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  1. It’s been known forever that rods are the most controversial item in minecraft because of there power to add ... well... skill to minecraft instead of just spam clicking but because of the nature of rods they are stupidly overpowered and make kits like fisherman and hype train a lot more useless.

    @DiseaseRiddled (DuckDuckDawg) explains it better in this video

    I think a good solution to this problem is to make rods in chests a lot less common in chests and make the durability of rods in chests 10 that way they are still good but dont throw off the balance of blitz and keep the rods fisherman and hype train give full durability that way they are viable.
    And make it so the chest refill won’t refill rods into chests

    Answer poll please
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  2. I feel like this will just give out the whole nature of blitz in general. Removing Rods will be like removing blitz all together.

    I feel like it is a bad idea and we should just buff fisherman overall, hype train isn't useless because of the no ench iron sword. The armour is great overall, with different enchants on the armour and is just a fun kit overall. Hype Train can be used when you just want to mess around or to play. Fisherman just needs a buff, that is all.
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  3. I feel like the only ppl complaining about rods r the ones who suck with them :rolleyes:
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  5. I'm pretty sure that removing rods would just remove skill from the game.
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  6. Mixed

    Mixed Member

    Ahh another retarded thread for the blitz section.

    So you want to lower the skill ceiling / skill of a competitive gamemode? Dumb idea.

    So some people can use the "over powered item" and some don't get one at all? Great idea .. literally makes it more unbalanced.

    Nothing wrong with rods. There counterable if you know how to use one or just bow?
    Useless thread tbh but its just the blitz forum so I expected nothing less.
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  7. I think rods are fine. I’d be okay though if they changed the rarity to make them a little less common. As for the durability lowering that I see people recommending, that wouldn’t do anything. You can just cast your rod and change to a different item in your hot bar and it won’t use any durability.

    Edit - Why not just make them super common so everyone can have one?
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  8. Tynan just don't suck
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  9. You're not really accounting for the infinite rod glitch that solution. Rods have infinite durability if you hotkey to your sword at the same time as the rod hitting your opponent. Changing them to 10 dura won't do anything and making them less common in chests would make it so A: only certain lucky people will get them in a game, making them even more broken and B: there's basically no real counter to speed 2 (even though rods aren't even that much of a counter imo)
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  10. get better lol
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  11. Durability thing is pointless (rod cooldown would work far better) but definitely make it way less common. Rod is easily the best chest item available so make it approx as rare as iron chestplates.
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  12. that is one of the worst ideas i've ever heard
  13. Just open a chest then for once. Making an item rarer doesnt make it more broken. There literally isnt an argument to suggest that an item available to everyone without exclusion in chests is an issue. Items should be sorted according to how strong they are. Rods are under valued and should be rarer. The game has a pretty simple system, you can play aggressive and hope to get items from other people or loot some more chests and try your luck to get good stuff.
  14. Durability of rods doesn’t even matter if you know how to rod the proper way. Just saying
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  15. the only thing i can agree with is to make rods less common in chests but the durability part hell no.
  16. I feel just because people can’t rod they say to remove it. I feel removing rods will lower the skill gap also I can beat closet cheaters a lot more easily by rod spamming. Also one thing darian said was you can stall with a rod you can do the same thing with a bow and do damge. Also it’s not like rodding takes no skill it’s hard to master how to rod. I think the only solution is to buff fishermen.
  17. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Just get better at aiming rods lol
  18. Imagine thinking rods should be nerfed in survival games.
  19. You can always use huzuni and just toggle reach if you wanna counter rods the manly way :D

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