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  1. This is how you do it:
    1. Name 'Minecraft' to 'Block Game'
    2. Learn how to move (W=Backwards, A=Right, S=Forward, D=Left, Space Bar=Sneak, Shift=Jump)
    3. Learn that a Wooden Hoe does more damage than a Diamond Sword with Sharp Z
    4. Learn to only use rods to get items such as a God Apple floating .01 blocks beside you
    5. Learn that you shoot lava buckets with bows, and they do no damage
    6. Learn that jumping from 22 blocks with no armour with activate ground pound and do 2169 damage to all enemies within a 2169 radius
    7. Sweat from your mouse and keyboard and PC
    8. Plug your router into a yam, roast it, and move to an island near Australia.
    9. Name yourself Steve, marry someone named Alex (doesn't have to be a girl), and have a son called Herobrine
    10. Read this thread

    Leave a like, I'm almost well-known member! Also, comment down other PvP tips so everyone can learn!
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  2. I hear toasters work better as routers when you have bread slices in them!
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  3. Ah I'll make an edit and add it
  4. JustCanadian

    JustCanadian Well-Known Member

    Now I'm winning every round of ranked! Thanks! :D
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  5. 0/0
    I now screw up every single ranked game and got accused of reach when I 360 sniped someone off from 60 blocks
    Thanks a lot!

    dat sarcasm was op
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  6. TheWhaleFail

    TheWhaleFail Well-Known Member

    Well you ruined the joke when you said "Joke" in your title ;-;
  7. fine XD but i dont want ppl believing it XD
  8. _FantaLemon

    _FantaLemon Well-Known Member

    this is useful~~
  9. I didn't get better at PVP, but you did make me fall off my chair.

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  10. This was clearly the moment you run out of ideas ;)
  11. nope i got more, and someone requested it ;)
  12. Hypogen

    Hypogen Member

    I will win everygame
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  13. "funny"
  14. How bout instead of a monitor a barbi laptop?
  15. Dank_Memez

    Dank_Memez Well-Known Member

    Or you could just know a lot about frogs
  16. Wut?? What is a monitor a Barbi laptop?
  17. Viikii

    Viikii Active Member

    This is honestly the best thing I have seen all day xD
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  18. I can't understand it wtf
  19. i live in australia
  20. Cool then you already finished part of a step!
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