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    Minecraft 1.9 has just released! We would like to make two announcements.
    First - We are immediately supporting 1.9 and 1.8 Crossplay!
    You can play all games and features on the network in either mode, RIGHT NOW.

    Second - We've made 1.9 combat be the same as 1.8!
    It's almost exactly the same between both versions! What wizardry is this?

    *drops Mic*
    The Hypixel team has spent many months preparing for 1.9, reading user feedback and concerns. We are happy with the result. Read the FAQ for more information!​

    1.9 and 1.8 is the same?! What?!?

    Swing speed, damage. Crits. It's all the same. 1.9 and 1.8 should be able to fairly PvP against each other.
    I was excited for 1.9 combat mechanics, but this post is basically saying we aren't using any of them yet - what is the long term plan for them?
    1.9 introduces a lot of new possibilities that are gonna make a lot of new cool stuff possible in future games.

    However it's more important to ensure that our existing game communities can continue without much disruption. Last thing we want to do is make those games non-fun.

    This is why we've decided to make 1.9 to be the same as 1.8 in terms of combat.

    Some new games will be 1.9 only (just like what happened with 1.8), we expect users will overtime move to 1.9. Those new games are likely to use the 1.9 mechanics.

    All of the current game modes will remain in 1.8 / 1.9 dual mode until the foreseeable future. We won't make any current games use 1.9 mechanics. Only new games will potentially use them.

    What about sword blocking for 1.9 users?
    We have a neat trick for this! When a 1.9 user blocks with a sword, we actually give them a shield in their off hand. When you let go of right click, we remove the shield.

    It acts the same as sword blocking. There's no change to damage values, server response time, slowdown etc. There is a small difference for high latency users in that it will take slightly longer for your shield to appear (since you have to make a full roundtrip packet wise) but the important thing is that just like before - when the server recieves the signal from the client. "I'm blocking" - serverside the values are correctly calculated. The response time for that remains the same.

    What's the coolest thing about 1.9?
    For some users 1.9 comes with absolutely huge FPS performance increases.

    What problems do you expect might happen?
    One of the biggest changes was with particle systems. We might need to rework some particle systems in certain games, to ensure FPS is working effectively. We need some time to gauge impact on average users.

    Of course, it's possible that more problems will emerge now that we've made the swap. The entire team is on standby and fixing problems. If you see an issue report it on the bug forums! We are watching very very closely.
    Did anything get removed?
    The following were casualties of the 1.9 update
    • Horse Racing from Party Games 2
    • The Boat game from Party Games 1
    We will hopefully be able to restore them at some point. They aren't a high priority.

    When did Hypixel first start working on this?
    We started to work on this right as we dropped 1.7 support back in December 2nd. We knew back then that triple compatibility was off the cards, so this is the reason why we had to do it back then, and also why we forced the last 3% of users to move to 1.8. (Conspiracy Music playing in background as the truth is revealed!). There was also a lot of other reasons to force the network to 1.8 only, but this was secretly one of the main ones. So we could get working on this ;-)

    That's it from us guys, as always thanks for all your support. We nearly hit 50,000 players yesterday; short by only 40! We're really humbled by this. A number of really cool projects are in the works and we are looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

    See you on the server!
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  3. Omg finally!

    Now before people comment, Do not come up with things like, "OH NO, PVP IS RUINED", Just stop right there, Staff has already stated that they can fix that! (It was even stated in the Thread, this was mainly to the Comment first, read later people!)

    Besides that.... 1.9 Hype

    Huh the Hype Train De-railed? What are you on about, The Hype train Follows no tracks, It's a loose train of Excitement!
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  4. 3rd
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  6. hmm i'm quite 'hyped' for 1.9 :D

    Hopefully people are not gonna complain like 1.8 xD
    But yeah, we will see how it goes :)

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  7. oMino

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    Scandalous SCAND
    this is amazing

    fps galore
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  9. Instant support! :O That is what I call great planning!
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  10. Uever

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    On the first page! :D
    Level.png Ueverheard[1].png Levels (2).png
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  11. Gogeta

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    Finally :D
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  12. FIRST PAGE! 1.9 HYPE!!! :D

    Thanks for letting us know! :)
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  13. Finally! 1.9 :D
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  14. Hype

    This is gr8
    time to see what happens

    Glad 1.8 will stay I guess the rage was too stronk
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  15. 1.8 ALMOST = 1.9 CONFIRMED???
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  16. 12339

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    Hype! A new minecraft version!

    (Yay im on first side)
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  17. jenidu

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    oops BIGNUTS
    hype train.jpg
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  18. im proud of you guys
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  19. NoxyD

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    Actually the entire point of the post is to point out is that the combat is pretty much the same :p
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  20. hype
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