1. if you are an unfair voter, i'd suggest you read this.
    i was one of these ''Okay'' Spam voters, but now i have changed for good sake, im sure you should too.

    Super Poop - Inappropriate Build
    Poop - Doesn't fit or connect to Theme, Bad attempt at Googled Pixel Art, Low-Effort People with Blushes, Doesn't look worthy of Time Given, Build is small, Build is very incomplete
    Okay - Matches the theme but not good enough, not detailed, super flat, Build is small, Build is incomplete, but still looks in shape
    Good - matches theme, detailed, good attempt at theme, creative, Build size is moderate
    Epic - Builder is very experienced, went serious, very high effort, Big Build
    Legendary - Try not to use this often, Builder is super experienced, Big Build, Everything is perfect, Very Creative

    Let me know how you vote
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  2. I usually don't do S poop so i don't lose score, but i guess i can use it for that matter
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  3. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Outcast CAST
    Pretty much the same for me :p
  4. Is there somewhere that says you lose score when you super poop? I super poop all kinds of things and I win 80% of my games, often times by large margins. I always vote fairly but to be honest, there are a lot of garbage builds out there.
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  5. when you build something like this and 4 people (visable) give you a poop rating or worse 2018-01-12_12.34.01.png P.S. the theme was tiger
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  6. Trqpp

    Trqpp Well-Known Member

    iQuest IQ
    I made another guide on this a minute ago.
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  7. that only looks good from the shaders
  8. still better rank that poop
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  9. Questings

    Questings Well-Known Member

    My voting: Vote legendary every single time someone builds a di*k. Vote super poop every time someone builds the theme.

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  10. That's pretty much my voting guide except I vote super poop on very low effort builds, even if they match the theme.
    If you have 10 minutes to build, 10 blocks placed is just nowhere near enough.
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  11. Everyone has a different way of voting. For me it’s:

    SP: Never

    P: Irrelevant, pixel art, kawaii-ified, or just terrible

    O: Borderline acceptable - actual decent build but I don’t feel anything for it

    G: Build that I actually like

    E: Something that I would take and do myself in another game

    L: Never so far.
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  12. Spongecave

    Spongecave Active Member


    Hm, sounds like a Chinese bootleg of google
  13. actually the chinese bootleg of google is baidu but okay
  14. Huffin

    Huffin New Member

    I don't feel it's necessary to rigidly outline a way to vote builds. It suffices to say "vote fairly" because everyone having their own voting system is what causes variation, and variation ensures that a game doesn't end in a tie. I just don't like it when people vote the same on every build because the system is undermined. So take it to mean that when you play build battle, you have an obligation to vote fairly on every build.
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  15. KnightRush

    KnightRush Well-Known Member

    Super Poop - any good build, if a build is going to win, use this to lower their score to make sure they don't win
    Poop - Decent build.
    Okay - Anything else. If a build is mediocre or less than average use this.
    Good - Never use card
    Epic - Never use card
    Legendary - Anything that doesn't relate to the theme at all, inappropriate builds, ect
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  16. KnightRush

    KnightRush Well-Known Member

    Win with less than 50 blocks achievement...?

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