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  1. This thread is about how to change your skin with the new launcher!

    *Your launcher should not have either red arrows or black splotches in specific places. I drew them in there with paint to show you where everything is in case you get confused.
    **Your skin is shown next to all of the options. Because this is technically my launcher, my skin is shown. Your skin is different then mine. Please don't skin steal my skin please.
    ***The launcher is wider on a Mac, but other than that the launcher is the same.
    ****Scroll down for the guide!


    Step 1: Download or make and then download a skin off of a website. Drag this skin to your desktop.

    Step 2: Open your Minecraft launcher and then click on a button that should say "Skins".

    Step 3: Click "Browse" and select the downloaded image from Step 1.

    Step 4: Select the player model. Alex has slightly thinner arms and is shorter, while Steve is thicker and rides higher.

    Step 5: Click save.

    Step 6: Enjoy your new skin!

    If you want, you can use this skin! (For the Steve format only.)

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  2. I didn't even know half of this stuff lol
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  3. The_Epic_LegendMC

    The_Epic_LegendMC Well-Known Member

    I had no idea the new minecraft launcher did this, thanks
  4. Ohhh!!! Ty
  5. yeah, I just do my skin on the website.
  6. dude he meant the oldest launcher. and this thread is outdated at all o_O
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  7. *facepalm* I keep forgetting to check thread post dates :confused:
    why must people necro.

    edit: in my defence the date posted text is very small.
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  8. BryanPY

    BryanPY Well-Known Member

    Necropost lock ayyyy lmao
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