1. Iwan learn how bete haxors
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  2. Watch demolishing (Best sumo pvper) watch tutorials on yt w tap strafe s tap circle strafe strafe while w tapping etc.
  3. i kno how wtape and stape
  4. Go search it you will find many tutorials.
  5. pUtade: I juswon ym first suom gmae!!!
    I'm so ecxited.
    cna i get a gg
  6. Hack
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  7. If you really want to get good at sumo then don’t practice on hypixel lol (even if you want to get better at hypixel sumo). Most people suck at sumo on hypixel so play on a practice server like mmc and get really good at sumo on that. Then once you play on hypixel no one will be able to touch you
  8. 1-. Dont say other server's name on the forums, your post can get deleted for it
    2-. This is obviously a joke thread (look at his stats)
  9. 1. “Mmc” isn’t a server name, it’s an abbreviation for another server
    2. I know it’s a joke lol but I thought I’d give serious input, but his stats what? What’s so special about the fact that he used to cheat in sumo?
  10. 1-. Even if it is an abbreviation its still advertisement
    2-. Atleast he has some experience, why giving a formal answer anyways lol?
  11. Knotty

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    Dank Memes xd DMXD
    just hack again :>
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  12. I'm banned on mmc for "being a faglord"
    ok lol
  13. Tutorial on how to win Sumo games!
    1. Learn to click faster, little by little.
    2. Learn to w-tap, get a massive combo
    3. Have a good ping
    4. Download a hacked client and use reach
    5. Get banned
  14. I assume you purposely made your spelling bad here.
    In order to win sumo, make sure to watch alot of tutorials.
    Here are the basics:
    Make sure to strafe alot to prevent knockback.
    Occasionally, press shift to sneak for a split second in order to get some hits on the enemy.
    All that + pvp skillz = win.
  15. i onlie has 4k suom wnis -;;
  16. oh god i need to get better at sumo
  17. no but fr no trolling pseudostrafing made me 5x better lol
  18. psuedostrafing? what's that
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  19. I wanna make a more in depth post but I don' have time ;-;
    It's basically when you imitate tryhard strafing without having to be good at actual strafing and produce similar or sometimes more effective results
  20. Wait is it the technique were u angle your perspective while ur strafing to make it look like ur strafing faster?

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