1. I have a bot through which I get general information about my guild. Every 15 seconds I make a request and cache the received information about the guild. Waking up this morning, I noticed that the information about the experience does not return; after checking the answer from the API, I noticed that all objects with information about the experience of the participants are empty. This happens not only with my guild.
    Why is this happening?

    Response example: https://pastebin.com/NsLP6XJq
    My guild ID: 5dfde03d8ea8c92086b10671
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  2. I just tried and I do get values for "expHistory". Can you confirm it is working now?
  3. Yes, now this data is in response
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    Hey, in this case it seems to be an active issue that happens on certain guild calls that fixes themselves after a few moments in the subsequent call making it hard to replicate. From my own logs, some records can be 24 days or 359 days in the future and seem to be forming a pattern with those days.

    So in this case, its somewhat common to get futuristic experience dates or no data at all.

    The solution I've gone with was an updating cache, every time I call the API I update the guild experience records for my members and flush out any futuristic results. The data does eventually repair itself after the next API call.

    A report is currently made for this on the Public API Github and from the bugs team so hopefully it won't be too long before this gets patched up. In the meantime, you'll need logic for the `expHistory` to factor the issues mentioned above.
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