1. Hey! So, you probably know this if you play a lot but, just like a few seconds ago, there is this thing sometimes where the server pretty much bugs out and nothing works for a few seconds as if your internet got cut, then you are kicked from your game? Ye not sure what's causing this but just wanted to know - this has been happening pretty frequently recently, like a good twice a day for sure as it happened to me like 3 times this week (since 7 days not since Monday) and I'm not always online, and ye when you're having a good game and you're winning and you get kicked... ye that's pretty angering, I smashed my keyboard when it happened because it should have known better after all shouldn't it, no I feel like someone's going to take that seriously I'm not retarded I didn't smash objects over a lagspike but ye, these are really ennoying and I just wanted to know if the Hypixel team is working on a fix to this, or what's going on if something is causing it?

    ALSO quick suggestion, I don't know how doable this is or how long it would take as I am not into coding myself but I think it would be convenient if you could add a rejoin feature to every game, this has been asked a lot for games with resource packs like the blocking dead, and ye, when you get kicked if you could just rejoin any game would be great, thanks!
  2. TCCWeeaboo

    TCCWeeaboo Well-Known Member

    ask NASA for a computer
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  3. TheWildTester

    TheWildTester Well-Known Member

    I have also been recently experiencing games that just straight up crash
    also just server lag in general
    and yes I think there should be a lot more support for rejoining games on hypixel
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  4. TCCWeeaboo

    TCCWeeaboo Well-Known Member

    see above
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  5. Actually, my friend had one from old NASA parts. Like the hardcore stuff.
  6. Issue with Networking issues that happened 6 days ago.
  7. It has happened to me 2 in tnt tag :/
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  8. My friends think it's because Hypixel is implementing the Halloween update, but I doubt that. Hypixel is just pooping out
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  9. Did hypixel like choose a new server provider cause ive been getting 300 pign lately when normally i get 250 and its not my interent cause everything else is the same :(
  10. Ye sorry I'm not talking about MY computer lagging, I know a bunch of people with shitty pcs start complaining about lagpixel when they lag but I'm actually talking about a hypixel problem where every player on the entire server loses connection for about 5-20 secs, and usually get kicked to the lobby. It's something to happens to every person at the same time, it's an internet issue with the server not my pc
  11. Wow nice what's like special about them? Special material?
  12. Issue with issues ^^
  13. Omg Ajit Pai don't do it
  14. Same actually that happened too that's the game I was in right b4 i created this thread
  15. iSource

    iSource Well-Known Member

    NASA = Need Another Seven Astronauts
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  16. Oh yeah, Net Neutrality is no longer a thing since June 11th.
  17. He mentioned something about coolant tower and a whole bunch of silos of stuff though I fail to recount it all.
  18. Move to another country so you get less ping lol

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