1. i have searched google and i am still confused on how to delete lines for the terminal
  2. Hi, to clear the terminal you have to import the os module and then use one of this command ;):
    import os
    Linux or MacOS:
  3. but i dont want to clear the terminal i just want to remove one line
  4. Why do you want to remove only one line? Can you provide an example of what you would like to do please? ;)
  5. this
    into this
    when the problem gets solved it hides the number 1, math sign, and number 2 inputs and shows just the answer
  6. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6840420/python-rewrite-multiple-lines-in-the-console

    Marginal comments:

    • That "calculator" thing is kinda too basic and... not so useful, also the input is clunky. You should make the input a single-line expression that is parsed into appropriate parts, which I have done in Pascal and maybe will port to Python when all the bugs are found and fixed.
    • Python 2.x is going to be obsolete in just more than a month. I recommend upgrading to 3.x.
  7. 1. im still not good at coding but it is a start
    2. idc
  8. Why are you asking for help on the console on hypixel forums? Go ask on Stack Overflow.

    You can move your cursor with ANSI Escape Sequences. Go read up on that.
  9. This is "Code Help" section, exactly where to ask this kind of question. Are you as toxic as Stack Overflow?
  10. No, but if I had a general problem with programming I wouldn't be asking for help on minecraft forums
  11. i would and did
  12. Look at this:

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