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    This doesn't work if they are wearing singularity of any level

    If you didn't know, soups were buffed during the 4.1 update...


    Soup - Golden Apple replacement that gives you Speed 1 for 4 seconds, Regen 1 for 5 seconds, 1 Absorption heart, and a stacking single hit damage boost. Damage increased by 12% for the first soup, and 5% for each one after that, lasting 6 seconds. You can hold 4 soups and gain soup on assists and kills.

    image.png image.png


    Soup: speed duration 0:05 -> 0:07, regeneration duration 0:05 -> 0:07, added 1.5 heal.
    damage changes: 12%/%5/%5/%5 (6 seconds duration) -> %15/%15/15%/%15 (no duration)

    Since there is no duration of the damage boost, you can easily stack up the damage. Get endless quiver, and start bowing people in mid, drink all your soups and over time the damage will stack up. Once you think you have reach enough % in damage boost you can one-shot anyone, but just be careful not to hit a non or it will reset.
    Using a mega-long bow helps alot, and this works with against users wearing dark pants since this is a perk and NOT a mystic.
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  2. oh wow, gonna test this out. this could be useful for hunting bounties
  3. Me: accidentally hits a non
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  4. Does this actually work? I wanna test this out asap since I pretty much use soups everytime I jump down

    EDIT: Doesn't look like it, but ill try it more l8r
  5. there’s no cap?
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    i think there is
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  7. i dont think it works, i drank like 10 minutes of soups and hit a non and did 2 hearts
  8. how did you get 10 minutes worth of soups tho
  9. bow and endless quiver, it says it ads 15% to your next melee hit so the idea was the it would stack as long as you didn't use your sword.
  10. ah
  11. Have you tried this out before?
  12. im gonna try this

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