (Skeleton VI, the
    Yellow Team Rogue, killed Night 1.)
    PhantomCobalt (Shaman IV, the
    Blue Team Swapper, killed Night 1.)
    XCVigilance (Blaze VIII, the
    Green Team Destroyer, lynched Day 2.)
    Nz_Slimeables (Pigman I, the
    Blue Team Soldier, killed Night 2.)
    Yahooboo (Creeper VIII, the
    Blue Team Demolitionist, killed Night 2.)
    Terrabyte (Spider VI, the Blue Team Investigator, killed Night 2.)
    JoramvanVugt (???, killed Night 2.)
    UnclePineapple (Golem VII, the
    Red Team Untouchable, modkilled Day 3.)
    Dom (Shaman III, the
    Red Team Confuser, lynched Day 3.)
    ItzzGaming (Arcanist II, the
    Yellow Team Blackmailer, TNT cannoned Night 3.)
    Atoriax (Zombie III, the
    Blue Team Healer, killed Night 3.)
    Xylaen (Enderman IV, the
    Blue Team Paranoiac, killed Day 4.)
    Taboo (Enderman II, the
    Blue Team Spy, killed Day 4.)
    Lukeandmatthew (Zombie III, the
    Blue Team Healer, lynched Day 4.)
    Zecromancer (Herobrine III, the
    Blue Team Patrolman, killed Night 4.)
    ChrisX3 (Pigman V, the
    Blue Team Interrogator, killed Night 4.)
    Danger100ish (Prestige Arcanist, the
    Red Team Overlord, lynched Day 5.)
    Piano (Dreadlord III, the
    Blue Team General, killed night 5.)
    MangoInfninity (Wither, the
    Blue Team Wither, modkilled Day 6.)
    Lagg (Spider II, the
    Blue Team Thief, killed Day 6.)
    aRicky (Enderman II, the
    Blue Team Spy, killed Day 6.)
    KTthecreeper (Shaman V, the
    Blue Team Roleblocker, lynched Day 6.)
    PinkYoshi211 (Skeleton II, the
    Blue Team Watcher, killed Night 6.)
    Dinodinodude (???, killed Day 7.)
    dwlee99 (Creeper IV, the
    Red Team Bomber, lynched Day 7.)
    Tmi489 (Pirate I, the New Class, modkilled Day 7.)

    Once I hit 30 players or so, if you sign up, you will be added as a backup, and will join the game if someone else has to drop out.

    Here are a few guides that can help out any new players (or returning players hoping to get better at the game). I'll update this section as I find more guides.

    My Favorite Guide
    A Fun Demonstration of a Basic Mafia Game

    As always, feel free to PM me with any questions or complaints, but try and reserve this thread for signups and the game itself. Good luck, everyone!

    Aaanyway, now that the fabulous copy-paste wall of text is out of the way, let me welcome you to mafia! There are a few things that are different from previous mafia games or important, however, so may I have your attention for a quick list:

    1. This game is going to be different. And when I say "Different" I mean VERY different. First of all, no role lists, and most of the player roles are custom or with different names. You're going in totally blind, and I'm not going to answer any questions about flavor, are there neutral town aligned roles, do some roles invest incorrectly, etc. This way, roleclaims won't mean as much, since players can pretty much make up any role they want. I want a game where people DEBATE, not just say "Roll call" and Town wins instantly. The other way it's different is that-Waaaait, you're going in blind, remember? Heh.

    2. DON'T SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO BE ACTIVE. EVER. You MUST be dedicated and able to read many pages of posts per day for two weeks or more.

    3. DON'T SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO BE ACTIVE. EVER. Seriously, don't. It's this important.

    4. Have fun, and don't be a jerk. This game can get intense at times, but it is only a game, and made up of words, not pixels, at that.

    5. Remember, you can always make up a believable roleclaim, as no one has any idea of the roles this game. Sorry, people who've relied on roleclaims to win before!

    Thank you.

    And now, without further ado…LET MEGA WALLS MAFIA COMMENCE!

    Game beginning:
    Mega Walls. A game of heroes. A game of armies. This game had been going on for many hours. The Blue Team had started out well, with an OP party inside it, though the members were dead. Yellow and Green were crushed almost immediately, their Wither's killed and their troops decimated by the brutal Red Team. But as Red finished off Yellow and Green, Blue struck right at the heart of their castle. Killing their Wither, they then drove Red right out of own their base. But Red wasn't finished. The Red Team Overlord, the most powerful Arcanist in the game, cast a spell, erasing the memories of the Blue Team, and giving the Reds a chance to infiltrate their base and kill them from within, with deception rather than brute force. But little did anyone know that the last of Green and Yellow were still seeking revenge…

    Game end:
    And then they all died and went to the lobby. The end.

    Good luck, and have teh funs.
    PS: Mafia veterans, be sure to send me a PM if there is a role you would particularly like.
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    ew mega walls noob
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    just cuz i dun laik playng mw dun meen cant make it be theem
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  4. i am here
    i will play
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    Also, can you invite me to the dead chat? c:
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  6. I role req btw :3

    also just fyi

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    I'll start adding people to the signups tomorrow morning!

    (inb4 30 pages of banter tommorow.)
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  8. I know you are gone rn, but are there any rules about RCing? (And bastard scale plox?)
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  10. YES
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  11. Sign me up bb
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  12. There needs to be a gimmick to this game involving MW toxicity :3
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    I want to diee N4 again!
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  14. ok I will be sure to let the mafia know
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    put me in plz
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  18. I'll sign up for the mega walls mafia tomorrow. also can I role request skele 1 pls

    Actually nevermind, put me in pls
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