1. Spiritguard
    A defensive-oriented Shaman specialization that calls upon the aid of spirits old and new to mitigate damage and avoid death.

    Specialization Stats:
    4500 Heath
    250 Energy / +20 per sec / +20 per hit
    Damage Taken: -10%

    You are the preserver of souls, guiding spirits into and out of the spiritual world. Tribal ancestors preserve their spirits within Spiritguards like you, understanding that one day, should the tribe fall, their spirits will live on to fight another day. Call upon these ancient spirits to aid you in your fight, and manipulate enemy spirits to heal for your will. Transcend into the spirit world to delay incoming damage, then force enemies to repent their crimes upon exiting the spirit world.


    The spirits you once preserved are willing to fight again.

    Fallen Souls
    Energy Cost: 60
    Crit Chance: 15%
    Crit Multiplier: 150%
    Summon a wave of fallen souls, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through. Each target hit reduces the cooldown of spirit link by 2 seconds. Has a maximum range of 30 blocks.
    Upgrades: Fallen Soul's damage is increased by 5% and its energy cost is reduced by 5.

    Detailed Mechanics: Three projectiles are shot per wave. An enemy can only be hit once per wave of Fallen Souls. Unlike mage bolts and lightning bolts, Fallen Souls will no longer explode on blocks.


    Binding yourself with enemy spirits will test their loyalty, healing you if they are SOULBOUND.

    Spirit Link
    Cooldown: 12 seconds
    Energy Cost: 40
    Crit Chance: 15%
    Crit Multiplier: 150%
    Links your spirit with up to 3 enemy players, dealing damage to each target hit. Each additional target hit reduces damage dealt by 10%. You gain 50% speed for .8 seconds, and take 25% reduced damage for 4 seconds.
    Upgrades: Spirit Link's damage is increased by 5%, and the duration of the damage reduction buff is increased by 25%.

    Detailed Mechanics: Unlike Chain Lightning, Spirit Link's damage resistance stacks multiplicatively, and is not affected by the number of enemies hit. Two links of 25% damage resistance will reduce the damage taken by 43.75%, though usually for only a second or two before the first link expires. A Spiritguard can change the amount of resistance it gains through careful management of links and souls. This is an integral part of Spiritguard's defensive gameplay, due to its other abilities. Prioritizes enemies bound by Soulbinding Weapon.


    Bind enemy spirits to your will. Bound spirits will aid your team when hit by links and souls.

    Soulbinding Weapon
    Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20
    Your melee attacks BIND enemies. BOUND enemies buff you and 2 nearby allies when hit by your attacks:

    * Melee attacks restore 5 extra energy *
    * Fallen Souls reduce cooldown of all abilities by .25 seconds *
    * Spirit Link heals for 100 health *
    8 second ability duration. BIND lasts for 5 seconds.
    Upgrades: Soulbinding Weapon heals for 20 more health and restores 1 extra energy.

    Detailed Mechanics: Multiple enemies can be bound, and each enemy will proc buffs when hit. A single spirit link may strike up to 3 bound enemies, healing you and 2 nearby allies for 300 health.


    All crimes will be undone.

    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20
    Taking damage empowers your damaging abilities and melee hits, restoring health and energy equal to 5% of the damage you've recently took. Lasts 10 seconds.
    Upgrades: Repentance converts an additional 1% damage taken and lasts 20% longer.

    Detailed Mechanics:

    • 100% of damage taken will be added to a hidden counter.
    • Dealing damage with melee hits/abilities will restore health equal to 5-6% of this counter, subtracting from the counter as well. Energy restored is equal to 5% of health restored.
    • The counter decays by 20% + 100 every second.
    The more damage you take, the more you will heal. Attack back quickly blow for blow, to maximize your heal.


    Spiritguards must not die before their spirits are transferred. Transcend into the spirit world to delay incoming damage, and heal your allies before you die.

    Spirits’ Respite and Death's Debt
    Cooldown: 90 seconds
    Energy Cost: 20
    Spirits’ Respite: Place down a totem that delays 100% of incoming damage towards yourself. Transforms into Death’s Debt after 4 - 8 seconds (increases with higher health), or when you exit the totem's 10 block radius.

    Death’s Debt: Take 90% of the damage delayed by Spirits’ Respite over 6 seconds. The totem will heal nearby allies for 20% of the damage you take. If you survive, deal 10% of the damage delayed to nearby enemies.

    Upgrades: The cooldown is reduced by 20%, and the damage you take is reduced by 5%.

    Detailed Mechanics: You are invulnerable when under the effects of Spirits' Respite. However, nearly all damage that you negate will be dealt to you during Death's Debt. This damage can then be negated by spirit link, or partially healed back through repentance. While taking damage from death's debt, you heal nearby allies for 20% of the damage you take. For balance reasons, Death's Debt interactions with Defender may change - Intervene and Last Stand may only negate/reroute incoming damage.

    Spiritguard is a relatively complex class filled with combos and exploits. Death's Debt condenses the damage you take into a short 6 second window. During this time, the damage you take will be higher than normal - not only are you taking damage from your ultimate, you are also taking additional damage from enemy attacks. The rest of your kit exploits death's debt to buff up your defenses and heal back lost health. Build up energy when invulnerable, then unleash your combo while taking significant damage. Repentance will restore enough energy to keep your combos going, and quick use of Spirit Links will save you from dying to Death's Debt. If you succeed, heal back lost health by tapping enemy players with Soulbinding Weapon. If you die, your life will be used to heal nearby allies, allowing them to keep up the fight.

    The idea for mechanical combos are relatively complete. We are open to further alterations to the current skillset, with priority towards suggestions that supports Death's Debt. Specific damage numbers are hidden, as they will change heavily after playtests.
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  2. I was scared about the 3rd shaman spec but this is actually pretty cool.
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  3. aye hype
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  4. Very promising class :D

    **** I will have to update my tool ;)
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  5. Alanyxe

    Alanyxe Well-Known Member

    The skills are pretty cool, good job!
  6. largegrease

    largegrease Member

    zinc let me give u the S U C C
  7. Exas

    Exas Well-Known Member

    Kalibur Ƙℒℬℛ
    w o a h
  8. largegrease

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  9. looks neat
  10. Loco

    Loco Well-Known Member

    kinda wish you couldve reworked the concept of the first two skills. I mean it seems like a knockoff tl in that aspect which sucks because if you compare tl to EW everything so is different about them. It is just that because we are only getting new specs id like them to be as unique as possible.

    conspiracy theory: legit added this class because u wanted to stack chain lightning with tl but nobody thought it was a good idea x)

    also pls can u call the purple skill weapon instead of will so my ocd doesnt make me cry
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  11. blue rune will be broken lmao
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  12. AhMing

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    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    I'm too dumb and I dont understand this class. So Ima just wait for it to come out XD
  13. I'd love to hear an idea that's not a projectile and chain combo (but I haven't heard/thought of anything good yet!). The main guideline is that it must involve something defensive, stackable, and somewhat spammable based on energy use, so that the defense can be controlled and exploited by Death's Debt. Projectile + chain fits this guideline perfectly, but there may be more combo possibilities out there with different mechanics.
  14. Loco

    Loco Well-Known Member

    ok so you are willing to discuss other ideas? how about we talk on discord? i think i messaged you there but just in case dm me
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  15. You went all out on this. It seems like a really strong class, and I'm having a hard time understanding everything right away, but it looks great! Ihis want to recommend a new main attack. It shouldn't be so similar to Tlord in my opinion, and should have a few twists on the original Tlord ability. It would be really cool, for example, if the attack did less damage but attacked directly behind you as well as forward. Maybe if it spread out 5 blocks in a star shape, the one that moves forward traveling 40 blocks as normal. The cost would be something like 75 in that case.

    Or maybe as a soul, it seeks out players slightly, but will also seek allies and buff them. For balance reasons, the spirit could disappear when hitting an ally; upon hitting them, give them small defense boost and heal. Players wouldn't need such precise aim, as the spirit does a little bit of aim, but a priority for allies and the halted effect upon hitting an ally will make spacing important. These are just off the top of my head, so I don't expect them to be popular.
    Oh yeah, another idea is to have basically a player seeking projectile with large AoE. It will drift slowly into the player (at probably the speed of Earthen Spike?) that you target, allowing them room to escape, if they know what to do. The projectile can travel up to 40 blocks.
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  16. I'm, too be honest a little worried with the amount of damage reduction that class can scale up too, it's reaching damage reduction numbers we haven't seen on a class, but obviously everything can always look good on paper but change completely in game

    Besides that, very interesting concept and i'm excitied to try out. However the question that I have had since Shaman getting a new spec was announced, what textures will we be getting? Because unless i'm trippin, i'm pretty sure codename_B said a long time ago they couldn't add further textures without overloading the texture pack and slowing down computers
  17. My goodness! Can you add for a change?!?!?
  18. Though these suggestions wouldn't work when combined with the current spirit link, something like that is what we're looking for to make it a little unique. An old thought was let the fallen soul be guided by your cursor just like guided pig from arena brawl, but we couldn't do that since Spiritguard is likely going to be trying to melee hit different players for their marks.
    The issue specified by codename is likely why we're planning new specs instead of class, since no helmet texture is necessary (those are complex). A few ability textures will not beef up the texture pack much.
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  19. Traw

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    oops BIGNUS
    new spec poggers
  20. What Skills will be affecteb by weapons? (skillboost)
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