1. Hello, and welcome to Hypixel Daganronpa 4! This is a game about deceit, murder, and investigation. This game will be hosted by me and Bradycpps. You should have a good understanding of the game after reading the "Phases" spoiler, but there are other spoilers to show some of the game mechanics. I highly advise you to read all spoilers carefully.
    This is a game about murder But I'd like to keep it somewhat pg
    There are four phases in a day, Day, Night, Investigation, and trial.

    Daytime: Everyone is free to move about where they wish, on the thread, or in their PM. In this phase, you are mostly gathering information about the map. This phase lasts 24 hours

    Nighttime: In this phase, people are only allowed to move one room at a time. You are restricted to your PM, but you may commit murders. If two murders are commited, an announcement goes out, and murders are no longer allowed. If no one commits a murder, the game goes back to the day phase and we start the day over again. This phase lasts 12 hours.

    Investigation: This phase acts like day, except you are not told about the room when you walk into it. Instead, you get two credits during this phase. You may use one credit to do a quick scan, giving you easily noticeable information about the room. You may use two credits to do a full scan, giving you all information about the room. This phase lasts 24 hours.

    Trial: This phase is the main part of the game. Here, you discuss who you think might have murdered someone. You are encouraged to share the results you got during the Investigation phase.Use [Vote] _____ [/Vote] to vote for a player to die. If that player was the murderer, they will die. If that player was not the murderer, then the murderer graduates, and the accused will die along with two random people. This phase lasts 48 hours or until there are enough votes to hammer a suspect.
    You will be given random stats based on what trait you choose. For instance, an Ultimate Ninja will have a high speed stat. The state are Speed, Strength, Accuracy, and Intelligence. Speed shows how quickly you move from room to room, and if you can outrun someone. Strength deals with melee fights. Accuracy determines how far away you can hit something from. Intelligence helps you make things. You can make your stats higher by doing things like lifting weights, running on a treadmill, throwing coins at targets, and reading a book.
    You may pick up items at any time other than trial. You may only pick up items if they are of reasonable dimensions and weight. You may then, if your intelligence is high enough, build a contraption out of the items. Or, you could use it as a weapon...
    Talking is very much encouraged. However, there are many ways you can do this. You can either announce it to the whole thread, by posting on this thread, or by making a PM to someone else(be sure to include me and brady!) During night, your only option is to PM, and you must be in the same room.
    1. @The_Cactus_King_5000 *Ultimate Cold Person* Night 1 Murder
    2. @MrEevee7 *Ultimate Carpenter* Trial 1 Lynch
    3. @Reauthorize *Ultimate Pyromaniac* Trial 1 Graduation Kill
    4. @Melancholic *Ultimate Detective* Trial 1 Graduation Kill
    5. @Apple_iPwn_U *Ultimate Sniper* Night 3 Murder
    1. @sulit *Ultimate Giraffe* Night 1 Murderer
    1. @NetherNitro *Ultimate Ninja*
    2. @Marisa_Kirisame *Ultimate Explosives Expert*
    3. @CoolKidz22 *Ultimate Archer*
    4. @Zichy *Ultimate Dog Trainer*
    5. @TheMrQuack *Ultimate Medic*
    6. @Skullmaster4 *Ultimate Judge*
    7. @JavaBrine *Ultimate Computer Addict*
    8. @Astatine *Ultimate Survivor*
    9. @ChadMD *Ultimate Serial Killer*

    1. @underboy
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  2. I've been waiting for someone to start another Danganronpa. I love these things.

    /in Ultimate Ninja
  3. Me and him will be hosting this one ;)
  4. Noice.

    please keep me alive I was friendly to you in the last one.
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  5. insert lenny face here
  6. /in ultimate detective
  7. /in ultimate bomb thrower
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  8. CoolKidz22

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    yes dude :)
    /in ultimate archer
  9. Zichy

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    Not sure what my ultimate is going to be yet.
  10. /in

    Ultimate Detective

    If taken,
    Ultimate Genius
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  11. VeryLukely

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    my account started reloading pages whenever I loaded threads for some reason

    so I’m on an alt for now

    cactusking btw

    ultimate.. uh.. cold person

    Tags soon
  12. VeryLukely

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    oh nobody on my tag list is here




    backups, they’ll get first shot then I’ll see who we’re missing from the last game. I expect this one to fill up fairly quickly.
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  14. @_Scythe_ can I change my class thing to Ultimate Explosives Expert?
  15. Skullmaster4

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    I’ll join in a bit probably
  16. #17
  17. /in

    ultimate pyromaniac
  18. VeryLukely

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    why can’t anybody pick the other most overused talent, ultimate lucky student
  19. Yup.

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