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  1. Hello everyone!

    As announced in the discussion thread, we've released an update to Hypixel Experience, which greatly increases the amount of Hypixel Experience you get from playing games!

    We received a lot of feedback about how difficult it is to get experience in-game just from playing. To level up quickly, players often resorted to so-called "Exp Parties" instead of actually playing more games. To address this issue and make actually playing games more rewarding, we've made the following changes:

    ▶ Up to 40% more exp from Quests and Challenges
    Quests and challenges give players Hypixel Experience for completing various tasks in games, such as killing a certain number of players, winning a game... All challenges now give 40% more Hypixel Experience than before, and quests give between 20% and 40% more exp - this depends on the quest and how long it takes to complete. If you complete all quests and challenges, you can now get around 35% more Hypixel Experience than before!

    ▶ Exp for playing games now based on time, increased 10x
    The rewards you got for playing games weren't balanced - your time in some games was worth more than in other games, and the rewards weren't very rewarding. We changed this by moving to a time-based system - the amount of Hypixel Experience you get now depends entirely on the amount of time you spent playing. You will get 10 exp for every minute you spend in game. If you win, you get 3.5x that much exp, or 35 per minute.


    ▶ Party Bonus
    When playing in a party, you will get 10% more Hypixel Experience for playing games. We hope this will encourage everyone to spend more time playing with players, making new friends along the way!

    ▶ Experience for playing Housing
    Until now, playing in Housing gave no Hypixel Experience, since the game never "ends" like all our other games do. We've now changed this and made Housing give 10 exp per minute to active players, just like all other games. To get the exp, you need to be actively playing - whether that's building, chatting or even just completing parkours.

    ▶ Changes to Exp Bags
    When a player opens a Gift they received from another player, they radiate with Generosity for one game. Every player in that game is in the end rewarded with a bag of Hypixel Experience, which they can open at the Mystery Vault. This resulted in the creation of so-called "Exp Parties" where a large group of players would get together, all radiating with Generosity, and everybody in the party would get large amounts of Hypixel Experience. Based on feedback, we've decided to impose a limit on the number of Exp Bags you can get from one game.

    Starting in April, a maximum of 20 players will be able to radiate with Generosity in one game. Players whose Generosity does not activate in a game because of this cap won't lose their generosity - it'll activate the first game it can without exceeding the limit. This change will go live at the start of April, so anybody that bought gifts with parties in mind will still be able to use them until the end of March.

    We hope you enjoy this update! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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  2. BeatsDJ

    BeatsDJ Well-Known Member

    Xecute X
    That'sa very nice
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  3. good
    v good
    super good lol these were broken as hell
    eh lol this wasnt needed

    in my opinion you should've also nerfed(just a little) the amount of boosters give because you can literally buy a 6$ tnt booster and get so much xp out of it and there are people with awful enocomony in their country which can't get it so easily like others
    not saying remove it, just nerf the xp gain by a tiny bit

    this is a good update but it wasn't needed.. you shouldve done it a wihle back where it was hard to gain levels and people were low levels(like 9-10 months ago not many people were high level and it was kinda hard)

    but thanks for the update anyway, this will reward mw/uhc players aswell
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  4. Hype!
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  5. Happy to see quests getting buffed! Will hopefully encourage more people to try questing and discover new games that they've never played before.
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  6. Lol, rip xp parties hahaha
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  7. #7
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  8. Very nice.
    Interesting to see the effects of this on the server.
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  9. First page boys. Nice update

    Edit. Why am I getting loads of dislikes?
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  10. Looks Great!!! :O
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  11. I LOVE YOU, wont take 5 months for 250 now, lol
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  12. Hypee! :D
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  13. Finaly, I dont feel I’m waisting time by just hanging out at my house parkour.
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  14. Ayy nice update! :D
    Edit: rip @Sk1er’s parties
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  15. Soul_Well

    Soul_Well Well-Known Member

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  16. #16
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  17. Nice!
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  18. Noice
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  19. Thanks!
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  20. Cool :) Soon level 200 now ,p
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