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  1. Hypixel is a bad server ! (joke)
    Why is Hypixel a bad server?

    • The [MOD] and [HELPER]:
    [MOD] and [HELPER] are very inactive, but why?
    I have investigated, they are too busy to be in their "housing" !
    • The [ADMIN]:
    [ADMIN] are never connected! I further investigated, and I saw that Hypixel and Plancke sold Hypixel!
    The others [ADMIN] did not wish to answer ...

    • The [BUILD TEAM]:
    All the builders were fired for serious mistakes, like this door that does not exist and this table or there is only cheese but... Everyone hates cheese!

    • Parkours challenge:
    Nobody does the parkours! (except Aurelien_Sama and me)

    • Solution:
    Put me [ADMIN] or [OWNER]!

    Thank you for reading, like or I eat you!
    This thread is a joke!

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  2. If you can get a wat with this

    I will laugh
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  3. Most useless thread lol
    Tho it’s a cool funny idea shout out mate
  4. Hahaa

    Hahaa Member

    that (joke) kinda ruined the whole joke lmao
  5. did they really sell hypixel?
  6. No they didn’t it’s kind like a meme
  7. This whole server is a meme
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  8. nope.
    you can just fake tweets, it's not hard
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  9. I think the "This is a joke thread" piece at the end actually made it funny. The fact that you had to say that shows you have no faith in the communities humor. Now that is quite funny.
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  10. No, I would have already bought it!
  11. This is not a joke! :mad:
  12. Not the best but not the worst either. There were a few jokes that were funny, so there is room for improvement. :)
  13. Amazing joke lol good job
  14. HPWizard

    HPWizard Active Member

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  15. wat
  16. Ok, thanks!^^
  17. Please no. You aren't getting a "wat" or "emerald" rating. You have to be ORIGINAL.
  18. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Breathe MEMBER
    Wat is when you post bee script c/p
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