1. There is a client called hyperium, its mostly a client with mods, and the creators said they would not make a anti cheat, but if he changed his mind, hypixel and the creators of hyperium could create a great anti cheat. If the creators of hyperium really don’t wanna make a anti cheat then hypixel could still make a anti cheat easily, the problem would be tons of players would start hating on hypixel, and hypixel would lose a lot of players, then if somehow somebody desiged a hacked client that could join hypixel everything would be crazy. Right now hypixel does not have that many things to do, maybe watchdog makes a better anti cheat, or hypixel can use g cheat or something else. By the time some people are viewing this there might be a new anti cheat or something else.
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  2. Slippery

    Slippery Well-Known Member

    Hypixel already has a anticheat... do you mean a client side anticheat? If they do require players to use it tons of players will quit and they already said they wouldn’t anyway.
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  3. @Cryptkeeper 's "Cheat Detection" still good(Watchdog)
    Hypixel do not need another one.
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  4. I mean like a client, maybe a decent amount of players would quit. but it would get rid of the hackers.
    Wouls you get rid of 15% of hypixel players but have no hackers
    Or nothing happens ?!?!
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  5. No one will never use if they make one.
    Most of players will quit.
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  6. Hypixel's Cheat detection system/Anti-cheat "WatchDog" is very good in my opinion, i think they should keep it.
    And i use Hyperium to and i think it does have a Built-in Anti-cheat, idk though.
  7. No you can inject demon client and use air external client.
    (i never cheat)
  8. Insensible

    Insensible Well-Known Member

    It is a Cheat Detector not an Anti-Cheat.
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  9. s2eforme

    s2eforme Well-Known Member

    Forum LIL
    They said they would never introduce a mandatory client side anti cheat.
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  10. Even if they would make a client-sided anti-cheat together, people would be still able to inject clients into it.
    Maybe they get detected, maybe not.
    But that wouldn't be the main problem as many people (included me) don't want programs like that to create screenshots of my computer to see what I have installed, I I have in directory X, Y, Z, to know what processes are running, to give the creators of it access to the computer itself.
    I care about my privacy, and I wouldn't give that up just to be able to join a Minecraft server.
  11. Yes, however that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t improve anti cheats
  12. Ok maybe hypixel does NOT need a anti cheat client, but at least they could message watchdog and see if they can update there anti cheat.
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  13. BrokenWrist

    BrokenWrist Active Member

    more like 15% players would remain and 85% left
  14. Watchdog is one of the most reliable anti-cheat systems out there...
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  15. AllyMcC

    AllyMcC Well-Known Member

    Puns PUN
    It would drive away the majority of players if the server required client or certain mods to be used in order to play. They're already stated many times that this will never happen.
  16. B-b-b-but Watchdog is not a person o:
  17. ZD012

    ZD012 Member

    They don't have to require it bit if you use it you won't be banned and people can still use forge
  18. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

  19. Sk1er

    Sk1er Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    Every word in this is wrong except for that Hyperium is a modded client.

    We won't be making an anticheat in Hyperium.
    Hypixel will not make a client
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  20. ??? question mark

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