1. Hey!

    Are you interested in a career with Hypixel Minecraft Network and have skills that tie in with building and gameplay? Do you have a good understanding of game and level design that you would love to apply to your deep knowledge of the Hypixel Network games?

    Then this may be for you!​

    Builder Applications are open again for a limited time!

    We are looking for 2 talented individuals to join us as Hypixel Builders! If you have a background in building, are the age of 18+, and are interested in applying, then the link below will take you to the applications page where you can apply and provide details!

    Good luck! We look forward to reading your applications!

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  2. gl to anyone applying
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  3. Good luck on everyone applying :D
  4. I'm too young to apply + horrible at building. :p

    Good luck to all you sweaty builders tho!!
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  5. Alright, anyways good-luck to all that apply.
  6. Rip I need to wait the summer :/
  7. Good luck to all those applying! ♥
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  8. Best of luck to all the applicants! :D
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  9. Good luck to everyone who applies! :D
  10. SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL! This is amazing!
    (Too bad I'm not 18 yet lol)
    Good luck to anyone going for the position and hope it works out.

    Edit: Why didn't @fudgiethewhale make this thread?
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  11. why 18+
  12. omg build team
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  13. Im very great builder but im only 15

  14. Kappa-

    Kappa- Active Member

    Xaige XAIGE
    Wow! I've never heard of a Hypixel builder before!
  15. georgejaime

    georgejaime New Member

    i can build good and im fine for it. my name is Georgetorch
    i want it so much
  16. cant build
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  17. awwe im 14 :(
  18. pp big

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