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    Hi, everyone!

    You spoke, and we have listened. Today we've got a balance patch for you, largely inspired and directed by changes you all have offered us. We took feedback from as many sources as we could, and while the list is just way too long for most of the individual thanks, we'd like to send you our thanks for staying so involved!

    No need to wait any longer, enjoy the read!

    Oh btw this is not a bugs log, so bugs will not be posted here. However, if a class is bugged, we have it on our document and will hit it up, along with all this other stuff. Please do not say that we missed a bug in the comments, unless you are reporting one that you are confident council has yet to see proof of. (This same logic applies for achievements that will become outdated. Please refrain from pointing those out unless you are offering replacements.)

    You might also see here and there I used past-tense such as "added". At the time of posting, this has yet to be released, so don't assume that means a change has landed yet.

    General Changes
    • Make the first chest any player finds in a match contain a Bow, 12 Arrows, an Iron Axe, and 4 Furnaces.
      • Minor adjustments will be made for classes that spawn with any of the above items.
    • Digital Kill Messages pack, designed by @VolTorian
    • The Random Button!
      • Long-requested and does just what it's advertised! Click this to use a random class in your current Class Collection. It comes with a small coin boost, too!
    • 5 minutes added to the end-game timer.
    Class Changes
    • Herobrine
      • Flurry:
        • Your first hit on any target (with a 15s cooldown) will activate the passive. The three hits requirement then continues as normal.
        • Add Regeneration I for 5s on activation. Regen (but not Speed) has a cooldown of 5s to avoid making it permanent in fights.
      • Kit:
        • Remove one level of Protection and add one level of Projectile Protection to the Helmet.
        • Add +10% Strength to the Health Potions for 7 seconds each.
        • Current Speed Potions to be replaced with 4x Potions of Speed II (12 seconds).
    • Zombie
      • Well-Trained:
        • Give Haste III during prep phase.
      • Kit:
        • Add Protection III to the Chestplate.
    • Enderman
      • Teleport:
        • Half-EPH after Teleport removed.
        • EPH changed to 15.
        • EPS added. It is 2 in mid phase and 1 in deathmatch.
        • There is no longer a limit on how many blocks Teleport will go through. However, the user gains one level of Weakness for every 4 blocks teleported through. Weakness lasts for the same duration as Teleport.
        • Cooldown decreased to 5 seconds.
    • Skeleton
      • Explosive Arrow:
        • Decrease knockback by 50%.
    • Shaman
      • Wolfpack:
        • Cap of 3 active wolves added.
        • Cooldown decreased to 1.5 seconds.
        • Wolves nerfed to vanilla strength.
      • Tornado:
        • No maximum number of Tornadoes active.
        • EPH (melee/bow) changed to 10.
        • EPH (Tornado) changed to 5.
    • Shark
      • From the Depths:
        • Gives all allies within 6.5 blocks of the Shark 8.5 seconds of Speed I.
      • Blood Rage:
        • Decrease to +15% per valid player nearby.
    • Golem
      • Momentum:
        • Increased to 15% chance.
      • Iron Heart:
        • Cooldown decreased to 10 seconds.
        • Duration decreased to 9 seconds.
    • Squid
      • Squid Splash:
        • Increase heal cap to 8 HP.
      • Rejuvenate:
        • Resistance I added for the duration of Rejuvenate.
        • Changed to Regeneration IV for 3 seconds. (This is the same amount of healing, the only difference is that it takes slightly longer.)
        • Cooldown decreased to 45 seconds.
      • Luck of the Sea:
        • Potions of Absorption now spawn in stacks of 3.
        • Loot rate decreased to 22.5%.
    • Arcanist
      • Beam hitbox will be adjusted more. It will not be reverted to pre-update, but tweaking will be done to make it both easy to hit in close quarters and relatively hard to hit as range goes up. Not exactly a balance thing, but it gets its own note bullet due to high request rate.
      • Arcane Beam:
        • EPH (all forms) increased to 50.
        • Damage decreased to 1.6.
    • Dreadlord
      • Soul Siphon:
        • Give an additional 1 hit of Strength.
        • Increase damage amplifier to 65%.
      • Dark Matter:
        • Armor pieces dropped now cycle from Chestplates to Leggings to Boots to keep armor making cleaner.
    • Pigman
      • Kit:
        • Replace the Diamond Sword with an Iron Sword.
      • Burning Soul:
        • Damage tick removed. (Damage is the same, but no flinch animation or invincibility frames.)
        • Slight decrease to sound effect.
        • Projectile gains a maximum range of 25 blocks. If it has yet to hit a player by this point, it disappears.
    • Cow
      • Soothing Moo:
        • EPH doubled to 20.
        • Duration of ability halved.
        • Use without nearby allies gives the user Regen I for the standard ability duration.
      • Ultra Pasteurized:
        • Buckets will stack in sets of 2 as they are found. (Ie, if you have one bucket and pick up another, the two will stack together.)
          • Bugs are somewhat likely on this and it will not be implemented if too many are present. It's just a convenience change, so keeping bugs for it is unwise. We will, however, do our best to make it work.
    • Blaze
      • No balance changes planned.
    • Pirate
      • Cannon Fire:
        • Hitbox to be widened by 25% of its current radius on each side, overall size increase of 50%.
      • Angry Birds:
        • Damage decreased to 1.5 per Parrot.
      • Treasure Looter:
        • Added a shop indicator saying that there are special bonus drops sometimes included with chest loot.
        • New special item to be added:
          • Davy Jones' Dockers: Iron Leggings (Protection I, Depth Strider II)
        • Ideally, we will try to keep the overall likelihood of getting a special drop the same, only adjusting the odds of each individual item.
    • Hunter
      • Force of Nature:
        • Haste I increased to Haste III.
      • Animal Companion:
        • Animals will now warp to the Hunter that summoned them if they are over 20 blocks apart.
    • Spider
      • Venom Strike:
        • Gain 4 hits of Venom Strike whenever you land after using Leap.
        • When falling without Leap, gain 1 hit of Venom Strike for every 2 HP lost when landing. This caps at 4 hits per charge (8 HP spent).
      • Nest Egg:
        • To be removed entirely and replaced with a new passive...
        • Skitter
          • If you land 3 hits of Venom Strike off the same charge (ie, those hits were granted by the same Leap/fall), you gain 5 seconds of Speed I.
    • Creeper
      • Kit:
        • Add Blast Protection VI to the Leggings.
      • Minions:
        • To be replaced with...
        • Fission Core
          • All TNT that you ignite deals 1 true damage to enemies, added onto regular explosion damage.
          • Placing TNT while not sneaking instantly primes it, which cannot break blocks.
          • Placing TNT while sneaking acts as vanilla placement. This does break blocks.
    • Assassin
      • Shadow Cloak
        • Add 2 EPS during prep phase.
        • Add a +20% damage boost to your attack that ends your invisibility.
    • Werewolf
      • No balance changes planned.
    • Moleman
      • Shortcut:
        • Increase chance of activation to 20%.
      • Junk Food:
      • Dig:
        • Speed of motion during Dig to be increased by 20%.
          • Much like Bucket stacking seen above, this one may also cause bugs (this time with blocks/anticheat). We will do our best to implement it, but please remain aware of this, as too many unavoidable bugs means it would be scrapped.
        • Dig can now be activated in protected areas. On use, the user moves in whatever direction they are currently facing, dealing damage as they normally would. The only difference for protected-area Dig is that it does not break blocks.
    • Snowman
      • Ice Bolt:
        • Hitbox increased by 25%.
      • Blizzard:
        • Energy cost reduced to 6 per second.
      • Winter Treasure:
        • As per common request, Chests now can be found when shoveling Snow blocks generated by your Blizzard.
      • Snowman Companion:
        • Fire rate of Snow Golems decreased by 25%.
        • Health of Snow Golems decreased by 20%.
    • Phoenix
      • Spirit Bond:
        • Increase range to 16 blocks.
        • Particles decreased somewhat.
        • The nametag of the player you are linked to will now be an exclusive color (one not available in colorblind settings), to assure you can quickly find your linked ally in groups or across distances where the link is not up.
      • Resurrection:
        • Strength is to be removed and replaced with Speed II + Resistance I for the same duration.
        • Any ally saved by Resurrect will now be healed to only 80% HP. If a Phoenix resurrects, they will still be healed to 100%.
    • Automaton
      • A-23 Protocol:
        • If an enemy has Weakness I and is hit by this ability, the timer is set back to 6 seconds as usual, and the target is instead given Weakness II. This effect caps at Weakness II but further uses will keep the timer going by setting it back to 6 seconds each time.
        • EPH slightly adjusted:
          • When attacking someone, your energy gain will slowly increase until you take damage. This adds 1 EPH per hit and starts on the fifth successful hit.
          • So, when fighting without taking damage, your energy gain would look like this:
            2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
      • Calculus:
        • Defensive type Calculus (the one active when you are under 20 HP) will now factor on intervals of 15 Energy held by attacking enemies rather than every 20 energy.
        • Offensive type Calculus will not receive this change.
      • Power Source:
        • Adding a visual indicator of enemy energy whenever you are attacked. If an enemy strikes you in melee, colored particles appear by their hand. Red means that they have 0-20 energy, orange means they have 21-40 energy, yellow means they have 41-60 energy, and so on.
    • Renegade
      • Grappling Hook:
        • When getting your melee EPH regain after use, you will also gain Speed I for 3 seconds.
      • Rend:
        • Range increased to 9 blocks.
      • Kit:
        • Add Sharpness I to the Sword.
        • Add Infinity to the Bow.
      • Ammo Bin:
        • To be removed. Looting will become the new Gathering Talent.
      • Looting:
        • Splash Potions are no longer found on kill. Instead, they spawn in stacks of 3 in chests at a 30% rate.
          • Splash Potions gain Regen I for 7.5 seconds each.
          • In honor of our favorite typo, these will be renamed "Regen-Ade".
      • In the empty passive slot left vacant by Looting, moved to GT, we now have...
        • Rebel Yell
          • When killing a player, gain an instant 4 HP and 12 seconds of Speed II.

    And, a special thanks out to @Rico for being an EXTREMELY massive help on this content patch. This champ gave us some real in-depth thinking on every class, cool suggestions, you name it. Glad to have had you around, Rico, and looking forward to more to come. Cheers.

    Finally, thank you, once again, to everyone who has submitted ideas, feedback, and more along the way! You guys are all super awesome and we couldn't do all this without you!

    Remember to leave your feedback below, please! If you come up with more ideas, feedback, or bugs and post them outside of here, remember that you can always tag me ( @SupremeSheldon ) or @sfarnham and we'll give your post a look. It's our job, after all, and we're more than happy to take a look!

    Thank you all for reading, and have a good night! :D

    Please, also, do not ask when we are releasing it. We do not post MW release dates in advance because any unexpected delay can cause severe backlash within the community (cite Mythic Update). This is just standard practice. It should be fairly soon, however.
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  2. NameChangeA58

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    First! Glad I could be a part of this! :D
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  3. YESSS.
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  4. Loblocks2

    Loblocks2 Active Member

    Okay it's late so I'm just gonna leave my initial/basic opinion for now.

    Herobrine: Okay, I feel like this class didn't really need a buff, but the changes are fine by me.
    Zombie: Feel like this class needs to just remove the haste passive and use the opportunity to add a new one. With every class having haste 2 pre-walls fall, 1 extra level of haste really doesn't compensate enough for me.
    Enderman: Interesting, tho how long does the weakness last? Feels like +1 level per 4 blocks is too much of a nerf unless its only for a reasonable period of time.
    Skeleton: Thank You very much, skele kb sent people flying rlly far
    Shaman: Thank You for nerfing wolves, they hurt.
    Shark: Good change, because currently the water pool kinda hinders allies too much.
    Golem: Good, have felt like Golem has been kinda weak recently
    Squid: Nice to cut back on the amount of inventory absorp pots take up.
    Arcanist: Yay for hitbox buff, but without a noticeable increase this becomes a nerf
    Dreadlord: Fine by me, kind of happy about the decrease in dreads recently tho :/
    Pigman: Way too huge of a nerf. Keep diamond sword, or else fights against pigmen will end up lasting a long time only for the pig to lose. The removal or the ticking itself is a pretty big nerf (although one I agree with)
    Cow: Okay, tbh I was hoping for something a bit more interesting for what is (in my opinion) a pretty boring class.
    Blaze: Good. Don't fix what ain't broke.
    Pirate: Would be nice if the player had more control over when and whom the birds target.
    Hunter: Good idea, it always felt weird and annoying to see a hunter animal when there was no hunter nearby.
    Spider: tbh, I will never be happy with any change to this class that isn't a revert to pre-update, so I am gonna stay out of this one.
    Creeper: Has potential to be insanely OP, there should be a maximum amount of true damage you can take from tnt within a certain period of time.
    Assassin: This is the 3rd change which has buffed assassin, adding a 20% attack boost to what is already a diamond sword with sharpness 1 is basically a guaranteed win for assassin if they sneak up on them.
    Werewolf: Didnt rlly need a buff or nerf imo so good.
    Moleman: Nice buff which is countered by the fact that molemen will now need to stop sprinting to eat like the rest of us.
    Snowman: Those golems fire like machine guns; decreasing the firing speed by an extra 5-10% or so would be great.
    Phoenix: THANK YOU for decreasing the particles. They were massive and covered a good portion of my screen.
    Renegade: Kind of a tough decision. To most players, Renegade is hard to play as and needs a buff, however, when used by very experienced players it already performs amazing.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  5. Andv

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    Heart Eyes JUUL
    FINALLY, one of these posts i actually like, good job my dude.
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  6. Crypt

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    gIvE mE mY sPiDeRs ShElDoN
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  7. interesting creeper changes
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  8. SupremeSheldon

    SupremeSheldon Well-Known Member

    I take it we made a young Squid lad happy today. :3
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  9. Nice patch proposal, everything sounds good!
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  10. Very nice balance I enjoy minecarft pvp very much with these class idea and the nerf and buff part of the balace patch i will gladly play herobrine is real more now
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  11. Ephay

    Ephay Active Member

    Blackish BLKISH
    first decent proposal i must say , you guys did what the people wanted
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  12. Andv

    Andv Well-Known Member

    Heart Eyes JUUL
    Yes that but i honestly like it all, only concern is if there's no nado cap there is the possibility of lagging people out if there are too many shamans and can the pirate hand out those prot 1 pants?
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  14. SupremeSheldon

    SupremeSheldon Well-Known Member

    Hey man, and thanks to you for your input on HB. Don't know if I ever thanked you properly.
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  15. The changes look great but incredibly sad my bby shaman is getting two nerfs in the patch. The nado change is huge.
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  16. SupremeSheldon

    SupremeSheldon Well-Known Member

    It can like any other item. Bear in mind Prot is like 1.5% up though so it's slim.
    And, for Nado cap, the lower EPH on Nado matters. If you hit 4 people at once you only get 100E after 5s which is a whole Nado. Melee speeds it up a bit but in most cases you're likely only getting Nado about every 3s ish or something. :)
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  17. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    Pff. Shaman is always a good class, Literally I played it when it was the least played and considered the worst class in the game
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  18. reserved
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  19. Yea so did I have over 250 hours with shaman. Doesn't change the fact that dog change and nado change are going to have a big impact on the class. I know there's no limit on tornados with this patch but shaman will consistently be getting fewer tornados and in generally removing the cap of two tornados wouldn't really change any fights with shamans unless there were 6+ people. Fights with 3 to 4 people will be greatly nerfed
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  20. honestly, an amazing balance patch and exactly what the people asked for, wpwp.
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