1. Around 7500 or 10k kills. Gets you around 900-1000 Defence in total.
  2. im only doing 13k dmg, maybe thats too little to fight the t4? (im using 3/4 godly and 1/4 wise)
  3. This is way off, with full rev armor and zombie heart for armor, and a reaper falcion sword I can solo a tier 4 in under 45 seconds without healing
  4. What sword?
  5. You wanna read it again?
  6. mana flux/regen pot/superior can face tank it for a GOOD while, enough to kill it.
  7. oh my bad lol
  8. Yeh get around 50k on each piece with a manual zombie farm. It’ll be a lot easier if you get 100k but that’ll take a bit of time to do
  9. You don't need rev armor to kill the t4 rev, any drag armor with aotd and a healing wand and orb is plenty for it. You can literally beat the boss with hardened dia if you really want to.
  10. Once you get to +200 def per piece you should be good
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  11. Wtf 5k kills? How did you survive? I have over 50k and I still died, I used the same strategy but with Aotd and zombie heart
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  12. Slime hat + rev set + reaper falchion. You can literally just stand there and swing and never die against a t4:
  13. once i get to zombie 6 and get myself a reaper falchion my life is about to my 100x easier lmao
  14. It really does help, you have to be fairly careful and avoid it when its in its enraged form but with reaper Falchion its a breeze
  15. do you think 15k kills is enough to do this

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