Do you agree that Hypixel General is out of control?

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  1. Hello, my fellow Earthians, there is a severe problem going on:

    The General Section is out of the control and filling up with harmful individuals looking for blood, like a shark in the water. There are so many threads about ban appeals, unbans, accounts being stolen, including just a general sense of people not knowing what the hell to do on the Forums.

    Did I forget to add the bots with their famous and worldwide KETO diets?

    It is absolute chaos on the Forums; also, it is making Hypixel seem like a third-world country server.

    I do not mean to advertise my thread, but I highly recommend Hypixel administrators, moderators, and helpers to check out my thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/hypixel-suggestion-for-registered-new-players.2193181/.

    Frugal Hypixel members are looking for answers, but without a guide, they cannot:
    • Find the right sections to post appeals; typically, these are just cheaters trying to get some pity, but some fledglings do not know where to post. The appeal system could use some work, but that is an entirely different issue.
    • Know to message staff members to find their simple problems, making players have to spend time out of their day to answer questions.
    • Click on the right links and threads to find their solutions.
    • Overall have an understanding of how the Forums work and operate.
    Hypixel is turning into a state of disrepair, just like Bender without alcohol, I know from experience as Zoidberg.

    I understand if you think these jughead threads are funny; however, there needs to be change and progress to stop this massive uprising. There must be a guide or popup to benefit players on the Forums.

    Show the Minecraft universe that you are the number one server, especially giving genuine love and support to the Forums.

    Thank you,

    - GoldenZoidberg

    PS: @FunkyPickle3 thinks that when someone posts their first ten threads or something, they should get a popup saying "hey there, pls don't post x y and z as it won't help.

    PS: @_TeamCobra_ thinks the best solution is to check the first few threads written by new members manually.

    PS: @Intern thinks the best solution should be modeled from Reddit:

    1.) Instead of automatically taken down, as this can create innocent posts being removed, we create an auto moderator to flag posts. If a post contains words and phrases like "unfairly/falsely banned" or "hacked account," this bot will flag them for manual review. Again, this doesn't completely delete the post, but it would temporarily archive them for manual staff review.
    2.) This thread goes to a private staff section where a moderator can look at the thread and determine if it's a legitimate post that belongs on the forums (i.e., a help thread). Or if they need to delete the post and private message the user to tell them what to do
    3.) If the user continues to make unban threads after being assisted by a staff member, they will be punished.

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  2. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

    The problem is not because people can't find the correct section/find the right place, it's because these threads have always existed, and they can't be stopped so simply. Here are some ways I see how these threads get created:
    • "Everyone else is making a thread, therefore I should make one as well"
    • "My appeal was denied, but I still have questions"
    • "I already tried X method, but that didn't work. I should create a public thread instead"
    There are a ton more ways these threads get created. Even in off-topic - there are "Unban me" threads all the time even though the ban appeal section is above it.

    those keto diet threads are just spambots, they don't go away so easily :feelsbadman:
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  3. You are absolutely right in your message, but, some members are actually posting in the wrong sections because they have no guidance from Hypixel. By incorporating a guide and improving the Appeal team (not making it so copy/pasty), Hypixel Forums could see some real improvements. This is an entirely different issue, but the Appeal team is the main issue, with them not really do an excellent job with players, causing them to create public threads.

    Also, those keto diet threads could easily be solved by a better verification system, with questions such as: Who do you defeat in the End? And, who is the default player in Minecraft?

    Thank you for your post and feedback, PostFarmer! :)
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  4. I think he is talking about me lol
    good chance that neither of those people will see it xD
    people have been asking for a forum update for literally 2 years lol
    and simon has the excuse that they still need a web dev
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  5. I have not seen your posts, but maybe you are a shark or the prey. :)

    Well, because I have magical Zoidberg abilities, I am feeling confident about Hypixel seeing my messages, haha.

    I have heard some news that the Hypixel Forums have not even added rules that were promised since 2013. Simon needs to stop giving Technoblade special Pig Ranks, and fix the Forums for all of us to enjoy.
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  6. Definitely agree with this. Imo, the people who makes those threads are these...

    - ~10% of those actually cheat. (Real cheaters would just go to the next account rather than waste tine on the forums. Not to say that some don't.)

    - ~45% of those get banned for "at your own risk" modifications. (Easiest way to deal with these is by saying this after the random Watchdog alert. Right now, all it says is 'Blacklisted mods' which leads to confusion on bans.)

    - ~45% of those players have a mouse bug, or related. (Similar to the above reasoning. Just keep people informed beforehand that some mice can be buggy enough to trigger Watchdog.)

    %'s are just guesstimates btw.
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  7. The Hypixel staff team must redress their wrongs on the Forums. Not having a guide for new players is completely unacceptable. Seeing players consistently creating and making threads that can be easily cracked is disappointing from the most significant Minecraft server in the world. Hypixel's appeal team needs to get a massive update as copy and pasting will not merely do the trick anymore, especially with wrong bans, and the newly updated mods not included in "Blacklisted mods."
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  8. i would label myself as piranha since when i attack my pray there are usually 5 other people attacking it xD,sometimes i am first,sometimes i am not
    can't argue with that
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  9. as for the first paragraph, mark rober disproved this in a recent... but yeah i get the idea
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  10. I saw that... #1 on trending. Great video! Glad you still got the point. ;)
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  11. Praise the Lord, AMEN!
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  12. 1) this well written thread makes me feel quite good. thank you

    2) i think that when someone posts their first 10 threads or something they should get a popup saying "hey there, pls don't post x y and z as it won't help"
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  13. Awesome idea! Just quoted you in my thread, I hope our ideas get considered :). Also, thank you for your rating!
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  14. upload_2019-7-30_12-34-14.png
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  15. Staff be like: more like not caring about the forums at all
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  16. I do think that sometimes the staff do not care, but if they put in even 10%, that should be good enough.
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  17. The general section, is open to interpretation on when thinking about to post there. I think that it open to anything that doesn't have a specific forum section. Like for example, a user posts a staff application in the general section, that is not the right place. But people should be able to freely post what they want there. I don't think that it is out of control at all.
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  18. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUNS
    I love this analogy. xD
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  19. Oh, General is out of control for sure, ISparkz_. People have to reply to the same threads over and over again, and unbans, appeals belong in a particular section. Hypixel General is for server discussions, shared knowledge, basics, etc.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    If Hypixel spent 20% of the effort they used to demote you from the staff team, the Forums would improve in one hour! Haha. :) Glad to see you here, Ally!

    I appreciate your comment!
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  20. i mean its true in a way lol
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