1. I have a small pig farm at my island and i want to know how many porkchops do i need to craft the pigman sword? I know you need 160 (2.5 stacks) of pork to get 1 enchant pork and 160 enchant pork for 1 echant grilled pork. But how much pork is needed for 48 enchant pork. If you want to see the farm do /visit The_Arrow_12345.
  2. 160 x 160x 48 = 1,228,800
  3. Well then .... oof
  4. kylecarrot

    kylecarrot New Member

    How many minion slots do you have and do you have enchanted lava buckets?
  5. I have 8 minion slots 0 enchant lava but im saving up to craft some
  6. The "Techno Blade" (what a great name for the Pigman Sword ngl) requires 1.228.800 porkchops to craft...
    That's why you should get AotD : I got it with 4 eyes, getting 8th place... (I had to drink a 1/2L water glass, because I was shaking so hardly)
  7. Pork chops are stronger tho
  8. How am i supposed to kill the dragon ot kill zealots
  9. kylecarrot

    kylecarrot New Member

    What I would do is get to around 16 minion slots, then updgrade 16 coal minions to level 5, and wait until you have 16 enchanted lava buckets. It’s probably best to get them now because you won’t have to worry about minion fuel in the future
  10. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
    Ehhh tbh go for the AOTD

    But it takes 1,228,800 pork.
  11. Well, I used an AotE, and I got all of the 4 eyes by 3-shotting the zealots...
  12. I think my aote doesnt like me,i got some enchants on it like sharpness v,first strike iv, ender slayee iv and much more but i can baerly kill a 4.5k endetman
  13. 1 - Talismans... Itchy reforge spam with some Zealous/Godly sprinkles
    2 - Full Godly Ender Set
    3 - S P I C Y reforge on AotE
    4 - Max the sword out... No hot potato books, just all the enchants
    5 - If you still can't, get potions

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