1. Hey TNT Wizard fans!

    A big update is being planned for release soon, and we would like you guys to be updated on what's going to happen.

    General Changes
    During testing, we came across to the imbalance of players with lower upgraded kits. Essentially, the base level kits dealt far too little damage compared to their maxed counterparts making it extremely hard for newer players to fair against veterans. If you already maxed your kit, do not worry, nothing has changed for you. For new players, you should see a significant increase in your damage output.

    Another change was made to the game to lessen the chance to get a draw situation. Now, if all the players on a certain team leave: The game ends with a win-by-forfeit after the winning team has reached 1500 points or after 4 minutes of playing.

    Also, the description of current and new kits has been updated to include their passives, so that players are more informed of what their kits can do. This was essential for the new kits.

    *Note: 1 HP= Half a heart, 1 Mana= Half a food
    We'd like to promote the use of all kits when playing TNT wizards, however one kit that was barely used was the Toxic wizard, it's play-style is too slow and ineffective compared to its alternative, kinetic. So we decided to change the attack wand of the kit and make it very dangerous up close. As for players giving us feedback for ice and fire, we appreciate it and your thoughts have been heard, they will both get a slight nerf to give other kits a chance to shine in the meta. Recap below
    • Decreased damage from 7 to 6 HP per shot
    • Added an incremental increase to the fire defence wand: Every time the fire wand is used without shooting or dying in between the cost for using the wand will increase with 1 Mana
    • Decreased base starting cost for the defence wand from 5 Mana to 4
    • Increased the duration of the defence wand to 20s instead of 19s, mainly to prevent an overlap bug
    • Made the attack wand shoot a triple shot (like in paintball)
    • Decreased attack wand's base damage from 7 HP to 6 HP per shot


    We would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts on the changes and ideas above, your feedback means a lot to us. Additionally, we'll be keeping an eye on the Wizards meta for a few days after the update and making any necessary balance changes to ensure there isn't a huge imbalance.

    Oh and here's another Hydro Wizard sneak peek!
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  2. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    Looks amazing! Can't wait!
  3. 1ST PAGE
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  4. hydro wizards looks pretty cool omg i got 1st page!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What happens to the 5 kills with each wizard achievement?
  6. Look pretty cool! First page
  7. Yeah.. Okay so I have to make sure I get the 250 kills with each wizard asap..
  8. The achievement is going to be adjusted, in such a way that it requires approximately the same intensity to complete
  9. Hyped, I really like TnT wizards so I welcome this greatly. Hydro wizard looks sick!
  10. Good to see that tnt wizard hasn't been forgotten. This update seems to give us pretty much what the community has been suggesting.
    This is definitely needed. Some veteran players can deal with up to 5-6 new player at the same time. Though there will still be a huge skill gap, especially with new player who don't know how to fly by chaining double jumps. New players should be made more aware of this ability.
    So the healing ability of kinetic is no longer reserved for leaderboard player + their friends/guildmates? Sounds good
    Pretty much what I've suggested to nerf ice
    Finally the defense wand gets nerfed after all those years that people have complained about it. Chaining double jumps, moving in an unpredictable pattern and using the teleport every few seconds made you pretty much untouchable, even for most veteran players.
    This is definitely needed. So far toxic is pretty bad against many people at once and ranged kits. With this toxic should be better at fighting against multiple players as long the damage nerf is not too high (from 3 hit kill to 3-4 hit kill depending on poison damage)
    Looks good. Attacks that are affected by gravity brings something new to attacks. Since its a water wizard i would guess it has also healing abilities? Also in the other thread there are new kits mentioned. Does that mean there are more?
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  11. Its easy
  12. Just play for a entire (1/2) day and u get it
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  13. I agree with all the updates being made and hella excited for the new classes too cant wait to try out toxic
  14. I've been thinking about this for a while now. I feel like the damage of toxic should stay the same as before. Even with the triple shots (excluding the damage change) it probably still takes the same amout of attacks to kill one person. Triple shots are useful at crowded areas like points but in 1v1s they probably just make it a little bit easier to hit somebody. Thats why i think the damage should stay the same. As toxic has a low range and standard mobility its not very good at air fights especially against fire/wither. In air fights mobility and range are key abilities(and perhaps hitbox). Thus i don't see toxic becoming too overpowerd even if the damage stays the same. Also i always pictured toxic to be more of an hard hitting class with its low range and low fire rate.
  15. It's possible to revert the change back to 7 HP in the feedback patch after 2 days, however the nerf was made to prevent the super early double shot kill mechanic form happening.
  16. I thought the poison damage prevented double hit killing with toxic most times

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