1. I think we should have a perk that gives instant 3 hearts, so that you can actually decide if you want Regen or that
  2. Um why is baker still so op

    I say go back to the old baker except not that many Gapples. The armor is too good right now. Maybe:

    X: iron sword or stone sword with sharp one
    2 splash resistance 2 for 5 seconds instant damage 1 heart or two
    Leather helmet Chestplate and legs and boots
    Golden apples (maybe x2? Idk)

    This will make it similar to say scout and a bit similar to golem and warlock, and I don’t see it being imbalanced tho.
  3. gert_jan12345

    gert_jan12345 Active Member

    As an quite experienced astro X. I would like to say something about the kit. Keep in mind I'm old in blitz and I'm not that well read into the new metas and stuf.
    Astronaut X is made to be strong early game. All you need is a bit of food and some knowledge of the kit itself and you are set till the star comes.
    I also think people are underestimating the power of res 1 pots. It might not be good, but its definitely overlooked once in a while. They last long and they hold back quite a lot of damage, especially useful if you are in close combat(e.g a small house) where it will most likely come down to trading hits.
    It is just after the star where its weakness comes to light. Not a single item you get straight from the kit is directly usable in DM. If you are going into deathmatch quite 'stacked'. You most likely wont be using anything you get from your kit. This due to FF being useless in the current dm arenas and the rest of the kits items being 'mweh'.
    Something else is the rarity of boots. Back when astro was just decent. You had Wolftamers boots and horsetamers. Wolf being not that much used, only horsetamers diamond boots would be found from time to time.
    I just checked the new kits because i had no idea what was added. I was quite shocked to see reddragon, viking, ranger, diver and phoenix having diamond or really good boots. With all those things added, astro got quite left behind with its just iron boots. It also is one of the only kits to have its ''good enchant'' on just iron boots. (e.g. diver, phoenix, creepertamer).
    This is why I think it would be good to replace its iron boots with diamond boots and keep its res 1 pots. I cant propose anything else for the kits armor and/or weapon because I'm not familair enough with the other kits and the normal armor abilities of kits.

    Quite curious to see your thoughts on this tho.
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  4. #224
  5. umm, there wasn't really a no option in the survey
  6. Th3ChompPvP

    Th3ChompPvP Well-Known Member

    AXIS X
    This would make the kit broken. You wouldn't use those potions on yourself, you'd throw all 2 of the potions for a free 4 hearts of damage.
  7. Th3ChompPvP

    Th3ChompPvP Well-Known Member

    AXIS X
    Here's a good change for it:

    Chain Helmet (Blast Prot III) -> Leather Cap (Blast Prot III) (White)
    Chain Chest
    Chain Leggings -> Leather (White)
    Iron Boots (FF X) -> Diamond Boots (FF X)
    Stone Sword -> Iron Sword (Unbreaking I)
    Drinkable Res I Potions (16s) -> Splash Res I (8s)

    These changes still keep the kit an early game kit. People will be more tempted to chase you down a hill if you have diamond boots to hopefully have them think you have Horse/Wolf/Diver's boots. The potions can go either way, I wouldn't mind drinking them for a long time of Res or cutting the time in half in-order to be really aggressive. Stone sword to iron, helps it stay early and allows for it to keep at least 1 item for DM (depending if you choose to swap the boots for Horse/Diver/Wolf during DM).
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  8. nice, how about making warlock basically a worse version of guardian, which is the worst kit in the game right now. And pleez stop spamming your princess bride puns they're getting very old already.
  9. Inigo_Montoya

    Inigo_Montoya Active Member

    That’s not going to make it a worse version of guardian with the way we and (probably) Darian were thinking in terms of potions. Imagine someone with regen 1 for 10 seconds, speed 2 for 5, and a dia chest coming toward you, not fun is it. And as for the princess bride I’ll be back to my normal alting self in a month!
  10. Worse Creepertamer then and use memes people have actually heard about don't just turn some random movie into your own memes
  11. I like the current change to Phoenix , however I think you should give the sword some level of unbreaking so it doesn’t break after 2 kills
  12. I would also like to propose give guardian and Astro an iron sword I think that would buff up those kits to correct standard
  13. give phoenix a gun and buff florist
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  14. Oweem

    Oweem Active Member

    Some changes personally:
    Red dragon- Buff fns durability at all levels, revamp its pres 2 buff (2/4 diamond is questionable)
    Toxicologist- change poison 2 pots to potions that allow enemies to take actual kb (poison 1 and instant damage 1 for 8 seconds?)
    Ranger- Giving the bow infinity instead of punch gives it uniqueness instead of taking an element from another kit.
    Donkey- Make the mob slower then speed 2. Remove enchantment bottles. Save the 5 damage kit item for levels 6+ at least. If nerfed to hard, consider adding ingots to the item pool?
    Hypetrain- at lvl 9 adding an unbreaking rod would make it more attractive. Lvl 10 could gain a level of knock back.
    Meat master- Make cows able to drop leather again
    Horse- Make the mob faster then donkeys (and speed 2)

    Most of these are things that should just be, but the more random suggestions deserve some clarifications:
    HypeT: Very over looked and useless except at lvl 10. A rod would make it an exceptionally strong melee kit at lvl 9.
    Toxic: Even though a single potion can deal up to 5 hearts, from personal experience (from use and versing others) it does more harm to you. It’s hard to whip up a combo when your opponent takes no kB. The only reliable aspect are the heal pots.
    RedD: it’s fns is the star aspect of the kit, and since it’s hard to land a good one I think more durability would make it more fun to play as.

    Also I think a ‘kill someone using magic’ achievement is a good something to add.

    Pls consider some of these if the community likes then. Hate and negative feedback is appreciated if there’s a reason behind it ;)
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  15. So yeah it’s August now... and donkeytamer is still a thing.
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  16. Th3ChompPvP

    Th3ChompPvP Well-Known Member

    AXIS X
    It’s not getting 2 diamond pieces, the boots are going to iron and the helmet is going to diamond.
    No, no mob should be able to outrun someone with speed 2. Reason being people can run, which is not fun to deal with in any way. Imagine them getting the Blitz star, using Robinhood and you’re dead because there’s no way you can run from them.
  17. I’m going to throw my 2 cents in here.
    Inigo was correct in saying that that would be a pretty balanced kit and I don’t understand what makes you think it wouldn’t be.
    Second of all “the princess bride” was a book before a movie and it’s considered great literature you uncultured swine.
  18. I don't think "great literature"can be used to describe the princess bride. I mean its a good book but that seems excessive
  19. While I agree with most of the changes there, I think that an iron sword is a bit of an overbuff, due to the fact that you can easily find and replace the leggings/helmets even before the one minute mark. In such a case you become a fisherman with more niches and niches that everybody would like and be comfortable in using them. The armor change should go live if you ask me, but I think that the weapon should not go over 5.5 due to the sheer fact of items being everywhere in blitz now.
  20. please explain why necro gets the same amount of damage for its melee weapon as pigman along with not taking damage from bows and it gets the most mobs in the game and the same armor as astro and it even gets its own bow with a good amount of arrows with punch. EXPLAIN how that kit is fair. It is actually game breaking and it is clearly the best in blitz ranked duels too.

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