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  1. It's probably closed now, but good luck everyone!
  2. Maybe next time you guys at the HPC won't share and abuse exploits? (spooky event cough)
    Reaaaal respectable. Real mature. "Effectively interact with the community" lmfao

    Edit: skeleton horse pets have been removed from the glitch abusers, good job. You have gained some more respect
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
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  3. Evidence of this happening?
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  4. IlFearMe

    IlFearMe Member

    well, i prob can't apply cause im 14 and have been banned before cause i was stupid and young (and in a rage)
  5. You saw the spooky festival 2-3 skyblock years ago? Where a guy got 78k points due to a glitch?
    Yeah, that glitch had been reported in the HPC before
    And members abused it before it was patched
  6. Okay, but how do you know this happened?
  7. It's been discussed in the forums before, and there was a lot of riot going on saying that these people who abused it should be banned. The fact I stated was mentioned by some people in this discussion, can't remember which post exactly.
    Can't believe you missed that whole discussion
  8. HotMilkChocolate

    HotMilkChocolate Active Member

    Hello, my name is HotMilkChocolate and I am interested in applying, although what does being in the HPC mean and what will I have to do in the HPC
    (Also this is my application)
    Thanks for your time,
  9. First of all, you must be 16 or older (and your posts indicate you're probably around 12) to join.
    Second of all, you didn't even read the whole post, it literally says it, and the link provided gives the requirements, more information about what you'll do and the application form. So this is not your application lmao
  10. I hope im picked
  11. They tell you where to apply and what it is something tells me your not 16years old
  12. Well that sucks man
  13. You too
  14. They say false infractions, but what is a false infraction? I was banned once, and my appeal was denied despite having video evidence. Is that a false infraction if I can prove it was false even if it was denied at the time?
  15. codingkids19

    codingkids19 New Member

    can i do it :) i love this game
  16. I want cash cash dolla dolla
  17. SuperRedHulk1

    SuperRedHulk1 Well-Known Member

    Imagine being HPC LOL what a bunch of suck ups
  18. Good luck guys
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