1. Hey everyone, thank you so much for the feedback you provided in the previous thread here. We’ve used the feedback to improve the proposal into the following:

    • Flurry now gives you Regeneration I and Speed II (previously Regeneration II and Speed II).
    • You will now have a maximum of 2 Speed II potions (previously 4 Speed II potions).
    • Projectile Protection I is removed from your Iron Helmet.
    • Treasure Hunter is increased to 300% at max (previously 200%).

    • Leap now deals 5 damage at max (previously 5.5 damage).
    • You can only have a maximum of 5 Venom Strikes at any given time.
    • Skitter will now give you 10 energy at max (previously 20 energy).

    • Rejuvenate will now heal for 12HP at max (previously 10HP).
    • Rejuvenate will last for twice its duration but heal at half its rate.
    • Rejuvenate will now also give you Resistance I.

    • Soothing Moo now gives the user Regeneration II (previously it gave Regeneration I).
    • Bucket Barrier now protects for 65% of incoming damage at max (previously 50%).
    • Ultra Pasteurized now has a 3% chance to activate at max (previously 2.5%).
    • You will now receive 3 Milk Buckets in your kit at max (previously 2 buckets).

    • From The Depths now gives you Regeneration I for the duration of your ability.
    • Blood Rage's water boost now has a damage cap of +1.5.
    • Shark now receives two 8 heart healing potions at max kit.

    • Wolves now deal 35% less damage.
    • Wolves now have 14HP (previously they had 20HP).
    • Wolves now last for a maximum of 12 seconds (previously 18 seconds).

    • Ore will no longer grant 40 energy after the walls fall when mined with Arcane Beam.
    • After the walls fall, only ores will be will be destroyed with your Arcane Beam. This is to ensure that “Arcanist tunneling” won’t be a thing anymore.
    • Arcane Explosion now has a 2 second cooldown (previously 1 second).

    • Hunter’s EPS is now increased to 0.75 (previously 0.5).
    • Hunter now receives 4 Melee EPH.
    • Eagle Eye now also gives you 0.25HP for every melee hit, but you won’t receive melee energy for its duration.
    • Regeneration I is added to the Speed I effect in the Force of Nature passive.
    • You will receive 1 more Golden Apple in your kit (totalling 3).

    • You will no longer receive EPS during Deathmatch.
    • Spirit Bond now heals you for 1 HP every 3.75 seconds (previously Regeneration 1 healed you for 1 HP every 2.5 seconds).

    • Ice Bolt’s damage is reduced to 1.8 at max (previously 2.3 damage).
    • Snowman mobs now shoot once every 0.75 seconds (previously, the rate was once every 0.45 seconds).
    • Winter Treasure now has a 4% chance of finding a Pumpkin and an 8% chance of finding a Snow Block when breaking a block at max.

    • A-23 Protocol now sets the energy of opponents to 60% at max (previously 70%).
    • Calculus Damage Boost is increased to 3% at max (previously 2%).
    • You will now receive Protection II on both armor pieces by max kit.
    • Healing potions also give Regeneration II for 1 second, effectively making potions heal for 6.5 hearts.
    • Potions of Healing are now renamed “Gasoline Cans”.

    We will be pushing more regular balance patch proposals overtime, so if a class isn’t listed up here for changes, it might receive ones at a later date. Otherwise, if the overall consensus approve of this proposal, we will push the proposal as soon as possible.

    Outside of this, we will implement a couple of bugfixes that will be pushed in conjunction of the balance patch:
    • The food duplication bug has been fixed.
    • Creeper’s ability now correctly deals a reduced damage depending on the distance the enemy is from your ability's center. You deal a minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 8 damage.
    • Moleman’s Junk Food will no longer grant energy to classes other than Moleman.
    • Assassin’s Master Alchemist now correctly checks for the damage you’ve taken within a full second (previously it was checking for about 0.5 seconds). In turn, you now require to lose 10 HP for it to activate.
    • Assassin now has a larger hitbox for Arrow Catch. Before, only arrows that landed directly to your face would count. Now, arrows that land anywhere from your face to your torso will count.
    • Automaton’s energy decay through Consumption now correctly stops at 100 energy.

    Take care!
    -The HPC Team
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  2. woo piano ily

    edit: LOL only moles can eat junk pies ok then
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  3. buff dread
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  4. sasakupvp

    sasakupvp Well-Known Member

    Spider seems over nerfed, I agree with everything but keep skitter at 20 energy gained instead of 10

    Cow got a good buff maybe it’s playable now more solo

    I don’t play much anymore so idk but I like what you guys did to HB and squid as well
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  5. Avicyy

    Avicyy Member

    Why spider nerf So hard
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  6. Shvaich

    Shvaich Active Member

    So ruining Phoenix. 1 HP in 4 seconds? Really??? That's so bad. You literally ruined the class.
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  7. sasakupvp

    sasakupvp Well-Known Member

    why do twelvies say ruined so much I swear
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  8. It still gets res lmao chill
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  9. Why was the only nerf to shaman wolves and not tornado smh
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  10. Where is my moleman buff and pie dupe fix?
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  11. They fixed the dupe glitch
  12. How about making phx's spirit bond only give 40 energy in total.

    Because when people can constantly get their ability just from Phoenix it's kinda broken.
  13. Fuusion

    Fuusion Active Member

    ... really? Nerf Res and nothing else, and we are FINE. Also, with the Moleman Junk Food, NO. Moleman is an EPS class already, where as classes like Dreadlord, Shaman, etc., need it MUCH more. Honestly disappointed as this is nearly sfarnham patch level.
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  14. Spider was voted as one of the strongest classes in the game right now. Specifically regarding Venom Strikes, though, that was technically an oversight from when it was introduced. The intention wasn't to allow you to receive up to 8 total strikes at once. Besides that, if need be we could always change the skitter energy value to 15.

    We've been getting multiple mixed messages regarding what aspect of Phoenix is overpowered right now. Some people mentioned a nerf to the energy regeneration, others mentioned nerfing resurrection, and some mentioned the constant regeneration 1.

    Based on how people will respond regarding this thread, we'll see what the best course of action would be for Phoenix.

    People mentioned in the previous thread that the bigger issue was not the tornado, but rather the wolves themselves. By making the wolves more bearable to deal with, we feel that nerfing tornado combined with nerfing wolves might be too much.

    Pie duplication fix is listed under the bugfixes. Moleman isn't being considered for a buff right now, we're going to limit changes to these 11 classes for the moment.
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  15. What regarding resurrection would you want nerfed?

    And for junk food, that was never intentional. Junk food was meant to be a boost to the moleman, not to their teammates. The concept of having a stack of free abilities is not balanced when considering other classes whatsoever. Classes like Hunter or Shaman will be able to start out fights with basically free damage, with the former being unavoidable damage through homing arrows, and the latter having an ability that gives the user energy based on the number of opponents they're fighting. It would be too difficult to balance the game around an unintentional bug that impacts certain classes a lot more than others.
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  16. Meybe

    Meybe Active Member

    violation V
    Guild Master
    I like this.

    Snowman - Regenaration 1 while using blizzard.

    Blizzard is literally useless but with regen 1 and slow 2 is going to be really good and usable.

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  17. Sagev

    Sagev Active Member

    dont nerf herobrine its balanced thanks
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  18. Houyon

    Houyon Well-Known Member

    Jagares JAG
    Overbuffing and overnerfing classes and repeat the cycle
    Hpc’s ninja way
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  19. Good thing you compensated for shark, best to make so it doesn't get any stronger!
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  20. Thanks for listening to the community

    Anyways, if phx regen 1 got a nerf, would u mind to buff the energy gain back to 25%? I think it should be ok, regen was the main op thing abiut bond besides res anyways

    Also every class should.be able to eat junk pie, without it, mm won't be a energy support anymore. Since the dupe glitch will be fixed, moleman cant get that much junk pie and give to teammates, so it should be balanced.
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