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  1. Really cool idea, I'd sign up if I fulfilled the requirements. Good luck to everyone who signed up ;).
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  2. The requirements are a bit high... I've been on the server for four years and am level 64 but it seems that I don't qualify. They must be very picky with the applications to have such a high restriction on applying and probably panel to judge the potential applications.
  3. Doggywoof1

    Doggywoof1 New Member

    I would guess you're at least 4?
  4. 14
  5. Feelsbadman

    Do you qualify for at least the level 75 minimum rule?
  6. I would like to do this very much like I have new ideas to all the time, sadly no one listens to me and I don't match the criteria :p:p:(:(:(
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  7. Kukurezeee

    Kukurezeee New Member

    req met 4 & 5 only
  8. Cabbaged

    Cabbaged New Member

    02 XD
    Double F
  9. im level 113
  10. I was online minutes ago and was recently scammed by Wipewithhand for 102k he was muted at the time so he was using signs and gave me 6 frags as safety ( i thought this was sketchy but I was okay because he seemed cool) spoiler alert now I have no money and didn't get the Old Dragon Chestpiece i was interested in
    Scammer: Wipewithhand
    Rank: none
  11. good luck to everyone!
  12. well
    heck im hypixel level 49
  13. Bald_Guy

    Bald_Guy New Member

    Can I join please I have creative mind. hypiel leve; 35
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  14. catshark

    catshark Active Member

    add me to the hypixel player council I have full max enchanted (lv6) sponge armour and im the 3rd sponge lord
    clearly I am a skilled player with a high iq and u guys need more creative minded people like me who care about nothing but sponges

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  15. Will i get MVP++ for life if i do this?, i have successfully got the 'Amber Rod' (Gifted by my friend) Greatly enchanted, got miner armour full set, enchanted it a hundred times
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  16. Too bad, they only accept nons who don't know how to play nor balance the game. Sad 100 mil bow that is trash noises
  17. I know how you feel, Im only level 76 an people don't believe that i've been playing for over six years now!
  18. trevor_henric

    trevor_henric New Member

    can u make an new npc in the fishermen's house called fishing master: quest kill the fishing mobs u name them. and also can u make an new mob not a lot of people fish anymore the mob would be called: drowned king it spawns baby drowns and throws his trident once you kill it he would drob many good items/loot and a new item called sacred soul of the sea. pls add
  19. MeazyWeazy

    MeazyWeazy New Member

    Can someone help me? I am in a coop its me and my friend so only 2 people in the island but my friend got banned for half a year and I want to kick him but since its only us two i cant. I want to add my other friend but i cant because my friend that got banned needs to be online. What can I do?
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