1. At an attempt to get this fixed because its stupid and shushyou aka hazel is abusing it hard here is how to abuse farm gold. (Do at own risk)
    Easy as it gets just get crit rich 3 pants and a crit rich 3 bow
    Just get an alt or find some other guy with perox pants that you can hit. Perox 1/2 is enough if he has very good armor, otherwise you should use perox3.
    Just jump and hit him with the bow as you fall down (so you only do crits). You should get about 3-4 hits per second like this making about 40 gold a second or about 2500 gold a minute. 150k gold an hour etc if you get perfect timings everytime.
    If you want to hardcore abuse, setup an autoclicker that clicks at the exact time you are falling down everytime. Just put something on your spacebar so you jump continuesly. If anyone *cough* tells you there is something more to it, they are lying. You just need to do this for 10 hours if you want to gain significant amounts of gold from it, aka most likely autoclicker.
    Idk how to fix this because stupid staff wont remove mystics so just make it so that it wont work on the same player more than once every 20 seconds ty.

    Btw ive tried to report this bug over 3 weeks ago and they didn't even bother to reply or look at it so clearly should be no problem to make it public right staff?
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  2. yeah have fun being hunted by me and huntsmen good sir
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  3. hahaaha have fun being banned
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  4. hahahah youre an absolute idiot if you think im getting banned any time soon lmao
  5. on a side note according to HealthyDiets crit rich grinding with a macro is already bannable if found doing so by a mod, so this thread is literally pointless
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  6. so you admit to doing it?
    also he got banned for combo xp not crit rich
    and how would u know if someone uses a macro?
    he got clearly banned for abusing the thing itself not the macro lmao so enjoy ban
    I'm SURE you LEGITIMATE sat there and did 600k left clicks manually. My P13 main doesn't even have close to 600k left clicks in 250 hours playtime so im sure you didn't use a macro /s XDDD
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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  7. theres no proof of me doing it and hypixel doesnt ban without proof unless its watchdog
    stop making a fool out of yourself uwu
    Not to mention, by making this thread youre just making others tempted to abuse the glitch for easy gold and defeating the entire original purpose.
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  8. are you dumb? looking at your alts pitblue is proof enough.
    i recorded its "gold farming progress" and you clearly made impossible amounts of gold without even killing anyone continuesly.
    i mean thats clear proof for anyone with 3 braincells, if hypixel considers that proof or if they have logs, i dont know.
    Yes thats the point, now anyone can abuse this and not just you :/ No more auction sniping for you...
    Everyone doing it will result in it getting fixed. Your gold will eventually run out because you cant abuse it and oh well you have to play WITHOUT abusing glitches and botting OH POOR YOU :(
    Also JFL at your GARBAGE hunting group threatening to hunt me. Didn't die once to you and just today i got a 500 killstreak with shop dia while i saw some of you online in other lobbys. Nt bud but thats just an empty threat and a waste of ur time Lol.
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  9. Hazel stop botting
  10. im pretty certain that hypixel only takes video proof taken on the server, good luck getting me banned anyways though <3
    just make sure not to streak in any lobbies my alts join or ill be soon to follow uwu
    i have a lot of gold and a bill 3 to spend it on <33
    Not to mention, staff dont care about this game anymore. And the bug most likely wont be fixed for a month or more. Good job for being the sole reason more gold alts steal auctions from people.
  11. Hazel stop botting
  12. Look whose angry
  13. remember when hazel just said h
  14. pretty sure doing this even without a bot is boosting lol
  15. recording you afk autoclicking isn't particular hard mate
    UWU im a girl TEEHEE i passive aggressively put <3's at the end of every message! im sure your parents are proud of you sending nudes to minecraft kids and wasting all your time cheating on a blockgame.
    WOW girl i didn't know that BILL3 works against DARK PANTS! OH WAIT IT DOESNT :(((
    I hope you have a lot of lifes on the bill rather than gold kid. I'm so scared of someone who bots because normal nons would shred her LOL
    I don't care, thats more alts bidding high on auctions and your gold will be gone very soon. Maybe im gonna use it on alts and camp in your lobby, who knows :/
  16. tell that to hazel lmao
  17. don't really wanna get hunted anymore than I already do so I'll pass xD
  18. she needs to bot in order to kill nons u think she can hunt you LUL
  19. Hazel stop botting
  20. ginttoB pots lazeH

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