1. Hey everyone, thank you for all of the feedback you’ve provided regarding our community poll here. We've received 170 different votes in total, and we are really proud of that turnout. We’ve devised a proposal based on those results. We’ll be taking a new approach to balancing by limiting changes to a handful of classes, instead of creating balance changes for every class at once.

    Besides the following 10 classes, other classes will not receive changes going forward (outside of bug fixes from the bugs team at their discretion). This process of polling followed by a proposal will be done multiple times until the overall difference in power between classes is small enough where every class is viable and isn't overshadowed by another class in some way. In turn, here is our first balance proposal.

    • You will now have a maximum of 2 Speed II potions (previously 4 Speed II potions).
    • Treasure Hunter is increased to 300% at max (previously 200%).
    • Projectile Protection I is removed from your Iron Helmet.

    • Leap now deals 5 damage at max (previously 5.5 damage).
    • Venom Strike now deals +20% damage at max (previously +25%).
    • Skitter will now give you 10 energy at max (previously 20 energy).

    • Rejuvenate will now heal for 12HP at max (previously 10HP).

    • Bucket Barrier now protects for 65% of incoming damage at max (previously 50%).
    • Ultra Pasteurized now has a 4% chance to activate at max (previously 2.5%).
    • You will now receive 5 Milk Buckets in your kit at max (previously 2 buckets).


    • Shark now receives a second 10 heart healing potion at max.

    • Tornado’s damage is reduced to 1.25 at max (previously 1.5).

    • Ore will no longer grant 40 energy after the walls fall when mined with Arcane Beam.
    • After the walls fall, only ores will be will be destroyed with your Arcane Beam. This is to ensure that “Arcanist tunneling” won’t be a thing anymore.
    • Arcane Explosion now has a 2 second cooldown (previously 1 second).

    • Hunter’s EPS is now increased to 0.75 (previously 0.5).
    • Hunter now receives 4 Melee EPH.
    • You will receive 1 more Golden Apple in your kit (totalling 3).

    • You will no longer receive EPS during Deathmatch.
    • Spirit Bond Energy Regeneration is reduced to 10% at max (previously 15%).

    • You will now receive Protection II on both armor pieces by max kit.
    • Calculus Damage Boost is increased to 4% at max (previously 2%).

    We will see if any other changes will need to be made to the proposal of these 10 classes based on the feedback you provide in this thread. If we decide to modify anything in this proposal, we will address it to the community before any change gets applied to the game. Otherwise, if the overall consensus approve of this proposal, we will publish the proposal as soon as possible.

    Take care!
    -The HPC Team
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  2. Neat! (btw 1st)
  3. Shark pots should be 8 heart heal potions like blaze and shaman (other control classes)

    Other than that I'm very disappointed to see that there are no snowman nerf's proposed.

    As it stands, snowman's achievement avalance is possible to get on one player, I'll use that as a baseline. In a 1v1 scenario, assuming the snowman has 4 snowmen spawned it will gain a minimum of 200 energy every 40 seconds or 5 energy every second. Minecraft can register roughly 2 hits per second on a player, which for snowman would be equal to 12 energy. Snowman has an EPS of 1. Totaling all this adds up to 18 energy per second meaning it would take 3.33 seconds to get your ability which deals 6.9 damage assuming you hit all of your ice bolts. This equates to about 2 true damage a second. This is the low end of this number since you can gain more than 200 energy in 40 seconds on a single player with snowmen companions, considering I don't know the fire rate of the snowmen I thought this would be more accurate.

    The problem with this is that snowman's ability gives enemies slowness and at the same time they're being hit by a bunch of snowballs from the snowmen.

    If a snowman is bonded this becomes even worse, a bonded snowman gets just under 2 eps and when they res weakness doesn't really matter because most of their damage output comes from their true damage ability.

    A snowman going into a fight with 100 energy makes it very tough for the other player to win, the snowman uses Ice bolts to do 6.9 damage, gets 3 hits (18 energy) and 2 eps and has enough for another ability doing another 6.9 damage. Totaling 13.8 true damage within the first 5 seconds of the fight (not counting sword damage or subsequent energy gain from snowman minions).

    Snowman going into a fight with 100 energy is old dropshock without the need for taking fall damage, and the ability is much easier to hit than the old dropshock. Snowman is busted.
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  4. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    Hip hip hooray! (By the way I need friends).
  5. ovenboy

    ovenboy Active Member

    Stop nerfing spider you are literally killing the class
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  6. ovenboy

    ovenboy Active Member

    Surely this doesnt make any sense? What if my man is tunneling and comes across ores? I guess frick him right?
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  7. soul_

    soul_ Active Member

    Did my guy just say leap does damage??
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  8. Meybe

    Meybe Active Member

    violation V
    Guild Master
    40 mins and only 2 likes xD
  9. Aguero

    Aguero Active Member

    Reset R
    Automaton is OP, I think I found my new main...
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  10. The proposal would give shark two potions like other control classes, but instead of 8 hearts each, it's 10 hearts. Some extra health to deal with its general lack of sustain.

    Regarding snowman, the class wasn't considered mainly because, based on the polls, it barely was under the cutoff point for consideration. That is also why this is just a proposal, so it can still be modified.
    If snowman is something a lot of people want to have changes to as well, we can include it. What are some ideas of nerfs you would want to see for the class if that's the case?

    Spider is one of the strongest classes in the game right now, which is why it's receiving a nerf. It still has the same mechanics as it does now, only it won't be able to deal as much damage as it can currently.

    After the walls fall, for the same area as you could currently, the only blocks that will be mined are ore blocks, not stone blocks or their variants. So tunneling as it is would be removed. Think of it like how Arcanist mining used to work before the reclaim update, to give a general idea.
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  11. ovenboy

    ovenboy Active Member

    so ur just saying no to tunneling to arc? tryna understand properly
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  12. Interesting but could we fix that junk food glitch?
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  13. I like the patch, however, there are a few more things I would love to see

    1. Assassin - bugs fixed.
    2. Pigman - bug fix where endurance activates at 20 hp instead of 14 hp
    3. Spider -we have to see how it plays out after
    4. Herobrine - removing 2 speed pots, proj prot 1 and gt on herobrine won't change that much. It will still be one of the best if not the best class.
    5. Shark - a 2nd health pot is a bit of a strange idea in my opinion. I feel like the class would benefit a lot more from having some sustain maybe on the ability instead of having pots that heal more. There were a lot of cool ideas suggested for shark to be a little bit better like the water pulling players to the centre or having regen while in water.
    6. Snowman - @AutisticWeeaboo explained every aspect of the class and why it should be nerfed above. One thing I would like to add here is that 1 snowman can stop a player from moving and that's really stupid.
    7. Hunter - I feel like 4 EPH on MELEE and 1 more gap won't help hunter as much. The whole class relies on the ability and I would say giving it too much EPS will make it broken but 0.75 EPS is still too low. It will still take above 2 minutes to get your ability and you will maybe use it 10 times max at deathmatch.
    8. Phoenix - Yes it will make phx a little bit less oppressive but the whole problem is the concept of the class. Giving yourself and a teammate a 2nd life is a very big advantage combined with perma regen and even a little bit of energy. The thing with phx now is that it can pretty much go solo and solo kill a lot of classes while he shouldn't be able to do that if he's so good with the bond.

    Currently, that is my opinion on the proposal. I won't talk about classes I don't know much about like cow or automaton.
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  14. Yeah, you won't be able to use your beam to deal insane fall damage to opponents anymore in its current form. You can still of course do the old iron ore traps (layer of iron ore placed above a pit), but that's fair game.
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  15. ovenboy

    ovenboy Active Member

    aight love for explaining that my guy
  16. like the shark buff, i feel like its gonna help me enjoy the class more. but pls nerf snowmsn and maybe buff creeper? like 25 eph? bc ppl just run away from abil bc 3 sec wait
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  17. wow no one has seen this yet but this is going to explode after school ends
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  18. filoof

    filoof Active Member

    hb should receive a damage nerf, it's absurdly overpowered and removing speed pots and projectile projection won't do anything much. abil nerf or eph nerf would be nice
  19. Meybe

    Meybe Active Member

    violation V
    Guild Master
    Alright just to clear some things up. This game will not be fixed with balancing updates. There's always going to be an OP class due to glitches, bugs and not well balancing.

    Mega walls needs more bigger updates, but those take a lot of time and effort and it's pointless at this point. solving the hacker issue might help but that's not going to happen.

    @Piano Giving shark a 10hearts pot isn't going to change anything, yes you can survive another hit but is that really good enough? Make it 2 potions of 8 hearts.

    Why isn't snowman nerfed? It's literally one of the best classes, you can literally win any fight if you have snowmen.
    Making really tiny changes to classes isn't going to change anything, yes they may be more balanced but they will still be strong.
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